How to Make Money Online with Little Investment – Part 3

Now that we have covered the basics of building your own business online for just a few dollars and mapping out your business model and how to find a winning niche, now it’s time to put everything into action.

Since this is the last part in the series, let’s do a quick recap.

The purpose of this three part series was to allow anyone to get started with their own site that has potential to generate income and possibly turn into a nice side business without the need to spend a lot of money in the process. Here is how we broke down the initial spending to set everything up.

  • Domain Name = $10 year
  • Web Hosting = $7 month
  • WordPress = Free
  • Site Content = Free (Time)

Creating a Winning Business ModelNow let’s recap on the business model as well.

Creating a Winning Business Formula: Create an authority site that ranks well in the search results for a specific niche or product. The goal is to rank within the top results in the search engines and convert your traffic into paid users through the use of affiliate marketing. The “real” cost of setting up your new business site, is the actual amount of time you put into your content and site promotion.

And so we move on…

The process isn’t as complicated as some people might want to make it. You register a domain name, setup hosting and start creating content for your site. AGAIN, make sure you put in the time and effort to find a winning niche or you will end up wasting time and money.

Once you’ve decided on your niche, write as much content as you can for your main page (800-1200) words and create a chart or break down the content so it’s easy to read. The end goal here is to create content that provides real value. This will be very important for the engagement, ranking and overall monetization of your site.

Want some examples?

Of course you do! Examples are a great way to see what is working and also gives you proof that others are doing well with these methods as well.

Finding a Targeted NicheTwo other niche case studies that you should be following are the ones from Spencer Hawes and Pat Flynn. For both of these guys they’ve created sites that they were playing around with for a case study and both of them have turned into something amazing. The two niches that were targeted are “survival knives” and “security guard training”. The knife site is being monetized with Amazon, while the security training site is generating most of it’s money through Google Adsense.

Excellent examples that can get your mind stirring.

The goal is to not try and replicate where someone else is already having success, but find a niche market that can make you money with less competition but enough search volume to make it worth while.

It’s also important for you to realize that you shouldn’t just rely on Amazon and Google Adsense for revenue generation. Networks like CommissionJunction and  Shareasale have thousands of offers and merchants for you to choose from and many of them have very nice commissions and payout that you can build a site around.

Shareasale Programs

It’s all about making the most out of your resources and creating something that people will find value in. For both of the case studies mentioned above, they are successful because people are searching for topics related to the site and when people find their site, they are buying and researching content on the site. The more time people spend on your site, the better the engagement and rankings in the search engines.

Now it’s time to get started!

Hopefully this three part series has been a good motivator for you and will allow you to get started with your own niche web site or blog. Don’t forget to refer back to part two which is full of useful free tools for search results and finding a quality niche product.

As always, shoot me an email with any ideas or questions you might have. Be sure to let me know when you go live with your site and I’ll check it out and let you know what I think. If you need any help with the site setup process, you can also click here to have the process setup for you.

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  1. These series of posts on how to make money online with little investment have been motivating right from part one.

    There is no doubt that the biggest takeaway from these posts is the realization that the best investment to make has to with putting in time and effort to discover a profitable site.

    Once the person who wants to make money online invest time in niche that works, all other efforts makes the process easier.

    Thanks for sharing these series as they have been helpful, and I would gladly share the valuable content!

    Contributors to have "kingged" this article for its valuable content. I have also left the above comment in that Internet marketing 4-in-1 social site.

    Sunday – contributor

  2. Keeping it simple is definitely the way forward. Once you build a successful web presence (the hard, free part) there are lots of ways to monetize once you've got a website ! For anyone thinking about taking the plunge, this is great advice (though easier -and faster- said than done!)
    My recent post Pushing Your Productivity: 3 Ways to Make Time Expand

  3. Hi Zac
    Well I would say that blogging is different for everyone what works for you may not work for me and what works for me may not work for someone else. But more than 60 out of every 100 bloggers quite before they earn their first income the don'e realize that blogging is a slow process but will reward you now or sooner. And it's the only thing in which investment is almost negligible and rewards get better day by day.

    You need to have a good reputation in the eyes of Google first than you will be able to get traffic which will ultimately lead to the paper i.e., money.
    Thanks for the post.
    My recent post No Google? Go for the Second Largest Search Engine.

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