How to Make Money with Content Locking and MGCash

In the old world of site creation and monetization, it used to be enough to simply create great content and place various forms of banners advertising throughout your site. The problem with this model is that you would need to have a massive amount of traffic flowing through your site, as only a small percentage of people would actually click on these ads — and even less converting on the end offer.

While this model still works today, there are plenty of more effective ways to make money, while also providing high quality content to your audience in the process. It’s not just about creating high quality content, it’s also about having a successful form of monetization built into your site as well.

Through the use of content locking and advanced mobile marketing, MGCash has created their own affiliate network to provide site owners and affiliate marketers with the necessary tools, tracking and ad serving to maximize their revenue across all platforms.

The Ability to Monetize Traffic Across All Platforms

Gone are the days when you throw up a web site and only look at your visitor and revenue stats. Now you need to know where your traffic is coming from, how they got there and what device they are viewing it through. Just like site tracking has changed, so has the way we all make money online.

MGCash is all about providing their affiliates and site partners with the necessary tools and monetization methods that scale across all platforms, such as desktop, mobile and even audio.


As we continue to see more affiliate networks shift their focus from traditional advertising methods like banners and text ads to interactive ads and mobile marketing, it’s clear that the industry is changing. While not every network is up to par with the current trends, MGCash is standing above the crowd by offering advanced monetization methods such as content locking, mobile monetization with popups and also offering affiliate pre-hosted and pre-made landing pages, which gives the affiliate the ability to grab an offer and start making money with it right away.

Using Content and Link Lockers to Monetize Premium Content

How many times have you create a really great article or piece of content for a site and thought it was so good that you could package it up and sell it as an ebook? This happens a lot, but the actual process of setting it all up is a huge pain — not to mention the hassle of trying to get people to pull out there credit card to make a purchase.

A better alternative is to offer content locking, which is the ability to lock out your content until someone takes an action and completes an offer. Instead of using a credit card for payment, the end user might be able to complete a promotional offer or download free software. Once completed, the end user would gain access to the product or post, while the site owner would earn a commission for the action that was completed.

You can see an example of this in the screenshot below.


Content Locker

What’s also great about content locking is that in most cases the user is really interested in seeing what they were looking for. It’s much easier for them to complete a short survey or action, then having to actually pay for something — which means more money for the site owner.

Below you will also see a screenshot for the content locking creation process, which is simply selecting how many different offers you would like to show, choosing minimum/maximum payouts and messing around with a few formatting options.


The next time you are thinking about how you can make money with that next killer blog post or free ebook you want to give away, think about your options and how content locking might be the best option for your site.

Selling Through SoundCloud Audio

With mobile devices, podcasting and audio continually growing in reach, MGCash is one of the first networks to easily allow their site partners to integrate monetization methods right into their SoundCloud accounts. Not only doesMGCash offer the ability to make money through audio, but also the ability to track your earnings, plays, visits and downloads in the process. This also include full monetization across all countries, global advertisers and payment methods.


The process of setting up your audio files for monetization is quite simple. All you need to do is connect your SoundCloud account to MGCash, choose which files you want to monetize, then MGCash will setup all of the necessary “buy” links or monetizable content locking like the example shown below.


While there are other methods for distributing and selling audio files online, partners of MGCash will receive 90% of their earnings — which is much higher than other competing networks.

To learn more about MGCash’s SoundCloud monetizing, click here.

Increased Earnings with MGCash’s Mobile Affiliate Network

With the massive growth of mobile usage growing more and more every month, online marketers who are still focusing all of their efforts on just desktop lead generation are simply missing out. This is something MGCash knows all too well, and have been investing a lot of time and focus as well.

Through the mobile affiliate network, MGCash gives their site partners the ability to monetize their mobile usage through the use of both content locking and popup ads.

With content locking on mobile devices, the concept is quite similar to that of online usage — except it’s much easier to target your audience with apps they can easily download with a simple tap of a finger. This allow for higher conversions and earnings, while also gaining access to full campaign statistics.


Mobile popups are another effective way to monetize your mobile traffic and increase earnings. With the same concept of mobile apps and games in place, it’s easy to highlight the best performing ads that users are likely going to click and download — while also showcasing the highest paying and well known advertisers out there. Just like with content locking, the site partner always has full stats tracking for easy optimization and revenue monitoring.


There is no doubt that mobile usage is only going to keep rising in the coming months and years. If you aren’t using mobile marketing and monetization with your business, now is definitely the time to get started.

Affiliate Offers are Always in Demand

No matter how often the industry continues to change or how people are accessing your site, affiliate marketing is always going to be in demand. As long as brands and advertisers need leads, web sites and affiliates will continue to provide them on a CPA basis.

As an affiliate of MGCash, you will also have access to the many different affiliate offers available through their network. (all of which are also used through mobile and content locking).


With over 1,400 different affiliate offers on the network, you are sure to find some offers that are relevant to your site niche and audience. From dating offers, zip and email submits to mobile and download installs… there is a lot to choose from, and payouts range anywhere from under $1 to over $30 depending on the signup process and complexity. The majority of offers on the network are free to the end user, which makes it a perfect win-win opportunity for both the site owner and the audience signing up.

How to Earn More with MGCash

There are plenty of ways to monetize your valuable web site content, but as the industry continues to grows, your site should grow along with it. This doesn’t mean that you NEED to content lock all of your best content, but you should be looking at different ways you could be making money with it. The same can be said about mobile usage and how more people might be accessing your site through a tablet or mobile device than you think.

In short, how much money are you potentially leaving on the table?

Sign up for MGCash, take a look at the different tools and tracking they have to offer — then decide for yourself how you would like to put these powerful monetization methods into action!

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