5 Quick Tips on How to Work More Efficiently as a Small Entrepreneur

Written by Zac Johnson
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Small business owners and entrepreneurs are all over the place thanks to the power of the internet. There are now no limitations on age, knowledge and school education when it comes to pursuing one’s dream of having their own business, being an entrepreneur or even launching a startup of their own.

The main reason for this, is that the internet not only makes everything easier and more cost effective, it also provides entrepreneurs with an amazing selection of tools and resources to help them launch and hit their goals.

However, not all entrepreneurs and small business owners have the same mindset, work ethics, and goal setting practices. The ones who do have a deep passion, drive, and dedication to success, are likely the ones who see much bigger results. At the same time, they also have some of the best tools and scheduling for their day to day operations and ROI on their time as well.

To help with this process, today we are going to highlight some quick tips on how small business owners and entrepreneurs can start working smarter and more  efficiently to get more done.

1 – Focus on What You Do Best and Outsource the Rest

One of the biggest problems from entrepreneurs, is knowing where and how to spend their time. As the owner of a business, you may often think it’s best to be the jack of all trades, but soon enough you will find your time is better spent in different areas and not on all tasks.

For example, if you have a website or blog that is already making money, it’s likely a much better idea for you to outsource your content creation and marketing efforts, while you focus on scaling and growing out your time.

No matter what your expertise and focus is, at some point you will realize the power of outsourcing and earning a premium on what you do best.

2 – Know How to Best Manage Your Time

Just as important as knowing where to focus your time and expertise, is knowing how to manage it as well. This is also one of the most overlooked components to finding success when one is trying to start a business or scale it to it’s full potential.

Better time management comes in many different shapes and forms. From the most simple methods to practicing better time management on your own, to using applications or even writing down your tasks on a sheet of paper — they all help further improve your allotted time ROI throughout the day.

If you prefer managing your time on the computer, this can be as simple as downloading a weekly schedule template excel sheet where you can get an overview of your work week, easily update your calendar and also better manage the time of your employees and team members around you as well.

3 – Search for Video Tutorials from Experts on YouTube

Small business owners are working on new tasks all the time. This can be anything from starting a new website and trying to learn how to use WordPress, or implementing a new CMS or software solutions into their business.

No matter what it is, trying to figure out how to do something from scratch can suck up a lot of your time.

A better solution is to look for quality reference guides and tutorials. In most cases, you should be able to find some reliable content on YouTube for free, or investing in a professional video course through a platform like Udemy.

Whenever you look for a course of video tutorial online, be sure to skim through the comments and ratings, and this will let you know if it’s worth your time and money.

4 – Take Advantage of Gmail Canned Responses

How many emails do you receive and send daily? If you are like most entrepreneurs and small business owners, it’s probably in the 100+ range.

At the same time, how many of these emails are very similar and often ask the same question or are looking for support?

If this is the case, Google Canned Responses is a quick and easy solution for saving time and speeding through all of these incoming and outgoing emails you have to deal with on a daily basis.

Best of all, this simple solution takes less than 60 seconds to setup, but can easily save you a handful of hours every week.

5 – Use Automation and Scheduling Where Possible

A great way to save time, increase productivity, and also scale your business at the same time, is to take advantage of automation and scheduling wherever possible.

A quick and simple example of this would be to schedule out content to go live on the most popular social media platforms. By having an automated schedule in place, this could result in hundreds of hours being saved every month.

Another perfect example is to set up an autoresponder to work with your lead generation and email marketing efforts. Instead of messaging each new lead individuals, more time and effort can be spent on growing your reach and acquiring new traffic sources.

How to Grow Your Business and Expertise 

As business owners, we know what it takes to create something from scratch, while also having to compete with others in our space.

We all have a specific set of skills and levels of expertise that can give us the upper hand, however, when you start to add better time management and smarter work ethics in your day to day operations, we can all do even better.

Be sure to run through the list of recommended tips and solutions above to improve your incoming success as a small business owners and entrepreneur.

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