How to Get a Free 42″ Sony Plasma TV!

Written by Zac Johnson
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As an affiliate of many networks, I get to see all the zip code and email address offers being push all over the place. I decided to finally try one of them and see if they are scams, or if you actually get what they are promising. I came across a nice offer from for a free 42inch plasma TV. To get this free TV all you would need to do is go through their long signup process (loaded with coregs and opt-in offers) and then complete a bunch of offers on the last page of the signup.

I wasn’t able to find the exact landing page that I signed up to initially, as the offer or TV might be out of date now, but if you go you will see that they have a lot to offer from their main page. You basically pick the item you are looking for on the main page, then go through the signup process.

Before signing up, I already knew that this was going to be a tricky task to make sure I did everything right and not miss any of their
terms and conditions, as they probably hope you will do. So what I did was make a new email address strictly for this promotion. This way I would have all emails and documentation on my signups and verification emails. (Sites like Free Samples Without Surveys have many of these types of offers available)

Surprisingly enough, was very good with their customer support forms and usually got back to me within 1-3 days. I eventually went on to complete all my necessary offers and kept in contact with often to make sure everything was credited and that I was in compliance. had sent an email that I needed to print out and get notarized from a bank, basically saying I agree to their terms and accept the TV. After sending back the notarized letter, I got my new free tv within a couple weeks! This was an amazing test and it actually worked, I then told two other friends about the offer and they soon had their own free TVs from as well.

I got a call a few days before delivery and a huge freight truck dropped off the Panasonic TV.

While the majority of offers listed on these sites are not premium deals the average person would subscribe to (especially since you now need to complete 24 offers to get your prize from, you may find that you actually will like a few. Since signing up for the offers I am still a member of the Blockbuster DVD Rental Service, and have fulfilled my membership commitment with Columbia House (was able to order some nice
DVDs), and I tried out for a month (then cancelled after trial was up). Everything else has been fully cancelled.

Some important things to remember:
– Make sure you keep all emails and signup information from all offers you need to complete. You will need these when canceling your free trials and subscription based offers.
– While it was essentially a “free TV”, it did end up costing me around $250 in trial fees and shipping costs.
– If you do not want to get billed, make sure you cancel all of your trial offers and subscriptions as soon as possible. For some offers you will need to send products back (ie: book clubs, postage hardware etc). Some of these companies will try and get you to stay by offering a free month or a better deal, unless you want the service, it’s usually in your best interest to just cancel.
– The site hosting the offer usually has nothing to do the with processing of the trial offers and subscriptions that you need to sign up to. You will need to contact the company and the offer site, should you have any problems.
– Lastly, a few of these companies will make it very tricky for you to cancel your subscriptions. It will be very easy for you to get burned and have to pay if you do not follow all instructions carefully. You will need to return items with special RAN (Return Authorization Number), that you will need to call the company first to receive, then place on the package before sending back.

Just last month I received a tax form from saying the TV was valued at $1699. This means I will also have to pay taxes on the TV, as it was a prize/income to me. I still have the TV and it works great! I know these offers have a horrible reputation for not sending out their promised prizes and I’m sure some of them don’t. However, my experience with was pleasant and worked out. I have not tried any other sites, but I wanted to share my experience with MPR and maybe let a few of my readers take advantage and get a Sony laptop or Apple iPod a little cheaper than buying it in the store.

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12 Replies to “How to Get a Free 42″ Sony Plasma TV!”

  1. Congratulations! There are alot of skeptics saying these things aren’t real. I got 2 free Sony Vaio laptops and a 42″ Plasma TV (I opted for a Visa gift card though). I wrote up a walkthrough on my site and Digg users loved it (1265 diggs). I did have to pay taxes, and I there is an out of pocket cost involved, but if you have the time, patience, fortitude and organization, you can get a pricey item for a major discount.

    1. I actually lived off rewards one year, before everyone jumped on board. I saw a Tech TV show on which the hosts tried the free iPod site, and it worked. As such, I did the same site and they sent me 2 iPods. I then went on a rampage and ended up getting a lot over the year, to include: 2 plasmas. A third and fourth were supposed to come, but those particular companies didn't have plasmas in stock when it was time to pay up, so one sent me a $2500 check and the other a $1500 check). I got two laptops, a bladez go-cart, a few visa gift cards, and a few misc things. I paid the taxes and then sold what I didn't need/want on Ebay. I DID get some play time on that go-cart. That thing is fantastic.
      Seems harder, today, to find such easy wins as trying 6 offers for a laptop (years ago).
      Always on the lookout though.

  2. This is an old post, but Zac could you tell us how long the whole process was? I'm kinda interested in testing one of these things out!

  3. now requires that you do not cancel anymore than 3 of the offers until 60 days have passed. You must prove each and every offer has remained active for 60 days by mailing in your account receipts. I had to sign up for 19 offers in my quest for a free 42" plasma. If I were to keep those offers going I would have been billed almost one thousand dollars per month in exchange for a pile worthless junk. You would spend much less money buying the TV at Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.

  4. This is what it says in my "gift status" after I enter my email:


    Our records indicate you have less than 30 days left before you fulfill your commitments as per our Terms and Conditions. Once the 60 day timeframe has passed you will be prompted to submit documentation to validate your full participation in the sponsor’s offer(s).

    Acceptable documentation will be as follows:

    Your Billing Statements (with the account number blacked out) showing the transactions, that reflect your participation with the sponsor(s) for the past 60 days.

    Please begin collecting the documentation at this time.

    STAY TUNED and please remember to check this site for updates regarding your gift redemption status.

    Thank you,

    Customer Support

    They obviously want to make it even harder for people to complete their offers

    source: click on help desk and then gift status.

  5. I got a laptop this way. You do have to keep all receipts and records that you fulfilled the requirements. The company did not show all of my transactions, so I did have to work with their customer service department, then 6 months later I got the laptop. I ended up selling it on ebay for $900 and my out of pocket expense was about $100. I spent the $100 on things like coffee, facial products and pet products. So, it was all usuable.

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