How to Fund Your Next Business Idea When You Have No Money

Written by Zac Johnson
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Starting a business is a dream for many, but this dream also comes with not only a time commitment, but usually a financial investment as well. For someone that is already financially stable, it’s probably no big deal to drop a few thousand dollars on a new business idea and see what comes out of it.

However, a large portion of would-be entrepreneurs and business owners won’t fall into this category. Especially younger audiences who would like to get started on the right foot before taking their chance at the 9-5 and corporate world. On the other side, we also have a great majority of people who aren’t in the best of financial situations, currently unemployed or simply don’t have the credit in place to borrow money or get a business loan.

The good news is that times have changed and it’s now easier than ever for anyone to start an online business, no matter what their current financial situation might be. To help with this process, I’ve listed some of the best options for getting your hands on investment money, fast cash or even working your way up to a positive cash flow one day at a time.

Pre-Sell Your Next Product Before Even Launching

For most entrepreneurs and businesses, the concept of selling means that you need to actually have something in place to sell before making any money. More often than not, this is true — however, there has been a drastic change in the way marketing and selling take place on the web with online courses and through the use of webinar training.

Time and time again we are seeing success stories of everyday people coming up with an idea for a business, and actually making money and sales before even going live with their course or product. This is referred to as “pre-selling” and more importantly… giving your business idea and model legitimacy.

The way the process works is quite simple. For more people it’s a matter of setting up a lead generation funnel that ultimately ends up with a 60-90 minute webinar where you discuss a problem, then provide a solution. At the end of the webinar, you then invite your audience to take action and get early access into your program (before it’s even live). This has quickly become one of the best ways to pre-fund your business idea before it’s even launched!

Apply for a ‘Bad Credit Loan’

As mentioned earlier, not everyone has the luxury of being in the right financial position to start a business, but for those who are desperate to get started and need immediate funding, there is always the option for ‘bad credit loans‘. While the name of the loan doesn’t have the best sound to it, it’s simply an option that’s available to anyone with less than perfect credit. In most cases, loans provided to individuals with lower-end credit scores are typically in the Loans from $250-$5,000 range. Interest rates will also vary based on credit history, the loan amount provided and how soon one plans to start paying back to the loan.

CreditLoan has a Guide to Bad Credit Loans that breaks down the process of what factors come into play when trying to get a loan, while also giving their audience an idea of how much of a loan they might be able to receive. With free credit reports being accessible to everyone these days, it’s important to keep an eye on your current score, as this can heavily influence how much you are paying for any existing or future mortgages, loans, credit cards and more.

Freelance Your Way to the Profit

Then there is always the option to simply start getting to work and making money online and saving up what you can. This can easily be done through the use of freelance writing, or any other type of freelance services you might be able to offer — however, writing is a great place to start, as everyone can do it.

Through sites like TextBroker or Contentmart, anyone can create a writer account and start completing writing jobs on these open marketplace sites. With over a billion active sites on the internet today, the demand for new and original content has no end in site. Having personally tested this method in the past, I was able to generate $1,000 in my spare time writing for these freelance marketplaces. I did this because I wanted to make sure that they were not only legit but also a viable way for someone to seriously start making $500-$1,000 with no technical or marketing skills required.

With all of this in mind, being able to pocket and save an extra $100 a week by freelance writing on the side can start providing you with a nice cushion while also building up your investment money for any other business ventures you might want to explore down the road. Make sure to look into checking accounts with great rates to keep your cash flow streaming with ease. You can check out a list of rates at

Find a Sponsors to Invest in Your Idea or Business

Keeping with the theme of coming up with original and new ideas for pre-funding your next business idea, here is another one that can work quite well. With so much competition and money in the online marketing space right now, companies have a ton of money to spend on advertising. This means they are also looking for new opportunities to sponsor ad campaigns, events, websites, webinars, podcasts and much more.

At the same time, there are literally millions of businesses and brands out there for you to pitch. This simply comes down to a numbers game. If you contact enough people, someone is going to bite and take you up on your opportunity.

This can be as simple as selling banner ad space on your site, doing a review on your blog, having a short 30 second commercial on your podcast or even co-hosting a webinar with your sponsor — these are all great ideas to quickly put some investment money right into your pocket from day one.

How to Start an Online Business with Little to No Money

As you can see, there are plenty of options for anyone to start an online business — no matter what their current financial situation might be. This can be as simple as starting a blog, becoming a freelance writer and getting paid for your work, or simply applying for a loan to get instant access to the necessary funding.

Depending on your business goals and current situation, everyone’s options will vary. Be sure to run through each of the scenarios above and see which might be best for you and your entrepreneurial journey.

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