How to Profit from the $60 Billion a Year Weight Loss Niche

One reason I love reading Zac’s blog is that he always lays emphasis on looking for, and making the best of untapped niches and opportunities. He even has a whole guide dedicated to this – which I recommend you should all get by the way!

The weight loss industry is booming significantly, with a 6% annual growth in 2010 alone and there are even reports that the weight loss industry is expected to keep growing at this rate for the time being.

The cool thing about the weight loss niche is that it has to do with a very essential area of human living, health, and you can be rest assured this industry will keep on growing for years to come.

The rate of obesity keeps increasing in America every year; the question now is how do you profit from an ever growing industry? How do you implement the tips regularly shared on this blog to help you achieve success with the weight loss industry? This article will be sharing with you a few tips to help you profit from the $60 billion a year weight loss industry.

How Do You Make Money from the Weight Loss Niche?

Contrary to what most people think, you don’t need to be a health expert to be able to make money from the weight loss niche. You can easily create a simple website and update it with information from your own personal experience, or you can use the internet to research and share tips and information based on other people’s experience; if you want to take this really serious and have the money, you can even outsource important aspects of your business and wait for results to flow in.

There are several ways to make money from the weight loss niche but I’ll be sharing a very practical way below without going outside the scope of this blog.

ANSWER: Create a Weight Loss Website and Flip It

The first approach you might want to take at making money from the weight loss niche is to create a weight loss website and flip it. This particular approach can be effective if you know what you’re doing and you can expect to start seeing results in a few months depending on your experience. Again, I’m no website flipping expert, but Zac’s guide is the best I’ve read on the subject of website flipping.

To be honest with you, the weight loss niche is very competitive right now but you can easily outsmart your competitors by focusing on long tail keywords.

Let’s say you want to start from scratch right now and you want to be able to sell your website in 8 to 12 months time. Instead of creating the next website that you want to rank for the “weight loss” keyword (which will take a very long time), why not focus on some longer keywords that are less competitive.

For example, I decided to do some keyword research and just launched the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. My target keyword is “weight loss” and I’m researching this keyword so as to see other interesting long-tail keywords my weight loss site can focus on so as to get ranked quickly. Here are some interesting long-tail keywords:

  • diets for quick weight loss
  • online weight loss programs
  • weight loss programs for women

Those are 3 interesting keywords with thousands of exact search matches (of course you’d need a lot more keywords if you really want to get the best of this); I decided to do further research on the second keyword, online weight loss programs, and there are various other keywords with thousands of other searches. One interesting keyword is the keyword, best weight loss programs, something I already rank #1 for and that also gets thousands of monthly searches.

Since we’re focusing on long-tail keywords and not just general keywords you shouldn’t just go for one keyword; instead, go for 5…10 or even more. The good thing about ranking for several long-tail keywords is that it aids your rankings for general keywords; the page I linked to in the above paragraph was only optimized for one key phrase, which it already ranks #1 for, but it is also getting traffic from other related key phrases. Imagine 5 or more of these pages, each promoting valid and high converting affiliate programs and getting thousands of visits from the search engines every month? That will lead to a nice monthly income and as a result increased value should I decide to sell it.

Use Google Trends to “Predict the Future”

Once you’ve gotten a nice list of long-tail keywords you can rank your website for, don’t just update your blog and start optimizing; instead, do some research. What I do in this case is to use Google Trends to predict how viable a particular keyword is. To make this section more practical I have decided to research the trends on the three keywords I listed above and below are the Google trends graph for the 3 keywords.

Here are the Google Trends results for the 3 keywords.

diets for quick weight loss

online weight loss programs

weight loss programs for women

If you take a look at the above 3 graphs you will notice something really interesting; the trends keeps increasing for the 3 keywords. Of course, there was a huge spike in January which was mostly due to people having New Year resolutions to lose weight and become fit. Aside from the huge spike in January everything seems to be growing; this only shows that the 3 keywords are good starting points and won’t be a waste of time so they are good targets. In the case that the graph has been going down for over a year you might want to avoid the keywords. Again, the growing trend is a testament to the potential of the weight loss niche.

