How to Make $1,000,000 Online $5 at a Time!

When it comes to making money online everything thinks it comes so easy. If you were already successful with an online business and you tell someone that you “make money online” or have an “online business”, they will usually think you are doing porn or have already made a ton of “easy” money.

The truth is that the success stories will always be the big news, but no one really talks about all the failures. Mark Zuckerberg has made BILLIONS from starting Facebook and many others are becoming millionaires daily by selling their online start-ups to huge power players like Microsoft, Apple, Google and Yahoo.

Again… this TRUTH IS this likely won’t happen for the majority of us.

However this doesn’t mean that you should be discouraged. The internet and world of online marketing offers us what no other business can… and that is endless customers and time.

Five Dollars Per Day

This $5 a day mentality is something I’ve been using ever since I started making money online over 15 years ago. It’s nothing special or amazing… but it works.

Before we jump into the formula, let’s first talk about real world jobs and how they can limit your earnings potential.

First of all, if you have a job that is paying on an hourly basis you are already screwed. Even if you are making $100 an hour, you still max out around 10 hours per day… which is still $1000 a day, but again it’s still maxed out.

Now if you have a very high salary based job, you are still working on some form of time basis. If you are making $400,000 a year and working 50 hour weeks… don’t expect to be making $400k one year and get a huge bonus the next year. Again, you are limited on how much you can make.

When it comes to internet business there are no boundaries for your earnings… only you are blocking your full potential.

Whenever I start a new web site, business or ad campaign I like to think of everything on a TIMES 365 basis.

Here’s what I’m trying to stress.

Just $5 a dayIf I can get a new ad campaign to make $5 a day profit… then I’m potentially looking at $1,825 a year in profit!

Now what if I can double that make it $10 a day… now we are at $3,650 a year.

Making $5 and $10 a day is not that hard… when you start pushing serious numbers like $100 a day, then you are looking at “real world” job salaries at $36,000 range.

The point is, the internet is working 24 hours a day every day!

If you can create new web sites, social fan pages, media buying and ad campaigns that continually work for you and can be scaled out… your potential earnings are limitless.

This isn’t brain surgery here, but one of the biggest problems with making money online is that people want to make a ton of money fast and quit when they don’t find success. Start out small and try to scale your earnings $5 at a time and you will find success!

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  1. This is an excellent post Zac for someone like me…Really good formula
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  2. oh wow amazing post but not everyone can make such a huge amount via online 🙂
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  3. Hey Zac,

    Great post! When you say we can all make $5 per site. Are you talking about buying ads? Or Google Adsense. I have been doing online marketing the past 2 years and had a lot of failure. Finally I was making money from Google Adsense was cancel due to invalid clicks (which I never did, lol) Any suggestions please…
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  4. It is an interesting way of approaching working on the internet. And you are right…the internet doesn't turn off. Meaning making 10$ a is a relatively easy task. Many could do it.

    Also where is your share button Zac?!
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  5. Hi Zac,

    Really important point, Main reason behind the failure of maximum blogs are that they want to earn more and that too in quick time. If you focus on starting with small then you can certainly survive longer and earn more.
    My recent post MLM Software Delhi India

  6. Zac,

    Your approach to making money online is NOT only realistic but refreshing as well! Too many if not in fact almost everybody tries to appeal to the instant gratification that fuels our society with promises of overnight riches … talk about being set up for failure!

    Love the honesty and frankness you used in presenting your point!

    Thanks for having the go-nads to be honest!

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  7. You're spot on Zac. Most people don't realize the amount of work that actually does go into a successful internet business. But the reason it's so profitable is because while it's a lot of hard work in the beginning, once you have a business model that's even just mildly profitable, you can scale it out to your hearts desire to make as much as you want.

  8. That's going to take a while LOL. But setting goals is definitely important.
    Writing down the goals too on paper, like most of the gurus say.
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  9. This is great info for many people interested in creating their own online business. This is good that you are giving out honest info about creating an online business because so many people are getting ripped off by so called "gurus". With the new web and internet boom I think it is integral for people to look outside the square and develop their skills in other areas. An online business allows you to develop your technological, marketing and administrative skills all in one place.

    All the best to you Zac

    Best regards,

    Igors Suna

  10. I agree with what you said, about people wanting to make a quick buck, then giving up too easily because it doesn't come fast enough. I just made my first $1.00 yesterday, and my site has only been live for about a week. But that's the thing….I have traffic, just not many conversions. But I was proud of that dollar, and now I'm analyzing data, and thinking of new ways to change my site and my ads to attract more people and get more conversions. I say, if people are so hell bent on giving up quickly, let them….I'll still be here long after they're gone! 😉
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  11. Great post, Zac! Start with 'buying' yourself a coffee a day – $2. Or a subway sandwich – $5.

    Its IMPORTANT you reinvest the $$$ you are profiting on media buys. And be sure to take 10% of the profits, and put those into a savings jar. Something to remind you of how BADASS you are.

    I have been actively communicating with affiliates for over 3 years now, cofounded an affiliate network.

    AND its surprising how many want to START by making $10K a month. Give it 30 days, than 90 days.

    Set goals as Zac has put up, and be sure to be aligning yourself with Internet Experts.

    Those Experts who can assist you in optimizing your campaigns, teach you the in's and outs of planning your media buys, and lets remember the specific messaging your ads & landing pages must provide.
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  12. i love this blog but it's really sad to see guardianads being allowed to advertiser on here after Ryan Eagle stole so much money from the affiliate community. Hardly best practices to be referring potential new affiliates over to a network that has zero integrity.

  13. Great article, thank you. Another way to look at it is to start a blog and build it up until you make $100 a month and then start another one and build it up until it also makes you $100 a month. With time you are building your empire and 100 blogs x $100 makes you $10 000 a month. But the main point stands out – it takes time and that makes it awesome!
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  14. Oh..its really very awesome but I want to say that not everyone is perfect in making online income 🙂
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  15. not easy to expose your blog to first page of Google.
    That's only happen to an expert blogger. for newbie it's tough, so they stop.
    Google get cleverer and try to stop you (maybe?)..
    not easy even to achive 1 dollar aday!
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