How to Find the Best Affiliate Products to Promote

According to recent data, ecommerce on the internet has grown to around $300 billion dollars in the US and over 1 trillion dollars in the world.

The internet has also experienced more than a 100% growth in the past 2 years in terms of sales generated.

In other words, the internet is a serious marketplace with huge potential for businesses that can capitalize on available opportunities.

When it comes to making money online, there are two categories of people:

  • The product creators
  • The affiliate marketers

Those who sell physical products, eBooks or even services will fall into the category of “product creators” and they’ll be creating a product and delivering it to the end user.

Those who market products for product creators on an agreement that they receive a percentage of the sale are affiliate marketers, and affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways to make money online.

Zac has pretty much gotten affiliate marketing covered on this blog; he not only gives practical tips that have resulted in millions of dollars for him over the years, but he also gives actual examples of products you can promote as well as opportunities you can capitalize on.

As we’re almost in the New Year, I’m following Zac’s footstep and will be sharing a few tips with you on how to find the best affiliate products to promote.

The New Year is when most people make commitments to do new things, start afresh and take new leaps. It also presents one of the best opportunities for affiliates and this post will not only be sharing how you can find highly profitable affiliate products you can promote, but I’ll also be giving examples of great affiliate products you can get started with.

Let’s get started!

Tip #1: Know Your Target Market

Finding Your Target AudienceWhen it comes to affiliate marketing, most people believe that the ultimate determinant factor is how much traffic or marketing you can get.

That is very far from the truth.

While traffic is important, knowing your target is much more important.

Knowing your market properly will determine whether you get a 5% conversion rate for a product you promote or whether conversion will be nonexistent.

In my own experience promoting affiliate products on my blog, I’ve promoted affiliate products that didn’t result in a single sale even after sending around 500 hits to the affiliate site and I’ve also promoted products that resulted in dozens of sales with the same 500 hits.

When I analyzed my best performing and my worst performing affiliate offers, I noticed that the reason the products that didn’t convert did not convert wasn’t because they weren’t good but because they were irrelevant to my audience.

Selling a list building product to an audience of freelancers that don’t believe in the value of having a blog, let alone an email list, will result in poor conversions; selling the same product to an audience of active internet marketers will result in a lot of sales.

While your offer is also important, knowing your audience is the most important thing you have to do as an affiliate to get the best products to promote.

Tip #2: Analyze Your Offer

Analyzing Your Offer and AudienceWhen you’re promoting an affiliate product, analyzing your offer is very important if you want to get results.

Not only should you make sure that the products you promote are relevant to your readers, but you should also ensure that the offer is a win-win for both you as an affiliate and your audience.

For example, getting 100 people to sign up for an offer that only pays $5 per sale will make you $500 while getting 20 people for an offer that pays $50 per sale will result in you making $1,000.

When it comes to analyzing your offer, you shouldn’t only ensure you get paid well for your efforts as an affiliate. You should also make sure that the product has better conversion rates.

You can determine how effective a product will be at converting customers by calculating the need for the product in the market, what the product can do as well as its perceived value, how much the product costs and how well written the sales page for the product is.

If all these things are in place, you can’t fail by promoting a particular product as an affiliate.

Here are some affiliates offers that I think will have great conversion following the formula I explained above.

1. Easy WebContent

Easy WebContent is an easy to use site builder that offers robust affiliate commissions.

Here’s how it meets the formula I outlined above:

The Need for the Product in the Market: While a lot of people starting out today decide to start a blog, a lot of small businesses are started by people without technical knowledge and who want an easy way to create good looking websites.

If you’re selling to a group of small businesses that want to create a website, compared to the technical software that has to be installed on your computer and having to learn how to use ftp software, Easy WebContent is significantly easy to use. There’s a great need of this product.

What the product can do as well as its perceived value: Without having to design your website in HTML software, uploading your content via FTP and going through the process again whenever you want to update your website, Easy WebContent makes it easy for you to edit your website as if you were using WordPress.
It has a site builder that helps you build and design a website from scratch as well as an HTML editor that can be used to edit existing HTML websites.

You also have access to variety of themes that can be easily customized to suit your taste.

Furthermore, you get hosting with your subscription to the site; considering the fact that it costs around $10 monthly to use the service, you get both hosting, design and a tool that helps you create simple websites without stress.

It has great perceived value.

How much the product costs: At $10 a month, the cost of the product looks a lot lower than the perceived value. This means a lot more people will take on the offer.

How well written the sales page for the product is: Upon landing on the product homepage, you know exactly what Easy WebContent can do and whether it is for you. Based on what I can see on the homepage, the message is “If you want to design beautiful websites without technical knowledge, this is for you!”

The sales page of the product is well written since it makes it clear instantly who the product is for and what you can benefit from using the product.

