How to Successfully Make Money with Build a Niche Store

I get emails daily asking “How do i start making money online?” or “How do i get started in affiliate marketing?”. Unfortunately I don’t have to time to answer all of these emails in details since I get so many and only have so much time. I was looking at a somewhat new program last week called Build A Niche Store (BANS). After getting the program and fooling around with it for a bit, I thought it would make for a good intro to affiliate marketing and an easy way for people to get started. Not only can you start making money with the program, by creating your own niche sites, but you can learn about all different types of affiliate marketing as you grow your BANS site.

I’d like for this blog to not only be a resource for successful and established affiliates, but for everyone with an interest to make money online and get started in affiliate marketing. This week I will start a series of posts on how to setup a Build a Niche Store site, implementing different affiliate programs, how to target niches markets and how to successfully repeat the process over and over again to eventually provide you with a network of web sites earning you residual income month after month. The BANS software in itself focuses on how to make money off eBay and creating Auction sites. In addition to getting you setup with the eBay affiliate program, I will walk you through all of the different methods and programs you can use to monetize your new sites to the fullest. Not only will I have detailed guides for each topic, but I will also use my own BANS pages to give you examples and walk you through the process, and earnings as my BANS pages establish themselves.

If you would like to get started with creating your own Build a Niche Store, visit their web site for more information and to purchase their software. If you aren’t interesting in using the BANS program, you can still read through the future posts and use the advice and tips to monetize any existing web sites or landing pages you may have. Feel free to post any comments or questions your have that I will try to cover over the series of post due out this week.

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  1. So I take it that after "getting the program and fooling around with it for a bit" you are just making the assumption that people can "successfully make money" with it? Seems kind of odd that you'd make a claim like that without really using the program and testing it out long term.

    But then again, you'll collect those referral commissions on all your newb readers that hop on the ZJ bandwagon….

    1. As mentioned in the post David… i'm not telling you to buy the program. Before even writing the post, it was obvious there would be sceptic and critisism, but I'd rather help anyone interested, than do nothing at all.

      Take my advice and the upcoming guide and do what you want with it. If I was so hard for money and wanted to sell something, I would bundle this site up and make an easy sell, but I don't. Hundreds of people are using BANS to make money, my guide will just be another resource to them and anyone interested. With or with BANS integeration, the guide and posts will be helpful on many levels.

    2. There's a pretty good record with this software Davis. I for one make about $500 – $700 a month with it and I'm just getting started. Hang in there, you might just learn something.

      1. I don't doubt that its good software. You can make money with pretty much anything out there so I'm sure people have made good money with this software. My point is that before you go out and recommend (yes, zac, an affiliate link to a product on your site is a recommendation) that you should at least try it yourself before you blindly post that your going to show people how to successfully make money with it.

  2. I really want to start BAN sites, but I just don't have the money to buy the script 🙁 Neither do I know how to create the script myself…


  3. Looking forward to this. I've recently gotten into BANS. My only issue is the EPN vs. ebay when they were on CJ. It seems like a lot of people, myself included, are generating way less conversions overnight after switching links over. I guess we'll see how it works out for you 🙂

    The script itself, for what it is supposed to do, is very good. I was highly impressed, especially after coming from phpBayPro.

  4. Bans is actually a good tool to use if you're a complete newb to internet marketing as it lets you set up a monetized site which is ready for you to start building inbound links, etc. An alternative is PHPbay which does the same thing pretty much.

    If you know some PHP, though, you should take a look at ebay's developer website as they have all the code examples and docs you need to make your own BANS type software yourself pretty darn easily.

  5. Yeah, but sounds to me like you don't really use it so how are you going to teach it to somebody. I'd rather learn from someone that actually uses it and is all about teaching people how to use it freely and the correct way without "monetizing it to it's fullest" and taking away from the power of the tool itself, someone like Vic who uses it daily and practically, no really gives away that information freely. Sorry mr. affiliate, just lost a subscriber as you don't really sound like you know what you are talking about other than attempting to get people to click your affiliate links.

  6. I agree with davis. Come on Zac, we all know the pos that bans is. Other than n00bs who are you trying to pull one over. You want to impress me. Why don't you do a test. Actually send your $97 and buy that pos. Then get it up and running. Then after 3 or 6 months post your results. I doubt you'll pull in more than $100 for the 3 to 6 months combined. Which we both know isn't even worth our time. So good luck on your aff sales pushing this to the n00bs.

    1. Again, this is for anyone currently using BANS or looking to get into it. Whether anyone new buys the program, it's still a resource. Also, I'm sure the sites I setup will earn plenty.

  7. I've never used BANS but I know that PHPbay Pro is a pretty sweet setup and does 'basically' the same thing… and it's $47 rather then $97. It's simply a plugin for wordpress so you just make a blog using wordpress and use the plugin. It's pretty slick.

