Hulk Hogan Knows Affiliate Marketing

I knew a decent amount of people read this blog, but I never really knew who or how many until I got this video in my email this morning. Yes, it actually is a real video from the one and only Hulk Hogan!

In all seriousness… thanks to everyone for reading the blog. Hope you enjoyed the video. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I'm not gonna lie – thats awesome!!! What's this liveautographs business – I'll have to check this out – SWEEEEEEEEET!!!

  2. I am with you Zac,

    I was shocked too when Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was reading my site. He contacted me.

    You never know who reads your stuff, so always give it 110%

  3. @Nicholas Chase:

    Glad you’ll be at Affiliate Summit- we’ll be there too! Hope to see you at dinner, and of course at the Cashinator.

    Zac- maybe you can do a little wrestling match w. Hulk, I’d love to see that on your blog! LOL

  4. He mentioned you Zac Johnson.. Is he your friend? uncle? Grandfather? or what?

  5. ANyone notice that Zac's "Top Commentators" Isn't really a top commentators, but just links within his blog??? I think he should fix that up!!

  6. That commentator / category toggle is pretty slick.

    Definately a fan of the Hulkster from way back – cried when he almost got chocked to death from Andre the Giant. Even Hacksaw Jim Duggan's 2×4 over Andre's back couldn't break that death grip.

  7. Cool site, but it makes me wonder why these celebrities are doing this. I can see C-list celebrities doing this for some quick extra cash, but there are some pretty big celebrities there doing it as well, and they must not want to waste their time making $1-2K right? I mean, most of the merchandise is around $130ish, and lets say that each celebrity gets half of that as profit. It takes them probably only literally 1-2 minutes to do each video so they could do a lot in an hour, but even if they did videos and signing for an hour (which is a long time for a celebrity I'm assuming) that would only be around $3,000 an hour assuming they keep them going right after each other at a very quick pace. $3,000/hour is a lot to us, but is it really for celebrities?

  8. Your famous….cause the Hulk knows you! You now can officially retire and be content with your life. Congratulations.

  9. that is awesome! i remember hulk from the 80’s or so, with the ultimate warrior, great memories

  10. Dude I know you're trying to hold on to your excitement. That's Hulk Hogan man. Now that's tight.

  11. Wow! That is really cool! I regularly watch Hogan knows best so seeing this made me a bit jealous…a personalized video and an autograph!


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