How to Make Money with Content Locking Sites

An exciting new way to make money through the use of affiliate marketing and web site, is through content locking. If you aren’t already familiar with content locking, the concept is simple. You are basically offering a quality service or product for free. In exchange for offering your services for free, you are requiring users to sign up or complete an offer. This is usually seen in software, gaming and video series. Seems like a win-win situation, right? Sure is!

AdGate Media is an advertising network that specializes in running offers that are perfect for creating content gateway based web sites. With over 350+ different offers on their network, you have a lot of flexibility on what type of offers you want to run and test with your audience. Nearly all of the offers are incentivized, which means you can push them all through content locking sites without any issues.

The team behind AdGate Media is full of veterans in our industry, who have taken what they’ve discovered over their previous years of marketing and invested their own time and money into building a content locking network to help make you more money. All offers, payments and methods of advertising are negotiable when it comes to content locking, and AdGate wants to make their offers work for you.

If you are completely new to content locking and incentivized offers, here’s a few ideas for you to get started today.

Three Great Ideas for Making Money with Content Locking

Finding success with content locking is all about how you are going to present your content and make it available to people who want it. Below I have listed three different methods you can start using right now to start your own content locking web sites or landing page.

Hot Google Trends and World News – Using Google Trends, or any news stories that are spreading through out the world, you can quickly use this information to your advantage and create a sweet niche web site or landing page that people want to see. Whether it’s pictures of the latest celebrities behind bars, banned video footage from paparazzi or anything else people want to find, create a site around these topics and require users to complete a simple email or zip submit to access the information. You’d be surprised at how quickly you can reach this audience through viral methods such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Entertainment & Video Sites – As mentioned earlier, everyone goes crazy for video. Every day millions of people are looking online for illegal movies to watch, movie trailers and just funny videos. You can create a content resource site for any of these video sources, and will have traffic flowing to your site. Throw some content locking on that site, then spend some time on seo and getting quality search rankings and you could have a solid money maker for months to come. When creating any videos or entertainment sites, be sure to stay legit and not mess with illegal content.

Free Software and Gaming – Gaming and free software are two huge players in the content locking space, simply because most people are already willing to pay for these products. If you have the ability to create a free gaming software or useful software program that offers a free trial, then a full version after incentivized offers are completed, this is a golden and long term business plan. Of the three methods mentioned here, this is the best long term solution, which can also be bundled and sold down the road.

Do You Have Unique Content You Would Like to Monetize?

What seperates AdGate Media from the many other networks out there that promise the “highest payouts”? AdGate Media knows success in affiliate marketing is going beyond just sending out an email with top offers, but instead working with affiliates directly to help them build out successful web sites and landing pages.

If you have web site content that you would like to start monetizing, or have an idea about a new web site or software you could design, AdGate Media wants to be your partner in the content locking space. AdGate Media is already helping many other affiliate marketers (22+ reviews on AffPaying) make money with their content locking ideas, and they are more than willing to help you put together your ideas for a new web site or software. Feel free to follow AdGate Media on Twitter / Facebook, or contact them directly through their Adgate Media Affiliate Network.

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  1. All three of those ideas are great and I am going to start using those more often.

    Thanks Zac,
    Bradley Nordstrom
    My recent post eBay:The Easiest Way To Begin!

  2. Hi Zac,
    thanks for your tips on how to make money with content locking sites. I completely agree with you that gaming and free software the best products in the content locking world, since most people are already willing to pay for these products.
    Keep up with good work!

  3. Great tips from an experienced blogger. I really love to read all of your posts. Although i don't have any of the listed blogsite but i know Gaming blogs are mostly make more money. Thanks for this informative post on earning money online.
    My recent post Important Maxim of Web Designing

  4. I've not explored content locking before. I've seen it in action though – mostly spammy stuff though.

  5. well, gaming is really a good option but isn't it a niche that is strong enough already? It seems to me that it would be very hard to start from scratch now. I like fitness niche, but it's a niche that we can't use this kind of strategy, since we don't offer a download link.
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  6. @Super, No it's not hard to start from scratch in that niche or any other. Because with content locking, there are thousands of possible niches *within* the gaming niche. Any quality content about a specific game (such as a strategy guide, etc) would be an option. You could also create your own wallpapers or videos for example, for any and every game. So with any specific segment you can have very little direct competition and the opportunity to target long-tail keywords.

    Jeremy (co-founder of Adscend Media – consistently rated the best content-locking network in industry surveys)

  7. I think digging deeper to a long tail keyword may be the best converter since visitors are really specific to what they are really searching for , hence your content must be very important to them and they willing to take surveys or signups on your content locking just to get to your content.

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