How to Jump Higher… and Earn $75,000 a Month in the Process!

It sounds cliche, but it’s true… do what you love and are passionate about and the money will follow. That is exactly what Jacob Hiller did with his “The Jump Manual“, and teaching others how to train and reach the ultimate goal of “jumping higher“. Once I heard about this story I just had to write about it and share it with you. Not only because I play basketball, and bought this actual guide over a year ago… but it’s simply an amazing story!

When Jacob was younger, he always wanted to dunk, but it didn’t end with his childhood… today Jacob is still a master at jumping, while helping others train to accomplish their goals. At first Jacob made a few video tips to share with his friends and small following online, then he wrote  a small guide and passed it around for free. After great demand for his free guide, he decided to make it better and sell it, eventually placing it on ClickBank ($67 ebook) and including a coaching membership program for $9 a month. The result… a ton of affiliates pushing his ebooks, a well branded name and following, a quality product helping others accomplish their goals… AND A MASSIVE $75,000 REVENUE STREAM and OVER $1 MILLION IN SALES!

If that isn’t one of the greatest examples of making money and doing what you love, I don’t know what is.

You can see the massive amount of work Jacob has put together in developing a quality product, youtube videos and following. Some of  of Jacob’s YouTube jump training videos  have over 100,000 views… and keep in mind, these are ALL potential customers!

What’s the secret to The Jump Manual and Hiller’s success? Don’t always come across like you’re trying to sell something. And just as importantly: “Find something you are so passionate about, that you know can help somebody.”

Watch the short video below for a quick interview and story on the success of The Jump Manual and Jacob Hiller.

As Jacob Hiller says in the video… “Easy, Stupid, Horrible YouTube Videos…” to now a high five figure a month business. Simply amazing!

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  1. Wow! A great interview. This was awesome and I hope to achieve the same success through my next book I'm writing. My website is all about my passion World of Warcraft and Second Life, which are 2 awesome games. WoW for fun and SL is fun and business site. I've had so much fun with these games and learned a lot of stuff that will be in my books.

    This was another great post. Thanks Zac!

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        1. Two years ago I played WowScape (WOW private server) and I was amazed of this online game. I've never tried playing the real WOW because it costs $10 a month. I agree with Bradley that this is the best online game I have ever played. I'm also amazed with the video about Affiliate Summit in New York with Jacob Hiller and the Jump Manual. Awesome!
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  2. Woohoo! Nice video Zac.

    I'm always inspired to go the extra mile once I see people getting a lot of cash. Thank you for the share.

    My recent post Training on close doors- A long way to go

  3. Hey it's Jacob Hiller… thanks for the mention here Zac, your blog is awesome, wish mine looked this good 😉

    If anyone is interested in becoming an affiliate you can hit my affiliate page below or contact me there and we can work together to setup some marketing. We love our niche and th players we work with.

    Zac, if I'm overstepping here let me know…

    Thanks again for the encouragement everyone and good luck.

  4. Great story Zac. The opportunities to build a business online are almost limitless. If you are passionate about something and have expert knowledge that other people would value, you have the makings of a real business.

    BTW – did the book help you increase your vertical?
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  5. This was a great and very motivating story.Well it wasn't a story if it was real but we can call it that.Thanks again for the awesome "Story" Zac 😉
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  6. The Passion Principle: N + P + D = $erious Money*
    * N = niche, P = passion, D = demand for product or service.

    Without a passion for what you do, you’ll soon falter and so will your business. After all, potentially, you may have to
    spend 12 to 18 hours every day working on your business, often for the first one or two years.

    “Without passion you don’t have energy, without energy you have nothing.”
    Donald Trump
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  7. Easily the best way to market to people is to give something for free first.

    I love it, plus you get that little happy feeling inside for helping someone.

  8. I completely agree about having the passion. Set small goals and achieve them, then continue to set goals at higher increments. The small achievements keep me motivated.

  9. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story Zac. I had the chance to hear about the book Jacob wrote. I also agree that giving the information away free at first undoubtedly helped propel is business into something truly successful.

    – Robert
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