I Want To Draw A Cat For You!

Written by Zac Johnson
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Something I always try to stress on this blog, is that you can truly make a ton of money, or become famous through the power of the internet. It doesn’t matter how awesome, stupid, silly or crazy your idea is… it might just catch on.

The other night I was watching Shark Tank, and some funny guy named Steve Gadlin, came out to the stage with his idea that he would “Draw a Cat for You“. The idea sounds simple enough and maybe even ridiculous, but the delivery and enthusiasm behind his product is what he also sold to the Shark Tank investors.

The concept behind the web site and business is simple… you tell Steve what type of cat you want him to draw, then he throws a sketch together and posts it to his blog, along with mailing you the original.

The cost to Steve, around the price of a piece of paper, envelope and a stamp. The cost to the customer, $9.95 and an extra $5 if you want it in color, throw in an extra $20 more if you want it framed! Here’s the kicker… Steve has already done nearly 1,500 orders since going live with the site! He’s even been featured as a daily deal on Groupon!

So what happened on Shark Tank?

Steve originally came to the investors seeking $10,000 and in exchange a 25% stake in the business. By the end of his presentation, song and dance that had everything laughing and enjoying the show, Mark Cuban saw the potential behind the silliness. Cuban jumps to make a offer, which was a 33% stake for $25,000 capital.

Let’s just say Steve and Mark are now partners! How amazing is that… a guy out of no where who draws pictures of cats, is now partnered up with one of the world’s most famous billionaires! You can click here to watch the full episode of Shark Tank.

No matter what your idea, how brilliant or stupid, always look to Steve and Cuban for what’s possible. The internet is like nothing we’ve ever seen for how easy it is to start a real business for just a few dollars, especially when you consider the power of viral marketing and the effect it can have on your business.

Build something people want, have never seen before… and find success!

Oh, by the way… Steve sold me too!

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  1. "Draw A Cat " Very exciting. Maybe i should buy one, it's just about 10$. Thanks for your useful post!
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  2. This is a great post – Thanks for the discovery! I like your cat drawing – anything is possible!
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  3. Yeah, I saw the episode last week, that was pretty awesome! Now you've got me considering getting one myself. 🙂

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