How to Monetize a Login Page

Yesterday I was logging into my Flickr account, which of course is owned by, so I logged into my account through their site. If you’ve ever logged into their site, you may remember it just being a simple login form like most web sites. Imagine how many people log in to Yahoo and their properties every day? It has to be mega millions!

Now even better… imagine if that login page was monetized? Well, it looks like Yahoo got the message and is finally banking off their login page. Right now it’s just a variation of advertisements for Capital One credit cards, but it’s still pretty cool, and a great way to monetize a page no one thinks about.

To experience the Yahoo login page yourself and see the variation of advertisements, you can click here.

I’d love to see the back end stats for this ad campaign! I bet the impressions are through the roof, but how about click throughs and conversions?

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  1. I think another greta way to monetize is to add a small link – next to the "forgot password" – that says "password manager" and forward to an affiliate offer. I, for one, couldn't work online without 1Password and they have an affiliate program. When better to hit them when they are likely thinking "just WHAT was my dang password again?"
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  2. I cant believe Yahoo did not do it a lot sooner. I wonder what the cost is to advertise on their login pages where millions of people are logging in everyday? It has to be very pricey but I bet it is a great return on investment if you have an offer that appeals to the masses. Auto insurance companies, credit card companies, free credit reports, etc… That is definitely a hidden goldmine!
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  3. Thanks Zac for sharing that..that's really an impressive idea to monetize Yahoo login page…
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  4. I think this is a great move my Yahoo. If they can't beat Google as a search engine, at least they can make fortune out of their login page.
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  5. AOL is making more use of its email log-in page, too, since the change in company leadership. In their case it's mostly in-house promotions, as I recall.

  6. I agree with the post a few comments up – I would've thought Yahoo would have capitalized on this a lot sooner! But it's great that they're doing it now, and I actually enjoy looking at the ads they have up there – they're usually pretty cute.


  7. Great post, zac. I remember that yahoo login pages are very simple and just a login itself. But now when you login to yahoo account, you can see a randomized ads. Truly a great way to monetize a login page. I guess later on, many of the website would follow what yahoo does.
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  8. Not a bad concept at all, imagine the millions of people that will see the ads daily but on the flip side, it is more of a mass target idea and not targeted which will be my concern if i was advertising.

  9. Thanks Zach. It really does makes sense to do this. Users will still sign in and if the offer catches their eye or is what they are looking for they will click on it.

    I may look into doing that as I create memberships for my two sites.
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