How You Can Bank on the Rocketing Gold and Silver Prices!

Since first purchasing some gold and silver in the early 2000s, I’ve sat in awe and watched as the prices have just skyrocketed over the past decade. From Gold at $400 an ounce, to now over $1500 an once… and Silver from a measly $7 to over $40 an ounce now. No matter what type of investments you are involved with, these are some amazing numbers… and they aren’t slowing down!

A one year chart of Silver vs. Gold is shown below. (provided by

So what… you missed getting gold when it was under $1000 an ounce, and probably won’t see silver in single digits any time soon either, but there is still a ton of money to be made… and you don’t even need to buy and sell precious metals to make it. Instead, you can partner with APMEX, the world’s largest precious metals affiliate program. The buying and selling of precious metals is going no where, and with the numbers continually skyrocketing, it means there is more money to be made now than ever before.

Precious Metals Affiliate Payouts… the Real Gold

With over 3500+ unique precious metals products, APMEX makes converting your traffic and earning commissions easy. APMEX offers a lucrative CPA commission structure.

  • Affiliates earn *$20* for every new customer sale up to 25 per month.
  • Affiliates will be upgraded to a *$30* commission level for 26-50 new customer sales per month.
  • Affiliates who send 51+ new customer sales per month will receive $40*per customer.

APMEX Affiliates take advantage of an industry leading 90 Day Cookie Duration.

Earn Residual Income on Sales for 6 months!

For six months after your new customers first purchase, you will earn an additional $10 commission for each repeat sale the customer makes at APMEX.

The APMEX affiliate program is really easy to join, and they are currently setup with both Shareasale and Commission Junction.

How to Promote and Make Money with APMEX

As mentioned, precious metals are an extremely hot topic right now. With the US dollar tanking, gas prices going through the roof and everyone looking for some stability… gold and silver keep testing and pushing past new highs every day. This means people are searching the internet every day for more information on precious metals and looking to buy.

Some potential methods to start generating affiliate revenue with APMEX are:

  • To create affiliate content sites which focus on different precious metals and bullion.
  • Create Facebook ad campaigns targeting to “gold and silver” interests.
  • Advertise through CPC/PPC on precious metals web sites.

No matter how you plan on promoting APMEX, they have a full affiliate team which is dedicated to providing you with custom ad copy and tools for making your ad campaigns succeed.

Visit the official APMEX affiliate program web site, or join directly through Shareasale and Commission Junction.

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  1. APMEX seems like a pretty legit program. I've been buying silver for a while now man and I always wondered why there were no affiliate programs for it. I'm sure I'll send some crazy million dollar order through and collect my CPA; but hell, the competition level is so low for this it should be good money. Nice post Zac, seems like these prices are shooting up while the dollar crashes even lower.

    1. There is a lack of affiliate programs in the gold/silver and precious metals space. APMEX can really corner this market and help a lot of informational web sites make a lot of money in the process.

  2. Nice, I started buying silver around $20 an ounce and thought I missed the boat. Needless to say I am pretty happy now. I also started promoting APMEX last year after ASE and have been very happy with the results in this niche. Thanks for letting the cat out of the bag Zac….not.

  3. My dad is disabled and he makes some decent money buying gold from friends and family and then sending it on to those companies that advertise on TV. We all call him 'Don Larry' because he sits in a chair all day smoking cigars and buying gold. 😛
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  4. Precious metals are always a safe bet when major currencies are failing. With the US about to reach it's debt ceiling, no one wants to hold onto USD (once considered a "safe" currency). The next best option is to hold gold!

    Congrats on getting in so low!
    My recent post Day 27

  5. My only issue with the APMEX affiliate policy is that my first sales came on April 5th (today is just April 30th) and I won't see any real money enter my account until JULY!!!

    (I say real money because I might receive about $70 at the end of June from sale between April 5th and 11th)

    This is due to their "custom locking period", which states that your new sales take 60 days to lock in for payment. Apparently it is one of the longest custom locking periods out of all the Commission Junction advertisers.

    The reason, I assume, is so that if there are any returns of precious metals to APMEX within 60 days, we do not get paid on those "non-sales".

    I kind of find it hard to believe many people would return precious metals once they've decided to buy it. I could be wrong here.

    I would love to hear other peoples opinions about APMEX's incredibly long custom locking period…

    Thanks for reading 🙂

    1. You know, your exactly right. We do have an EXTREMELY long locking period. And the APMEX Affiliate team doesn't like it one bit! It really would be in our best interest to pay you as quickly as possible. Happy affiliate equals more sales for us and more money for you! But here's the deal with all of that. We have a corporate policy that states our customers have 30 days from the date of the shipment to return their order for any reason. So, as you know, sometimes we may not have the product in until a week after the initial order, then with processing, waiting for payment (which may get tossed around for a few weeks, then finally shipping that could be 30 days right there, then we have to cover our behinds for the other 30 day policy.

      That is where the 60 day locking period comes from. We don't like, but it just has to be that way.

      Thank you for putting up with it and being an active affiliate. We truly appreciate your dedication and hard work for our program.

  6. The People's Bank of China (PBOC), the central bank, announced today that it will issue more gold and silver commemorative coins featuring the giant pandas to meet soaring demands for precious metals!

  7. Thanks! I have been looking for an affiliate program where I can direct site visitors that are based in the US, for purchasing precious metals. APMEX is one of the most reputable metals dealers out there, so this is a good bet.

  8. Ugh, looks like the affiliate site just points to now. Is this program still in existence?

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