How to Increase Your Facebook Ads CTR

There will always be fun and new exciting ways to make money online and promote offers, but if you take the time to master one platform then you can continually make money for years to come. One of the best platforms out the for managing your own ads and accessing over a billion different users is through Facebook Ads. While some people say Facebook Ads is terrible and is just a waste of money, other people are generating five and six figures from it every day!

Facebook Ads - Pennies Per ClickIn this post I’m going to give you some quick tips to help improve your click through rates, which further helps lower your cost per click rates. The higher your CTR, the lower the costs you will have to pay for your ads. This means you should focus your efforts on creating winning ads. Always remember, Facebook serves their ads based on the backend CPM it makes for their company… even if you are advertising on a CPC basis.

Ask Questions in Your Ad Copy

It’s always important to remember that you are working with an audience that is already engaged and just browsing through Facebook. An excellent way to grab their interest is by asking them a question and getting them to take action.

Facebook Ads Question

Use Faces Looking in Different Directions

Faces are one of the biggest tips for getting people to click on Facebook Ads. This has always been the best way to make money with online dating offers. Try using different faces and focus on using people with difference expressions and where they are looking with their eyes.

Facebook Ads Dating

Relate with Your Target Audience

Facebook Ads has always been one of the best ad platforms because they have such amazing targeting. If you aren’t breaking down your ad campaigns to a specific audience, it’s going to kill your click through rates, costs and conversion. ALWAYS use the “interests” option when possible. A good example of this is in the ad below that would be targeted towards users interested in a specific game.

Facebook Ads Games

Create a Lot of Ads with Low Daily Budgets

Creating successful ad campaigns on Facebook is all about finding which ads work and pull in the best click through rates and conversions. This means you will want to create as many ad copies as possible, then weed out the ones that don’t work so well. Split testing is one of the most important factors to finding success on Facebook. If you see that Facebook isn’t delivering traffic to all of your ads, start creating them in new groups of their own. Also be sure to set low daily budgets of $5-$10 so you don’t blow through your budget while testing.

Facebook Ads Spending

These are some very simple and effective tips that can help you increase profits and lower your costs. Be sure to look through Google for “facebook ads” as there are thousands of ad copies that have been posted from various web sites and blogs over the years. Try not to copy the ads, but instead use them for ideas to improve your existing ads on Facebook.

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  1. The only problem that I see with having facebook ads is that the users aren't really looking for information or trying to buy or subscribe to stuff when they are in facebook. So an advertisement can get someone's attention and get him to click, but is highly unlikely they make a purchase or subscribe to something because they are not in that frame of mind when they are in facebook. This is just my opinion. I use facebook to drive traffic to several sites of mine by using pages. But I always felt that the amount facebook charges for these ads was a complete rip off.
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  2. Hi Zac,
    I was using Facebook ads but the key reason for stopping all of them was its CTR. I hope things rather tricks offerde by you help in this. Thanks for them.
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