iDevAffiliate, My Affiliate Tracking Solution

With the launch of Six Figure Affiliate Blogging, I wanted to create a JV / affiliate program that would reward other sites and blogs for reviewing and sending traffic to my site. My first idea was to run tracking through Aweber, but this ended up not working. Next I went for Google Analytic tracking, which worked fine but I was limited in the ability to send my affiliates their stats and I would have also have to create their own tracking urls. After not being satisfied with my first two attempts, I came across iDevAffiliate, which so far has been awesome.

If you’re an active affiliate, then you’ve probably seen iDevAffiliate and might already be an affiliate of someone using their platform. At first I was skeptical about buying iDevAffiliate simply because I suck at programming and hate messing with servers. I almost went for the $45 install option just to be safe, but figured I might as well take a shot at it myself. Amazingly enough, it was quite easy to setup and I was running within 10-15 minutes.

It’s been a week now since I first installed iDevAffiliate, and so far it’s working great. You can see it in action by joining the Six Figure Affiliate Blogging program. As an affiliate, you are instantly approved and have full access to linking urls and banner creatives.

When you first install the software, it walks you through the process of setting up your affiliate program and how you would like to arrange payouts. Below is a quick look at the admin area where the owner has full customization of everything from affiliate setup, payments, settings and stats. It’s also very easy to upload multiple ad creatives, emails and text.

There are three versions available for iDevAffiliate; Standard $99, Gold $199 and Platinum $299. I went with the Platinum package as I really wanted to have the SEO Links instead of long affiliate urls. The standard $99 version will get the job done, but if you are looking to get serious I would go for the higher end package. Depending on the size of your site of affiliate program expectations, spending $299 isn’t much of an up front cost considering you will be paying 30% on every lead if you are running through an ad network.

If you are looking to setup your own affiliate program or need a decent tracking solution, I’ve been quite happy with iDevAffiliate.

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  1. That's fantastic, I'd love to see how well it works on ecommerce end.

    The company I work for may be rolling out a program soon, good to know this now before we jump into it. Keeping it in mind.

  2. Yeah it's a great tool. They only suck because they don't have the option to hook it with Moneybookers payment processor which is bigger and bigger every day.

    I've even sent the email to them and they said they are considering that option.

    other than that It's a great tool.

  3. Nice review and good advice as well. 30% off the top for each network enabled sale will add up very quickly. Why be subject to the whims of a network when you can be your own.

  4. Good write up Zac. I have been looking at iDev for both myself and some of my clients and it seems from what you say a real simple tool to get installed and up and running. Based on this review I will take the plunge and give it a go!!

    Thanks for sharing your experience of iDev

  5. This looks pretty cool.

    We have a website that drives traffic to a number of merchants who are currently with networks. We are looking to bring these merchants in house so we have better control.

    Does this software do this?

    Could we add tracking and then track any sales made on the merchants site (providing they put the code on their receipt page) after they've visited our site? We'd need to run multiple merchants as well.



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