How to Get Guest Bloggers to Flock After Your Blog

Guest blogging is one of the best things that has ever happened to bloggers today, because aside from the fact that you can easily use guest blogging to build your blog it can also be a great way for you to introduce a unique perspective on your blog while at the same time ensuring your blog doesn’t rely on you alone.

Introducing guest bloggers to your blog can be great but the problem is that a lot of bloggers have done all they think they need to do to ensure they get guest authors to contribute to their blogs, but unfortunately, they don’t seem to be attracting any. This article will be giving you a few tips on how to get guest authors to write for your blog.

Market Your Blog

The first step you need to take when trying to ensure you get a lot of people to guest post on your blog is to work on consistently marketing your blog.
There are several reasons people write guest posts on other blogs, but in my own experience they do it mostly for the following reasons:

  • Traffic
  • Links
  • Branding
  • Exposure

If you want your blog to be attracting the right types of guest bloggers on a consistent basis then you need to ensure your blog is able to provide them with any or all of the above.

The reality is that to ensure your guest bloggers enjoy the above you might also have to be writing for other blogs yourself. This means you need to gain as much quality backlinks to your blog as possible, you need to ensure people are able to hear about your blog in as many places as possible and you need to let your guest authors know that they stand to get the above things if they write for you.

Don’t Let Quality Suffer

A lot of bloggers think they can attract guest bloggers to their blogs if they keep on publishing just any content on their blog, and even though this seems to work for them initially the end result is that the quality of their blog suffers, the traffic and exposure guest authors stand to gain reduces and people start to feel less interested in guest posting for their blog.

I get a lot of guest posting requests for my blog, in fact, I get as much as 30 guest post requests in some months but I end up rejecting a large percentage of them. A lot of people will think that people will stop trying to write a guest post for my blog because of this but the result is that I keep on getting more requests.

Guest bloggers will start valuing your blog if they see that not just anybody is able to get published on it. People appreciate exclusivity, and they know that a lot of results comes from this. If you work more on rejecting the bad guest posts and only publishing the best guest posts you will start getting a lot more requests from people wanting to write on your blog. Only that this time, the requests will be from people wanting to contribute quality guest posts.

Give Guest Authors an Opportunity to be Compensated for Their Work

One thing about me is that my entire blogging career is built on guest blogging, and I earn my living by guest blogging for clients in other niches. As a result of this I have been exposed to contacting bloggers in other niches to write a guest post for their blogs and I become really disappointed when they don’t provide guest bloggers the opportunity to use their author bio.

The reality is that when it comes to letting people have a bio in their guest posts some people will try to abuse this, but you can easily moderate that. People won’t just come to write for your blog if they stand to gain nothing since they are doing it for one of the reasons listed above.

Don’t deprive people of the opportunity to tell your readers about themselves after writing a guest post for your blog and you will start getting a lot more people to contribute for your blog.

Invite the Influencers

This technique is one I have seen used effectively by some blogs in the blogging niche.
The reality is that in every niche there are people who are highly respected and looked up to and an endorsement from some of these people can make a difference in your blogging career.

If you struggle to get guest authors to write for your blog then all you need to do is get in touch with 2 or 3 highly respected bloggers in your niche, whom you know will be happy to honor your request, and then contact them to write a guest article for your blog. When your readers and other guest bloggers start to see the caliber of people writing for your blog they will be more inclined to write a guest post for you.

Dedicate a Page to It

While there are some A-list bloggers who don’t need to have a guest post submission page to get guest post requests because they are already very popular it is very important for you to know that not everybody can afford this luxury.

Sometimes the best way to get what you want is by asking. Don’t expect people to visit your blog and expect you to be accepting guest posts. You need to realize that there are thousands of other blogs in your niche fighting for the attention of guest bloggers so make sure you have a page dedicated to inviting guest authors to your blog, explaining what your rules are and what they will gain from writing for you.