With the above factors met, and with a $50 – $80 commission for affiliates, this product seems like a great product to promote.

Visit Easy WebContent’s affiliate page!

2. WebNetHosting

Another product that demonstrates the qualities a great product must have is WebNotHosting, a great web hosting company.

Here’s how WebNetHosting meets the condition for a great affiliate product:

The need for the product in the market: Whether you want to create a blog, an HTML website or an ecommerce site, you need hosting.

You can’t have a website that is not hosted, so WebNetHosting meets the criteria as a product that is needed in the market.

What the product can do as well as its perceived value: With unlimited domain names allowed, “unlimited” hosting space and the ability to install dozens of software applications directly to your website, and at $4 a month, WebNetHosting offers a lot and costs less compared to most of its competitors in the market today.

WebNetHosting has a higher perceived value compared to what it costs so a reader’s chance of signing up to use it is very high.

How much the product costs: WebNetHosting costs less than $4 monthly for “unlimited” hosting, which is easily affordable for most people and also a great offer for the service offered.

In this case, the price of the service would not prevent people from signing up.

How well written the product’s sales page is: The sales page is simple. No big texts or red highlighters, just a simple homepage that makes it clear what you’ll be getting if you sign up.

The offer is presented quickly and the reader has less time to read and more time to take action; this in turn increases your chances of conversion.

After analyzing all the above, by paying affiliates a $75 – $135 commission for every customer referred, WebNetHosting seems like a great service to promote.

Visit WebNetHosting’s affiliate page!

While the product you have to promote differs for every niche, the above two products should give you an idea when it comes to choosing products to promote as an affiliate.

Tip #3: Promote Exclusive Products

Promote Exclusive OffersWhen you’re promoting the same products a lot of people, especially top bloggers, are promoting in your niche, your chances of making a sale will be slim.

You can take advantage of this situation and make more affiliate sales by only promoting exclusive products.

In other words, look for high-converting affiliate products that meet the criteria I explained earlier in this article and that very few people are promoting.

Sometimes, these products don’t have a default affiliate program set up and sometimes very few people promote the offer.

You can get in touch with the product creator to ask about the process you have to follow if you want to be an affiliate; being the only one, or one of the very few promoting a great affiliate product in your niche will result in more sales for you on the long run.

Tip #4: Leverage Top Affiliate Networks in Your Niche

Working with the Best Affiliate NetworksWhile affiliate networks will often remove the exclusivity advantage you will have when promoting a certain product, they have their own benefits sometimes.

A major benefit that comes with using an affiliate network is higher payouts. With Hostgator web hosting for example, depending on how many users you refer monthly, you’ll be paid $50 per referral if you sign up directly through them. By using Commission Junction, however, you’ll be paid $100 per referral.

The same thing goes for Bluehost; by promoting Bluehost via Commission Junction instead of directly as an affiliate through their website, you’ll be paid $100 per referral instead of $65.

Most affiliate networks are also well known and trusted, and this can be advantageous in some niches.

You should always look out for great products on affiliate networks but don’t be too reliant on them.

This guest post was written by Joseph. If you want to build better websites or edit existing websites to help you make more affiliate sales, Easy WebContent’s site builder and HTML editor can come in very handy.

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  1. Wow, very in depth post on choosing right affiliate products to promote. Choosing exclusive products to promote is one of the best ways to ensure high ROI.

  2. Hi Joseph,

    Really great points, I wasn't aware the last and very crucial point. You can get more commission by using affiliate network instead of promoting directly from main company.
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  3. This is a good thing. Effective affiliate networks that really pay are hard to find.
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  4. Thanks. Easy Web Content's affiliate program is getting me pretty good returns. per transaction getting $50+ for a low cost high sign-up conversion; worked best when I created a one page promo before pushing traffic. seems to increase user royalty and conversion.

  5. I believe that one should start affiliate marketing from the beginning of their blogging career..

    Start with the exact match domain and write a detailed review, rank well in Search engines and wait for the money coming in your bank account..

    Affiliate Marketing is the best means of passive income..

    Nothing is better than Affiliate marketing.. 🙂

  6. It is crucial to find the right products to promote as an affiliate marketer. Finding a good product that sells can be the difference between being a successful and unsuccessful online marketer.

    Look in the marketplace to see which products are getting sales and which once are not.

    Those who don’t do product research wont get very far in this industry. Make sure that you comb through each product that you promote to see if it is a reliable and worthy product of your promotion. The better you feel about the product you are promoting the more motivation you will have to get it out there.

    It is always a good idea to buy the products you are going to promote for so that you can see exactly what it has to offer the customer. Knowing exactly what a product does and how it works is some of the most valuable information you can have to promote it.

    Once you find a good one in a niche that you are interested in get out there and start promoting it. To find out more click here

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