How to Get the Highest Affiliate Payouts

There are plenty of ad networks out there for you to choose from, but which of them have the highest payout for you? The majority of affiliate marketers who have been doing this for a while have their own set of preferred networks and usually get higher payouts without any issues. However new affiliates and ad networks are going live for the first time everyday. The same holds true for different affiliate offers.

Whenever I see a new offer popup on a network that I think I can push some volume on, I like to see how many other networks have the offer available and what their payouts are. If this is something you aren’t currently monitoring than you could be getting burned for a lot of money!

On example is for a game related offer I have been pushing some nice volume on lately. One network has a payout for the offer in the $1.25 range, while another network is paying me over $1.75 per lead! With just 100 leads per day, this equates to a difference between $1500 just for not knowing that the offer is available at a higher price from another network!

There are lots of ways to check payouts on offers, such as logging into all of your affiliate accounts and looking them up manually… but there is actually a better solution. That solution is using affiliate payout search engine sites. I’ve listed a bunch of the top resource sites for you below. is one of the largest and best directories out there for searching through affiliate offers. You also have some great sorting options on the left side of the page.

AffPlus Affiliate Search is another affiliate offer comparison site that you should be adding to your resources arsenal.

OfferVault is another great site for comparing the different affiliate offers and rates out there. You will also find reviews on various as networks as well.

oDigger Affiliate Search

Some ad networks like PeerFly have taken the time to create their own offer directories for people to search through. You can see their directory site at

PeerFly Offers

The next time you are setting up an ad campaign to promote an affiliate offer, be sure to make sure you are getting the highest payout. Once you start pushing some nice volume don’t forget to go back to the network and try to get a higher payout. Lastly, if the offer is on multiple networks be sure to split test the traffic and landing pages to see which performs best and make sure there is no network skimming going on.

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  1. Nice resources, Zac. I even haven't noticed much about this topic before! Definitely try each of your recommend sites. Thanks.
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  2. Useful resources shared here. I have not been one of those utilizing referral earning programs but seriously considering it these days. This is a useful post and the resources shared here can really help analyze referral programs.
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  3. Hi Zac,
    In the Im social site – where this post was shared and "kingged" for its exclusive content, I left comment below:

    Getting to know about the highest affiliate payout is one step that should be crucial to affiliates who are pushing high volumes of sales for their networks.

    It could be overwhelming to check these payouts manually, but with automated tools and comparison sites its really helpful to do this check automatically.

    Thanks for sharing this post, and it has been revealing. Many affiliates are sure to find the details helpful!

    Sunday – contributor
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  4. Hi Zac,
    Thanks a lot for the information. It is great to know there sites where you can find the best offer. Sometimes we do not know we can double our income by searching for the right offer. Great article!!!
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  5. Great post. Affplus, Offervault, and oDigger are great resources.

    I had originally thought the post was going to include actual strategies for negotiate payout with aff networks.

    For example, building trust with your affiliate manager. Being available for a call to go over your application, communicating via AIM/Skype weekly, etc. Affiliate providing 100% transparency to network.

    This way, all parties feel and are literally working together.
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