Hurricane Dean

I should be writing to you LIVE from CANCUN, MEXICO right now, but a little storm named Hurricane Dean got in the way. My girlfriend Reena graduated from Rutgers and one of her presents was a trip to Cancun for a week. We’ve been anxiously awaiting the trip and decided not to go because of the massive storm. At first we made the decision, but now it’s clear that most airlines aren’t even flying there now over the next few days and hotels are trying to push visitors away and close down. Right now the hell storm is seeing maximum winds of up to 145 mph, and will hit Cancun by early Tuesday.

US Airways pretty much canceled all flights around the Caribbean, so We were fortunate to get a full refund on the vacation. Any recommendations on where we should go on the next trip that we will schedule?

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  1. Zac, I recommend Vegas! Hopefully, you'll catch better weather than what's hitting Cancun. Go see the Beatles show "Love" at The Mirage. Your girlfriend will love it!

  2. You want to stick to your south america trip or you can have the option of travelling to Europe?

  3. Zac, if you are looking, sand, beach, cocktails, sun, music and friendly people. The place to go is a place in Dominican Republic called "Punta Cana". Trust me your gonna thank me later if you go there/

  4. oops, i got it all wrong,thanks oliver for clarifying that…i guess that was not a good suggestion, got to get my world map out to have a look~godz..

  5. I have a friend who just took a holiday to Cancun with his family… we haven't heard from him yet!

  6. I got activated for it but Im glad it hit mexico(I know thats bad) because otherwise Id be stuck in Alice, TX handing out water and blankets.

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