I Want to be the #1 “Zac” on the Web!

Branding is everything, especially if you are focusing on the brand name of your business, blog or web site. Through ZacJohnson.com I’ve been able to generate a ton of new business, help people make money online and meet people from all over the world… but that’s not enough. I want to be the #1 search ranking for the keyword “zac” as well!

Unfortunately with the world wide success of “Zac Efron”, he pretty much dominates the search results for that term. I have never done any seo or monetization to try and rank for the term “zac”, but after talking with SeoLinkWheelers, we thought it would be a great case study to see how close and fast we can run the blog up to #1 on Google for the term.

Before coming up with the seo case study idea, this blog ranked #34 for the term “zac”. After just a couple weeks, the blog is now ranking between 9-14 when I search for the term. Not too shabby at all!

How to Improve Your Search Rankings.

When using SEOLinkWheelers, I went with their Platinum packages, which covers all areas of content creation and link building. A mixture of over 84 different methods for building back links, SEOLinkWheelers created video, blog posts, web 2.0 articles and various other links and contents among their own sites and top social networking and article sites. Once all of this content is created, they interlink all of the content and build a big link wheel. To continually keep seeing better results, new content is created and built into the link wheels.

You’re Going Down Zac Efron!

As mentioned, Zac Efron dominates the first page of Google results for the term “zac”, though he does not hold the #1 spot… which is for “Zac Browser”, a web browser built for autistic children. As for the term “Zac Johnson”, I’ve been at #1 on that position for quite a long time now.

The higher your page rank, quality of content, age of domain, back links and back linking terms all effect your seo marketing and where you rank in the search engines. I will keep you updated as the SEO Link Wheelers team continues their amazing efforts and progress!

– Improve Your Rankings with SEO Link Wheelers

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  1. SO excited the watch this happen! It probably won't be quite so hard to rank for "graham" – maybe I'll do it one of these days.
    My recent post To College or Not To College

    1. The links are all original content and on social networks. It's not like they are spamming forums or blog comments. The original content takes time to create, so the links are spread out over time.

      1. AND your domain has ALOT of AGE and AUTHORITY, so it can take a large link building campaign. I think a campaign of platinum size on a brand new domain would yield different results (sandboxing, less effective, etc.)

  2. I'm already the number one Kevin Kimes SERP, but I doubt I'll ever become the number one "Kevin" on Google. Far, far too many famous actors, athletes, authors, etc, etc, etc. That's what I get for having a semi-common name.

    The only reason I built on my name was that I already had the domain, and "everybody else is doing it", like Zac, JohnChow, etc, etc. Though, after I'd already made headway, I saw advice that I should have chosen a brand name. Ah well, it's mostly our content and hard work that count!
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  3. Lady Gaga is not her real name, hopefully everyone gets that. She chose that as a stage name as part of her "branding" process when she invented the persona. It worked. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is a brilliant marketer of her above-average musical abilities.

    Michael Jordan's name would have been ridiculously successful no matter what his name was. He could have been Francios Zytkowski, and every kid would have been begging their parents for Nike Air Zytkowski's, and those famous initials would have been FZ, instead. 🙂
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  4. Hi zac, great post. When I first saw this post, I googled "zac" and there is only one zac turned out on the 1st page of my query, that is zac efron. That search was done with google.com.sg, which I am based. So I tried searching on google.com, I was surprised that you were ranking for the first page. With using seolinkwheelers, you'll be able to ranked your keyword. Definitely, zac efron is going down. 🙂

  5. Please give me tips. My boyfriend said he always wanted to pretend he was with Zac Efron. I want to make this dream come true for a few days. It would sound a lot of fun both for him and me.

  6. Daym Zac Efron. lol I also wanted to be on top of Marco Lee… not the cirminal. lol
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  7. I think Zac Browser does indeed deserve a higher spot than your blog though, it does so much more for kids with autism, ur blog, not so much good for the world.

  8. One of my old sites used to rank #1 for the name Jen. I don't know how I did it because at the time I didn't know anything about SEO. I guess there aren't any celebs that go by Jen (just tons of Jennifers) so I got lucky. The last time I checked a girl I know ranked #1 for Jen – what are the odds?
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  9. I chose the domain name White Hat Writing because I had this picture I wanted to use for a logo and the woman is wearing a white hat. After I bought the domain it occurred to me that it was a pretty good name for someone who writes online content. But I never thought of actually trying to rank for the term 'white hat'. Only 29,600,000 competition. Piece of cake! 😀 Thanks for the great article. I'm gonna see if I can make it to page 1.
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  10. This looks like a really great idea to do. With me being my name Justice I would love to do a test study like that it would be amazing would be amazing.
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  11. Zac, I know how to change Google Suggest and have done it for a number of clients via my brand ReputationChanger.com. Hit me and I'll show you – it's a white hat / black hat method and it works every time.

  12. rightly mentioned about video and social media sites because now days i alot of websites are going down i am personally seen lot of sites going down and have to back up plan

  13. I am based. So I tried searching on google.com, I was surprised that you were ranking for the first page.

  14. Nice initiative, hope you will beat Zac Efron
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  15. pfff, i really hate Zac Efron, he is just a looser, beat him. Please be 1 for Zac haha

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