How to Make Money with a PayDay Loans Resource Blog and LeadsGate

As the saying goes… “there’s riches in those niches!

However, depending on what niche market you go after, the money will vary.

One niche that is always loaded up with more than enough money to go around is the financial niche — and in this case, specifically the pay day loan space.

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads on TV with celebrities and boasting the benefits of pay day loans for individuals who are in need of fast cash? For example.. I saw one today where the guy said “I’m good at my job, but I’m not good at paying parking tickets” — long story short, this was a stand up guy that needed money fast to pay off his tickets so he could get his car and get back to work the next day. For the average person that doesn’t have money laying around and needs some extra cash, a pay day loan might be their only option.

The point I’m getting at here, is that thousands of people search for pay day loan related information on Google every day and huge advertisers are spending a lot of money to try and get to these leads first.

You can see in the screenshot below that Google is cashing in daily with all of the relevant ads that show up in search results for PDLs.

Google PDL Results

This is where a PDL / finance focused blog could come into play…

We’ve all heard of pay day loans… but the majority of us aren’t exactly sure how they work, what they are and the payment options that come with them. Being a resource of this type of information for the thousands of people that search for it daily could prove quite profitable for anyone willing to invest the time in it.

If you approach this in the right way and focus on quality content that provides value, you could also get a jump ahead of the competition that might have already been affected by the PDL Google algorithm over the past year.

How Bloggers Can Make Money with this Concept?

As mentioned, bloggers come into play by creating the quality content that people are searching for every day. We can take a look at some of the most common PDL questions below, and how you might be able to best answer these questions and cater to your audience in the process.

  • Why should I choose XXXXX company for my loan?
  • How much cash can I get?
  • How does the application process work?
  • How long does it take to get my cash?
  • Will my information be secure and kept private?

By becoming a resource for this information, you can provide your audience with the answers they are looking for, while also providing them with some resources and solutions in the process — which can also be the monetization platform for your site as well.

Another example of how this could be done, is by targeting local markets. “Payday loans near me” is another term on Google that is heavily searched. You could create a niche site for small locations within your area (or anywhere) and try to rank for these smaller markets. You won’t get a ton of traffic, but you will have a lot less competition and higher chances of ranking.

Pay Day Loans Near Me

In terms of monetization, Google Adsense is always an option — but affiliate marketing or generating your own leads is usually best. The majority of us should already be familiar with affiliate marketing and how it works. In short, you can recommend products or services on your blog and for every person who ends up completing the offer or buying a service, results in a commission for you.

The same holds true in the payday loans and financial space. is an affiliate program that is solely focused in this area, while also recently adding installment loans into the mix. Since they fit the theme for this monetization strategy, we can use them as an example. When possible, it’s usually best to work with networks that focus in one prime area, so they can deliver the best results, payouts and advice to their affiliates (versus running an ad on a network that has 1,000 other offers).


In LeadsGate for example, when you login to promote an offer of theirs… you have the option to promote their offers or create your own Javascript form to collect the leads. The JS Form could prove extremely useful if you were going to create your own landing pages or content site (especially if you were to create local niche sites).

PD US Offers

In terms of earning a commission with LeadsGate, this can be done through three different methods:

  1. Auction-based lead selling: Unlike the business to consumer niche where prices are what they are, in the world of finance and B2B rates can drastically change. For this reason, LeadsGate commission can vary in price, as they auction off their leads to the best companies, which also fluctuates with the industry and market conditions.
  2. LeadsGate Rebill: Most affiliate and lead gen programs will pay for leads on a one time basis, however LeadsGate is always looking for the longer relationship. Instead of earning a commission on just the first sale / application, affiliates will earn commission on any repeat applications generated by their referred customers for life.
  3. Payouts for declined leads: Unfortunately not all leads are legitimate or qualified. However, as blog owners, online marketers and affiliates… we still want to get paid for our efforts. LeadsGate has a program in place to monetize your leads for these exact scenarios, which can result in an additional 5-15% profit per lead.

As you can see, the diverse methods for compensation and scaling out a long term residual income could be quite profitable for online marketers and content sites alike.

The actual commission amount earned per lead can vary anywhere from $1 to $220 per lead (depending on quality, competition and market conditions) and/or a 90% revshare basis. Commission payouts are sent out when at least $100 is earned.

How to Get Started

Getting started is easy enough… putting a game plan together is the tough part.

  1. Join LeadsGate to setup a monetization method for your audience and leads
  2. Create a plan of attack for creating a niche PDL / finance blog or local niche site
    (5 killer articles with 2,000 words each, a few quality guest blog posts on other relevant sites and going after local / long tail PDL related keywords)
  3. Go live with your content and link building efforts, while also studying what starts to rank and pull in traffic

There is always money to be made in big markets, it’s just a matter of how you approach it.

[This post was updated on 5/3/16 to reflect the most recent network payout rates]

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