How To Make Money with the WP Engine Affiliate Program

Web hosting is one of the most competitive markets online. Since every web site and blog has their own hosting, there is plenty of customers to go around. The type of hosting that you choose for your site will not only determine how much you pay, but it will also reflect on how fast and secure your site is. With that being said, not all web hosting services are the same. While most ‘shared’ hosting plans are fine for newbie bloggers and site owners, there are many advanced hosting services and dedicated server options to explore when you are pushing a lot of traffic through your site and simple can’t afford to have it go down — not even for a second.

One of these such option is WP Engine, a premier hosting service that specializes in WordPress hosted sites. In this article we aren’t going to focus on the WP Engine hosting service so much, but instead how users of WP Engine can earn money by recommending their own web hosting service to others through their affiliate program.

There are a many benefits to using WP Engine as your web host—they offer incredible security, scale, support, and more — which means it should be even easier for you to recommend them to your audience as well.

WP Engine Affiliate Program — What You Get

Likely nearly all affiliate programs, you are paid when someone signs up for a service or completes an action. The same holds true for the WP Engine affiliate program. WP Engine has made sure that if you put in the effort of being an affiliate for them that it will definitely be worth your time.

When you’re an affiliate for WP Engine, you get the following benefits:

  • $200 per sale commission for all accounts under $200 per month
  • 100% commission on the first month on self sign-up accounts over $200 per month
  • $249 per sale in commission for business accounts
  • Tracking cookies make sure you’re getting credit (and getting paid)
  • Commissions paid out monthly
  • Bonus Commissions are available if you make multiple monthly sales, with the tiers and bonuses increasing
  • Commissions are triggered and registered after 45 days
  • Get paid for bringing on new affiliates. For each customer referral your affiliate referral makes, you get $50

Keep in mind that all sales have to maintain service for 45 days in order for you to get your commission.

To see more reasons why you should sign up to be a WP Engine affiliate, you can click here.

How To Sign Up as a WP Engine Affiliate

To sign-up to be an affiliate for WP Engine, all you have to do is go to their site and sign up.


Since their affiliate program is run through ShareASale, you can trust that all stats and campaign tracking are reported accordingly and that payments are always sent out on time. Once you are all setup, you can login to your Shareasale account, grab your links and start promoting WP Engine to your audience.

Tips For Success as a WP Engine Affiliate

With WP Engine already having a lot of experience and thousands of customers, it should be an easy sell for anyone with a web hosting or blogging related site — especially if you are already using WP Engine as your current web host. However, that doesn’t mean that you can bring in fat paychecks without doing any work. To be successful and make money as a WP Engine affiliate, you can follow a few easy tips.

Write an Honest Review About Your Web Host

The best way to make money with WP Engine, is to have them as your existing web host, then writing a review about why you are using them as your hosting company and giving a detailed review of why others should use them as well. The best way to convince your audience to act upon something, is to show them the value and that you are currently using that same product.

Need some advice on how to get the most out of your review articles? Read this guide on writing killer review posts.

Put Time in the Promote Your Content

Don’t just post your affiliate links all over the internet and expect users to just take your word for it (or even expect them to click it). When you’re promoting WP Engine, make sure you put in the time and effort to create engaging and quality content around your message and call to action.

In addition to building out your own content, you can also view the many different types of ad creative that WP Engine offers to their affiliates through Shareasale.


No matter how you are going to create your content or promote WP Engine, the most common and best way to do this is to talk about why you honestly believe it’s a great investment. Which brings us to the next tip…

Utilize Features and Benefits

Talking about features and benefits of a service or product is an age-old sales technique, and it’s highly efficient in both print, online, and in person. It’s not enough to tell someone you think that they should buy something; you have to tell them why.

Explain that faster support (something WP Engine is great at) means that you’ll get issues on your site fixed before you risk losing customers because of it (benefit). People start listening (and purchasing) a lot faster when they start hearing what’s in it for them.

In short, tell your audience why WP Engine is the best solution for them.

Be Patient

Spamming your affiliate links all over the internet repeatedly and aggressively isn’t going to bring you any sales. If anything, it will turn people off and drive them away. You need to be patient as an affiliate—sales will come in over time.

This doesn’t mean to sit back and not do anything (unless you’re just counting on the affiliates you got to sign up to bring in sales), but you shouldn’t be impatient to see a lot of income come quickly.

Though WP Engine brings in large amounts of commission, sales often come in slowly and overtime. It’s an investment—it may take some time, but you’ll surely reap the benefits—and profit—over time.

Stay Up To Date

In the world of web hosting and technology, everything changes very fast. What was hot last month, might not be so hot today.

WP Engine is one of the top hosting sites, largely because they constantly stay on top of their game and are offering new tools, services, and patches to their users. Just as they stay up to date, you need to stay up to date, too.

Every time they offer a big upgrade that would inspire either customers or new affiliates to sign up (like the current bonus comimssions for multiple sales), you want to be the first to know about it. It’s a new selling tool that can bring in entirely new sales, as well as push a few over the edge who were thinking about purchasing but hadn’t yet.

Changes they make also gives you an extra chance to talk about WP Engine and why it’s so amazing, which is a great opportunity to re-open the conversation to interested potential customers.

Always Have a Call to Action

Your Call to Action is important any time you’re running an ad campaign or trying to sell something. It tells users exactly what you want them to do.

When you’re promoting WP Engine, whether it’s in a blog post or your Facebook or a newsletter or an ad campaign, you need to have a clear call to action like “see more” or “sign up today,” hyperlinked with your affiliate link that sends them right to the landing page or sales page.

No matter where you’re posting your affiliate link for WP Engine, it should always be accompanied with (or hyperlinked in) a very clear and concise call to action.

Recruit New Affiliates

Unlike other web hosting affiliate programs, WP Engine also offers the benefit of not only getting paid for every customer you refer to their service, but also any active affiliates you can send their way as well. This is a great way to make some really nice income—and it’s income that will come in automatically.The more affiliates you sign up, the better off you are, and the more money in your pocket, all with little to no extra work on your part after you get those affiliates to join. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that?

Special Bonus Commissions!

For a limited time, WP Engine is offering special bonus commissions on your sales! You’ll earn a cash bonus as you reach each tier. For example if you send 10 sales, you’ll get a bonus commission of $100 (5 sale tier) + $250 (10 sale tier) in addition to your normal commissions!


Are you an affiliate for WP Engine yet? Have you thought about signing up? If you’re interested, click here to get the process started and to become an affiliate for WP Engine.

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