Build, Optimize and Market Your New Website

Once you’ve determined which set of long tail keywords you plan to target it is now left to build your weight loss site. Make sure it has as much quality information as possible, ensure it is properly optimized and get ready to market.

There are a few steps to take to make your site ready to profit from the potential in this industry:

Make sure it is as fast as possible: There is huge competition in this field and you can count on worthy competitors with huge marketing budget, your best advantage will be to have a fast loading website. Since our approach is based on getting better search engine rankings that will help you gain the trust of the search engines as well as create a better user experience.

Use Keywords Effectively, Without Coming Across as Spammy: You should also master the art of using keywords effectively in articles without coming across as spammy. Use your keywords in post titles, heading tags, bold and italics and any other section that can improve your rankings.

Build Quality Links to Grow Your Rankings: Guest post on related blogs, comment on top weight loss blogs, use article marketing, social network and any other tactic you can think of; make sure your link profile is diversified but keep building more backlinks on a regular basis.

Monetizing Your Weight Loss Site

Once your site is good to go you can then think about monetizing. This particular step is the most important step. Whenever you sell your website the total amount you will be paid will most likely be the amount your site makes monthly times 10-12. In other words, the more monthly income the more you can sell your site for so make sure you monetize smartly.

Zac’s guide covers variety of ways to monetize a website you want to flip, but for the purpose of this article I’ll be recommending affiliate marketing. Look for quality products you can trust, tactically include affiliate links to them in each page and also recommend them below each post and on your sidebar. The more quality exposure you can gain for each product the more potential it has for success.

Here’s the Potential in the Weight Loss Niche

I have practically given you tips on how to profit from the weight loss niche with no actual data on what you can benefit from doing it. To make you see the potential in this industry here are 3 recent sales of sites that are fitness/weight loss related. This is an Australian fitness and health directory, a site in which more than 90% of the content is from other users. It was recently sold on Flippa for $5,000+ dollar. I think that’s pretty impressive considering how little effort is involved from the part of the owner. A fitness shopping site that was sold for $11,000. This isn’t the top fitness shopping site online and is barely making significant income, yet it was sold for five figures! This site shows the real potential in flipping fitness sites. Though not as recent as the other two sites listed above this site was sold for $50,000 3 years ago. Considering the fact that the fitness industry has grown significantly in the past 3 years you can only imagine how much this site will be worth if it were to be sold now.

Of course, things aren’t as simple as you’re reading them but you can get significant results by putting in the effort. The weight loss industry is growing every day and with growth comes opportunities; there are various opportunities for making money in this huge weight loss niche but I think this article should help you achieve some significant success.

This guest post was written by John, who is an expert that reviews the top Bistro MD coupons

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  1. Hi John,

    I use Google trends, too. It is an informative tool which you can use to see where your market is heading to. The demand for weight loss programs and best diet plans definitely shows an upward trend, given the obesity epidemic.
    My recent post "Ready to Drink Shake" Review | by Atkins

    1. Hey Matthew,

      Thanks, I'm glad you agree!

      One major lesson I've learned from reading Zac's posts is the importance of monitoring markets and taking advantage of them as soon as possible; I'm glad I'm able to contribute this article to his blog 🙂

  2. I agree that this Niche is very competitive, but weight loss seems to be one issue that almost everyone will have to face. The key is to have a reliable and trustworthy website, so visitors will decide to put the promoted product in the cart.
    Google Adwords Keyword Tool is very useful to me. I always check the best longtail keywords before posting any article.
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  3. I have a dream to start my own weight loss business. I have been laid off by Pure weight loss and I have such a passion to help others getting the weight off!! I am tired of these weight loss companies NOT caring about the client all they want is their money and they end up closing because of bad business ethics! I need 50,000 dollars to start up my plan.

  4. I am confused, how do you use 3 keywords? do you put them in the title, description or contentt?
    Which keyword do you put first…
    I am trying to run with "weight loss methods" as my main keyword.

    Any help gladly received.

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