How to Make Money with Affiture Network

As not only a blogger, but also an entrepreneur who has nearly 20 years of experience in the affiliate marketing space, it’s always good to see when well known and successful companies get into the affiliate marketing space. Unfortunately we have seen many affiliate networks come and go over the past ten years, and it was mainly due to poor management and experience. It’s always good to see big players come into the affiliate marketing space, simply because you know they have been around a while and have what it takes to stand the test of time — something that can’t be said about many of the affiliate networks out there today.

In this article we are going to look at how affiliates, bloggers and online marketers can start making money with the Affiture Network, which is a division of CPXi, which is also known as CPX Interactive — an advertising agency I actually used to work with nearly 10 years ago for serving banner advertising across a few of my high traffic content sites!

CPXi Introduces Affiture Network

As mentioned CPXi has over 10 years of experience in the online advertising space, and with such reach across thousands of sites and partnerships with many big name advertisers, it only makes sense for them to get more involved in the affiliate marketing space. Affiture is an affiliate network that was put together though the use of all of CPXi’s existing resources, experience and partnerships over the past decade.


Offers within Affiture Network

Like most networks, as an affiliate of Affiture, you will find a vast collection of CPA/CPS offers that you can start promoting to your audience or through direct ad campaigns. With CPXi being the parent company of Affiture and years of experience under their belt, it’s no surprise to see a great deal of offers within their network.

There are currently over 500+ different offers within Affiture, covering mostly mobile pin submits, freebies, dating, downloads, gaming and a selection of exclusive offers as well. Commission amounts range from under a dollar to up to $200 per signup. You can see a screenshot below on some of the top performing offers on the network.

In terms of offer promotion, each campaign has it’s own specific terms and conditions. However, with so many different offers available on the network, it shouldn’t be a problem to find an offer that fits into your existing marketing promotions. Methods such as email, search, video, newsletters, incentived (and non), co-registration methods are all accepted (depending on offer).


Affiliate Network Payments

Payments to Affiture affiliates are sent out on a NET 15 basis, when the affiliate has earned the minimum payout of $50. Bi-Monthly NET 15 payments are also available to any affiliate that earns $1,000 monthly, along with Weekly Net ($1,000 in earnings per week) and also Weekly Net 4 ($1,000 in earnings per week with established payment history). Payments are sent out through Wire Transfer ($1,000 minimum), ACH ($100), Checks ($50) and Paypal ($1,000).

Win an Apple Watch from Affiture

Remember all of the affiliate network promotions and giveaways that used to flood the industry a few years ago? Where did they all go? It doesn’t matter… Affiture has you covered on this one as well!

During the promotion period of April 1st through June 30th, Affiture is giving away an Apple Watch to their top 10 performing publishers.

If you are already pushing volume and see a few offers on Affiture that look like they might perform well with your traffic, getting a free Apple Watch is the perfect incentive to try them out.

Win an Apple Watch from Affiture

How to Join Affiture Affiliate Network

As mentioned earlier, affiliate networks come and go, but it’s great to see a big name like CPX Interactive as the parent company of Affiture. Not only does this mean they have the experience and funding to keep the network going, they also have a proven track record on how to make money online while working directly with their publishers and advertisers of all sizes.

To join Affiture and start earning additional revenue by promoting their affiliate offers and exclusive offers, click here to fill out an application on their site.

An an active affiliate / publisher on their site, you’ll also be in the running for one of the 10 Apple Watches that will be given away at the end of their promotion period.

After joining Affiture, you will also be contacted by one of their affiliate managers that will help set you up with their best performing ad campaigns and work with you to see how you can improve your earnings and increase volume.

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  1. Very interesting these affiliate programs, I strongly believe that the affiliate who wants to succeed in this market should look for various business alternatives online.Many people get stuck selling infoproducts, and the ideal and not put all your eggs in one basket and look diversify the most of your business options.

  2. Hi Zac,

    Affiture sounds great. It looks like I’m going to give a try with the network. I also like all the offers they are giving. The Apple Watch offer is really cool. However, the publishers have to work very hard to be in the top ten.

    Thanks for sharing Affiture network.

  3. Are they offering good CPA offers as compared to other affiliate networks??

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