How to Make $120,000 in Two Days Off Osama’s Death

Osama Bin Laden is dead… most of the world rejoices in the news. Donald Trump is pissed the ending of his “The Apprentice” show got interrupted, and News Networks around the world are covering what will be the story of the decade. While all of this is going on… a select few individuals are thinking about how they can profit from Osama’s death.

Right when the news broke on Osama’s assassination, Maurice Harary, 23, from New York ran home to start working an an excellent way to profit from Osama’s death. Maurice would quickly create an online tshirt store and would quickly generate $120,000 from his Osama Bin Laden merchandise website in just two days!

By Tuesday evening he had already sold more than 10,000 items at $12 a time. You can read the full story at Daily Mail UK.

There are now plenty of Osama death tshirts and designs making the round. This one portrays the Obama “Yes We Can” poster design, but with Osama with a bullet through his head and the “PWND” wording. (full page)

Good Timing, Unethical… or just brilliant?! Don’t hate on Maurice’s swift action to bank on Osama’s death… you know there are plenty more on the way. How will others continue to bank on the use of Osama’s death through the coming months to year?

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    1. disrespectful to who? osama,who cares he killed 1000's of inicent people,he deserves to rot in hell!

  1. T!her was a viral app (spam) that had over 41k visitors on it at one time. I have a feeling they did pretty well off of his death as well!

  2. I don't believe it is true. 10,000 people woke up and went online, saw that bin laden was dead and then quickly searched the internets for a t-shirt to buy? Yeah. Right

    Alex J

    CEO & Founder

    1. don't underestimate the volume of the internet T-shirts are a massive business online.
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  3. He sold 120k worth, presumably he profited 20-40k. Less but still insane. I’m curious how he promoted it.

  4. That's ingenious.. Haven't even thought of monetizing this, I guess seeing money opportunities comes with experience.

  5. good timing! you've gotta strike when the iron's hot…kudos to Maurice

  6. Nice idea and very brilliant too ! Very Cool Obama Kills Osama and the viral idea. Very Enterprising.

  7. I honestly think this is a great idea. I mean Osama is dead and I don't think there would be someone who will claim rights for using his picture. 🙂 I just hope the statements wouldn't mean vengeance from his team.

  8. I'm a litte confused here.. how was he able to get a site up so quickly and found by those looking for an osama t-shirt? Seems like established sites that carried the tee would have shown up in google instead of this guys site

  9. It was a very smart move on his part as far as the entrepreneurial aspect goes. He cashed in pretty good and probably will for a long time this will be big news for the foreseeable future. Is it tasteless? Some people say yes I say no because of all the innocent lives this terrorist took around the world paybacks a —–. If you can profit off Osamas death I say go for it. Osama would be contributing more dead than alive.
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  10. This is Just a Fantastic Idea, They say Idea is Everything, Maurice Harary took advantage of a ready opportunity and it did pay off well for Him.

    Good Gesture Guy.

  11. Smart marketing move? Yes.
    But just remind me not to wear this shirt when going to Indonesia next month.
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    1. Yes, i think it is not safe when we wear this T-shirt in Indonesia, Afganistan…Someone will kill us soon !!!

  12. Leaving the moral or ethical question aside, it's a great idea and well done to him for pulling it off.
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  13. I like how creative Maurice Harary mind is. Since Osama Bin Laden is a terrorist, the world rejoices for his death. True or not, he used the news to profit on it which is a wise decision. When he see opportunity, he grabs it. I am pretty sure, he financed well on this.

  14. I asked myself "How do I profit from this epic news cycle?"… I guess someone allegedly already did. By the way, the Americans, if they did what they claimed by shooting OBL, broke dozens of laws by assassinating a man who has never been convicted of any crime in any court. Think about that for a minute. The man, OBL, has never been tried in a court, no evidence has ever been produced against him for 9/11 and yet… Bang! shot in the head *allegedly* and then thrown into the sea… Strange how the main stream news seems to be cheering this

  15. I had a friend of mine who made $8,000 with his death!
    He used CPA and Faceook 😉
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  16. Anna@acne treatments

    Whilst Americans, most particularly those who lost loved ones, have my deepest sympathy for the 9/11 tragedy, this individual selling these tee shirts seems to have no scruples, see Jon O'Harry's comment above, and what was in the mind of people buying them God only knows. Think about this – after 9/11 did you see any Muslims walking about with pictures of the burning twin towers on their tee shirts, no? I wonder why?

    Yes, 9/11 was a terrible, terrible thing, but assassinating people out of hand is not democracy, something that America supposedly stands for, sometimes being a Westerner makes me ashamed, especially when the same governments stand idly by and watch as people such as Idi Amin, and dictators like him carry out mindless genocide
    and get away with it.
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  17. Hey man, this is a capitalist country and what better way to celebrate America after something like that than to flex our capitalistic freedom!
    He made money by supporting something that everybody was behind. It would be immoral if it was September 11th items or an event that was against America.

    1. SO, if an American dies, it's unethical to try to monetise their death; but, if a dark-skinned foreigner dies, then it's perfectly okay?

      George W. Bush killed more innocent people than Osama bin Laden. Would you laud people who might exploit his death? No, because he's a white Christian and you're a bigot!

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