How to Start Your Own Affiliate Network

A decade ago it was quite a task to start your own affiliate network. First you needed a business model, probably a full staff and most importantly, your own network platform. Then DirectTrack became available, and everyone under the sun was creating their own network…. this time, all you needed was around $10,000! Now lets leap ahead to day. The latest in affiliate network platforms is now alive and well at Said to have “everything directtrack offers, and more“… and more importantly, it won’t cost you several thousands of dollars in the process.

Why you should start an affiliate network?
This post is really going to swing in importance for a lot of people… you are either looking to potentially have your own network, or not at all. A few reasons why you would want a network, is because you are currently running a few sites and offers of your own. Instead of brokering them out to affiliate networks, and having to pay a 30% increase on all leads, you could bring all of the offers in house and save money, while building up a valuable network and affiliate base. Another reason why you might want to start a network, is simply because you can do it better. It’s not just about having your own offers, but the ability to get the highest rates, treat your affiliates right and getting them to succeed. Not all networks are created equally… can you do better?

What does the HasOffers Affiliate Network Platform look like?
Honestly, the best way to see this network platform in action, is to see the major network that is using it to generate thousands of leads per month. I previously wrote up a review on Tatto Media, and how awesome everyone was at the company on getting me setup as an affiliate. This whole network is run off the HasOffers platform. Sign up as an affiliate to see full stats tracking, charts, demographics, creatives and everything else within the network. It really is a slick looking setup and the back end management options are amazing for easily running an affiliate network without having to a read through a ton of tutorials. For those interested in training and a run through on how to run the system, these options are also available.

What is going to cost to run my own network?
As mentioned earlier, with many other options, it will cost you an arm and leg to run your own network. HasOffers has an ad network platform that works for almost anyone. The most appealing version is the “Basic”, which is free… but the “Pro” version, at only $99 a month, is where you will look very professional. For anyone just starting out and thinking about starting their own network… but still hesitant, setup a free “basic” version and see how it goes. Once you are ready for the big time, move up to Pro (for your own domain name for the network, and url tracking) or Enterprise, which will cover you for some massive click volume. What’s the difference between the three options? Mainly the size of click traffic you are pushing through the network. will determine the right version and pricing for your network. A full detailed chart is shown below.

Latest Additions to HasOffers Network Platform!
In a continuing effort to make the Hasoffers platform one of the best around, just today they implemented even more improvements to the network, which include:

– New look and feel for the stat reports. Much more user friendly.
– Advertisers have the ability to manage their own offers now
– Option to allow offers to convert multiple times
– Customizable questions for affiliate sign-ups
– Lead caps can now be disabled

With the addition of these latest features, you can better manage any existing and new offers on the network. Everything about the hasoffers platform was built so it’s easily and fully customizable to your current web site and branding. You are not limited to using outside urls, or color schemes that just don’t fit. A full run down of all updates can be found on the site.

HasOffers is Your Network Solution
With internet marketing changing every day and more people are deciding to create their own offers, Hasoffers is the right solution for many people. In the time that I have worked with Hasoffers/Tatto Media, they have been nothing but helpful and always looking for feedback and ways to improve their systems.

Take the time to look over their web site, and be sure to throughly think about if starting a network is right for you. Remember, you don’t need to compete with the big players to start your own network, start out with your own inhouse offers and expand from there.

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  1. I checked out their offerings, seems pretty solid. i am however waiting to see how things pan out, so far it looks very promising but I usually try not to be an early adopter when it comes to changing over something as big and important as this.

    <abbr>Jesse’s last blog post..Busy Week, Welcome Mya And Happy 4th Of July</abbr>

  2. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-109387" rel="nofollow">@Jesse:

    As always, there will be a lot of signups in the beginning… then many will realize the complex work and struggles involved in running a network of their own. There is no doubt there will be successful and unsuccessful attempts at new networks coming up using the Hasoffers platform. As more users use the system, I imagine it will only get better as more feedback is provided.

  3. I think that I would rather stay as an affiliate then have my own affiliate program because it has much work needed.

    <abbr>Ridiculous blogger’s last blog post..A must have for new established blog</abbr>

  4. I like the idea about creating a newtwork if you have several of your own offers that you already promote. Not only do you bring in affiliates for r your products you can use that same traffic and grab profits from other peoples products in your network, Excellent.

  5. I’ve been researching affiliate networks here in South Africa, and your article has just given me a much better idea. If it doesn’t exist, then build it yourself! Hmmmm…..

  6. Maybe I am missing something, but wouldn't you need an arrangement/contract with suppliers of products/services so that you have something to offer to your affiliates? If so, I can see the value to someone wanting to enter that business but I can't see the value to someone who is just an affiliate. Am I missing something?

    <abbr>Minnesota Attorney’s last blog post..Minnesota Small Business Attorney</abbr>

  7. I think it is a good idea for experienced affiliate marketers but not for newbies like myself who are, or have, about to get involved in affiliate marketing.

    <abbr>Dean Saliba’s last blog post..How To Fix WordPress Internal Server Error</abbr>

  8. I am looking to start an affiliate network. I could pay my affiliates about $50 per sale. But I am not sure how to get started. Is there an affiliate program out there that does not cost a lot of money up front?

  9. You need to be responsible enough to manage it. And unfortunately not everyone is (I don't think I am) so this tutorial should be approached with caution.

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  10. No, thank you Zac, am content with being an affiliate for now. Thanks sincerely.

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