  8. Zac, I used to be a huge fan of yours. But this is stretching it… What's the value of this post?

    You provide no information except for that the product exists. The slog your aff link. At least give some tips for the software…


    1. I think everyone is getting the wrong idea here. The point of this main post was to get any feedback on the program and if anyone had questions that I could cover over the course of the 3-4 posts on how to setup and monetize a BANS site. Unfortunately some are taking it the wrong way. As for the doubters, just wait and see if the posts are not full in quality… then get on my case.

  9. I love Build A Niche Store – BANS. I have wanted to sell stuff on eBay but couldn't really find what I wanted to sell so I pretty much just stopped using eBay until I heard about BANS from one of my webdesign clients.

    Now I sell other people's stuff which makes it so much easier.

    People always take a second look when I tell them I make money online without selling anything, of my own that is.

  10. Hi Zac,
    There is actually a really good thread going on right now at ABW regarding companies like this. I have an affiliate who used a service like this. However, despite paying exorbitant monthly fees, as well as an initial “investment” fee, she doesn’t get the commissions directly, rather is sent a check every “couple of months”. The question posed is, If you hire someone to set you up in affiliate marketing, who owns the site?

    1. I saw that post. With Build A Niche Store, you run the site yourself and the affiliate programs/revenue sources are linked to your info, so I don’t think there would be any issues like that with this.

  11. I’ve been reading a lot about these BANS stores. I’m focusing on some other projects at the moment, but they definitely look interesting. I’m looking forward to following your experience with them.

    – Dave

    1. It’s amazing how you can easily create a BANS niche site to blend in with other content/high traffic sites. With ebay commissions of 50-75%, earnings can build up.

  12. Guys, this is Zac’s blog and he can post whatever he wants to on it. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it, instead of whining about his posts.

    Now. I’ve never used BANS, but I have used phpbay for some time and it has made its money back several times over and I didn’t do hardly anything to promote the couple sites that are using it. The only complaint I have is the new EPN SUCKS so far.

  13. I’ve been meaning to grab BANS and try it out myself but didn’t feel like paying the $100 lol. Zac, any chance if I buy it through your link you would split the commission making it cheaper for me (us) lol?

    I have been using bayrss which is the same concept as phpbay and I do like the ease of it being a wordpress mod. Makes it super easy to set up a wp site, with tons of free templates and mods and then add in the bayrss mod to add in your ebay “store”. bayrss also adds amazon integration as well.

    I set up a quicky site a while back to test it out:

    If you already have a ton of great free wp themes you could easily set up a bunch of various targeted “store” sites. Maybe not as powerful as bans but super easy and fast.

  14. If you can’t afford it or want commission just buy it from your own affiliate link. Hell, $97 is nothing. I certainly don’t like when it looks like “make money bloggers” are selling noobs tools they don’t actually use or don’t work, but what the hell. Buy it or don’t.

    I’m setting up some myself and honestly I don’t know how well it will do, but the price and opportunity cost is pretty cheap IMHO. As long as the sites pay their (very cheap) rent I will keep them. If they make money great. If you cant afford anything, then I guess work at mcDonalds or something and save your money. People who do serious business can find the money IF it’s worthwhile. Or use free alternatives- the point is to do something and get Paid$$$. There are so many niches out there that are WIDE OPEN and not just for eBay.

    1. It really is easy to make back the investment on the opportunity… the hard part if for people to put the effort forth.

      Build a Niche Store Costs $97, my year of hosting at HostGator costs $95.52 and a domain from GoDaddy is $6.95. That’s only a $199.47 investment.

      For anyone willing to take the time to correctly setup a BANS site and monetize it, one store would only need to make $16.62 a month to pay off the investment… which comes out to around .55 a day.

      Keep testing, make a few stores and find what works and you can easily start making money with a few BANS sites running on auto pilot. Like everything else, it all comes down to the effort put forth.

  15. Greg, I didn’t say I couldn’t afford it. Just I didn’t feel like paying $100 buck for it. The commission is pretty decent so why not look for a deal ;).

    We all know Zac mostly posted it to grab some great leads, while trying to give some tips. But I’m always looking for the best deal regardless where I hear about it ;).

  16. You gotta work and also make your site full of content otherwise Google will not find it much different then EBAY…for obvious reasons.

  17. I don’t think Zac was intentionally trying to mislead us, he probably just got a little lazy and forgot that his major goal should be on focusing on the visitors. Providing valuable content should always be the main goal. Personally I have yet to make my own cash online through my own properties, and I was hoping for a little more in depth knowledge on the product, as opposed to someone trying to ride the wave of “BANS” or whatever hot topic is out.

  18. Cars Blog, There are at least two that are pretty popular: phpbay and bayrss. I think they are both pretty similar but from what I have read it sounds like phpbay has better link cloaking.

  19. thanks for all that you do. for those who whine and cry and are just here to rain on our parade keep it moving partner. Move on to another site to build your backlinks. thanks Zac. I really like bans and have adapted it to the wordpress theme. cutline 3 column to be exact. I have had 15 articles written and blended it with affiliate offers as well as bans. I appreciate your tutorial. Bans is just a tool that will enhance whatever your creativity will allow….

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