How To Leverage PPV Traffic

PPV (pay per view) or CPV (Cost per view) traffic is a hot topic these days.  With more and more affiliates jumping ship from Google AdWords, they are turning to networks like Traffic Vance, Media Traffic, and many of the smaller PPV networks. Most affiliates (with any traffic source) are going to be running traffic straight to CPA offers via a landing page or direct link. As an affiliate, you can make great money with that strategy, but what are some of the other ways to leverage PPV traffic?

Build an Email List

PPV traffic is a great way to build an email list. You can collect emails for as little as $0.01 per opt-in and market to that list over and over. Instead of sending that customer off to your CPA offer for a flat commission anywhere from $1-$30, you can market multiple offers to that customer which could end up netting you hundreds of dollars in commission. Remember, once you collect the customers email address, it doesn’t cost you any more to mail them more offers. You can accomplish this by building a landing page with your opt-in form on it using a program like Aweber. Offer your customers something in exchange for their email address. For example, if you are promoting a weight loss offer you might offer then  a free report like “The Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Dieting” which they will get after they opt-in to your email list.


Why not send the traffic to an offer page with their info already filled out? All they have to do is click submit, and you get a commission. You can even pre-populate the offer and collect the email address to market to later. Sounds pretty good right? You will have to check with your affiliate network can see which offers can be pre-populated and the specific instructions on how to do that. Usually it just requires something to be added to the end of your affiliate link. If you want to also collect the email in your autoresponder like Aweber, you will need some additional code to send their email to your offer and Aweber.

Incentivize Offers

It can be hard to find incentive offers that work well but you can combine these with PPV traffic to really increase conversions.  You will have to follow the rules as far as what you are able to incentivize with but since the traffic on PPV networks is relatively cheap, it’s possible to get a lot of views to your page. To accomplish this find some offer that you think might do well and build a  landing page highlighting what the customer will get (the incentive) if they fill out your offer. If you are paying attention, you will realize this is another great opportunity to collect their email!

Promote Your Own Product

There is really nothing stopping affiliates from making their own product. You might think you need a lot of capital, resources, etc. but in reality your own product could be something simple like an ebook or an audio/video download. Take a subject you know like playing the guitar, gardening, or anything else and write a short guide about it. You will be surprised  when it actually sells!

PPV traffic is fairly cheap and there is a lot of it. The key to monetizing this traffic is to think outside the box. Everyone is sending traffic straight to offers, so what can you to do be different and compete with all the other affiliates? Don’t be afraid to try new strategies and ideas…you never know what will work until you try.

David Ford will be doing an 8 week live PPV webinar series with Corey Bornmann from Affportal taking students through these techniques and much more. To learn more visit and register for the free webinar.

This guest post was written by David Ford, author of the PPV Playbook, and runs a PPV coaching forum. He has been involved with internet marketing for 8 years as an affiliate, coach, and product creator. He also created the webinar series with Corey Bornmann from Affportal.

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  1. Idea of creating your own product really works, recently i have made a product on Iphone and it is still doing great, sometimes i get 3 to 5% conversions.

  2. Hello Zac!

    I completely agree with you that it is better to register a new web site that will include opt-in code in its structure. PPV traffic is not free traffic!

    For that reason it is a smart way to take advantage of additional pay per click or pay per view traffic, connect and build trust with visitors to the web page.

  3. Zac, what types of offers have you found work best with PPV traffic? The problem I've found with this type of traffic is that it is not targeted at all, so there's no built-in interests to market to and hence very, very low click-through rates.

  4. As I understand from some of my friends who've dabbed in this, if you don’t have the time to do article marketing, or you don’t have the big budget to spend on your PPC campaigns or maybe you don’t have the time to rank on the first page of the search engine — this is the traffic generation method for you.

    Till then,


  5. Well, I like that people are getting away from Adwords… Google is becoming some sort of tyran and he must learn to be humble again… I think PPV can indeed be very effective and easy to use…

  6. Zac-

    Good advice. I'm not sure I'm at the point where I can pay for PPV traffic, but I'll bookmark this on Delicious so if I come to that bridge in the future, I'll know how to cross it 🙂

  7. @James – I really have to disagree with you on this one. In fact, PPV traffic is more targeted because you are using urls INSTEAD of keywords. Match a high traffic website that draws a matching demographic to the right offer and you have the makings of a very excellent campaign.

    Now if you are targeting facebook or google in your campaign, that is un-targeted traffic that probably won't do well unless you have a superior general interest offer that is very popular or trendy.

    ~ Corey

  8. Promoting your own product is the ideal way for a small busines to broaden their client base and increase sales of their product, especially a unique one. Adding a nice story to the sale is key to making this happen successfully.

  9. Hello Zac, Great advice.
    I recently started up a campaign with PPV with fairly good results, I will have to implement some of your above advice to really make the most of PPV.

  10. I think this is where most affiliates are missing the boat, your own products can have a better ROI than someone else's product. Also you get the return customers, that you can re market to.

  11. thanks for the info… as such i am really struggling to build up a good email list.. some tips from you on that would be nice too..

  12. your own products can have a better ROI than someone else’s product. Also you get the return customers, that you can re market to.

  13. PPV (or CPV) traffic can be quite lucrative if you understand how to use it. It certainly is easier in ways due to no constraints like Quality Score, etc. However, make sure you understand how it works before diving in head first.

  14. You have to do your homework, great landing page with 5 clear bullet points and one clear call to action, clear attractive offer, list of 500 plus hand picked urls targeted to your campaign and split testing.

  15. I found our article extremely interesting, particularly about making sure that you collect email address from the traffic. A very smart idea. Thanks,
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  16. Having your own product is really an advantage..
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  17. Yeah! I couldn't agree more! It's easier to market products that are trully yours
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