If you’ve been the only one writing for your blog for a long time now introducing a few guest posts every once in a while could make a difference in how your readers perceive your blog and your readers will happily benefit from the new perspective.

This guest post was written by Onibalusi Bamidele, a 17 year old blogger and freelance writer who teaches people how to write for traffic and money. He has also written an ultimate guest blogging guide for the benefit of everybody.

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  1. I think aside from the compensation, letting the guest blogger have a backlink to their profile or to their website would be a good offer.

      1. I have a few blogs where I offer guest posting, along with a full time staff. Depending on the site I will offer a link back, compensation or even both.

  2. You have a good points here and I believe that BLOGS can generate huge traffic and also google loves blogs more then normal websites.

    your 4 points for guest commenting on any blog are very right. Usually people do this to get traffic and back links which are the main points to be indexed in google.

    You are also very right in saying that quality shouldn't suffer and not every blog get a place in Google.
    but on the whole, good article. …

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  3. Good stuff. However I'm at the other end of the spectrum. Submitting guest post to other bloggers in hope of helping the traffic to my site.

    Will be sure to use this article when the times comes.
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  4. Those are great notes for the bloggers who just started doing blogs or the bloggers who already have blogs for a while. Thank you for sharing those ideas!

  5. thank for this, its definitely a good guide. I try to compensate guest posters with a link from my blog.
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  6. i have not started to try guest blogging maybe ill try when im settled down…

  7. This is great and VERY timely for me. I'm using this method to start a site and it's working quite well. Treat people right and they will return it. If they don't, then you did the right thing and your reputation will grow/more guest bloggers will come! I've tried all these methods for the past month and your article is right on FYI.
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  8. I've been hearing that guest blogging is key to making your blog successful but I haven't heard about how and who to get… thanks for sharing. I'm definitely going to work on getting a page dedicated to guest blogging on my blog.

    1. I really don't do much blog commenting. I focus on article writing, as it's a lot more effective than commenting on posts, and provides value to the blog you are writing for.

  9. Very nice and effective tips you have defined for guest posting.Well from my experience Guest posting is very effective for site promotion i.e. increase backlicks,traffic and increase SERP of your in the guest blogs, we should notice the blog authority,its backlicks, hosted locatio and content and than request the admin for guest posting.some are paid guesting and some are free.both are effective for site ranking.

  10. Thanks for the advice – I would never have thought of about half this stuff, maybe even more than that! Helps a lot. 🙂


  11. Definitely great key points here …. and I couldn't agree more. Over time I have actually allowed all sorts of posts into my blog, whether it was for money or just free content. I can't say that the quality of my blog has gone down per say, since my visitors tend to read based on who posts the article. At the end of the day, it's all about traffic. Thank you for this thought provoking post.

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  12. Thanks for this. I've been looking for guest bloggers on my blog but i've not gotten that much as I want. I will implement this.
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  13. Good post Zac guest blogging is very powerful. I am gonna start opening my blog up for guest bloggers soon I have had a few guest posts but want to ramp it up a notch. It works out great for both parties involved.
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  14. Hi vitaly, personally i dont think its advisable to allow multiple topics from guest bloggers unless your blog is a general type or directory type one.

    I do like the ideas presented here though.. I am actually looking for folks who can guest blog on my site.
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  15. Hey Onibalusi,
    Great post mate. I have learned some good stuff from your own blog and other guest post you've written. So here's my two cents:
    I found some great guest authors for a relatively new blog I started here:
    If you interact a little and Market your blog as you say it's easy to find good guest posts. You don't need a high pr blog for that. Mine is still pr0. Although I think PR is way overrated if not obsolete. Just a gag everyone still seems to believe in.
    Have a clean design and good, helpful and original content and guest authors will be very inclined to write for you.
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  16. so great tip, thanks for sharing your guest post author tip. Right now I am find about how to get more guest post on my blog, your tips so useful to me right now. anyway thanks for sharing again.
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