IM Creator Review: Build a Great Website Fast

Creating a website is often a time consuming, expensive, and sometimes frustrating process, even if you’ve made one before. Especially if you’re unfamiliar with coding, it can quickly become a nightmare.

IM Creator was created to be the solution to this problem; its creators designed the site and its services to be so easy to use that anyone could easily build a website fast, regardless of whether or not they had any experience doing so. Unlike competitors, their site truly is exceptionally easy to use, offering customizable templates or the ability to create a website from scratch, giving you the ability to create exactly the website you want however you choose to build it.

What Makes IM Creator Different

IM Creator is, at it’s core, a website building tool, featuring easy to use a drag-and-drop style editor that website novices and experts alike can utilize. There is no coding needed, so even those without any website building experience can create a beautiful, free, functional website that can even support an ecommerce business if you choose.

IM Creator’s website builder allows for complete customization, whether you use one of their templates or start completely from scratch on a blank page. Regardless of how you choose to make your website, choosing IM Creator can lead to some stunning results, as proven by their long list of featured sites that serve as examples and inspiration for new users.

You can take a look at some of the stunning sites other users have created with IM Creator here.

Features & Services Offered within IM Creator

IM Creator offers a lot of value to users looking to create website, and they do this by offering different features and services—including different options for how you want to build your website.

You can use their basic, traditional drag-and-drop creator, or use their new XPRS builder, which uses polydom blocks and allows you to build your site like you’re using legos.

IMCreator Screenshot 1


IM’s easy to use Creator is their traditional website builder and editor, and is designed around a simple to use drag-and-drop interface.

You start by choosing whether you want to use a pre-made, customizable template, or if you want to start building your site from scratch or off one of your other sites.

IMCreator Screenshot 3

Pre-made templates are ideal for beginners and for experts in a hurry, and for experts with more experience and time, starting from scratch can allow you to build the site of your dreams from the ground up.

No matter what you choose, the drag and drop feature is incredible, and everything is fully customizable.


XPRS Builder

The XPRS website building tools —described as “A Better WordPress”— were designed and created to help users with less stringent website needs to build a website fast. It’s all about making website creation easy and accessible for everyone—even if you need it to be capable of handling an ecommerce business while being mobile responsive.

XPRS is the latest product that allows you to build websites from flexible polydom blocks, which is essentially like building something with lego blocks—it’s easy and effective. It’s also free.

Powered by Amazon and Google, IM XPRES creates a strong, reliable foundation for any site you build.


For commercial and business usage (not including nonprofits), there are paid plans that offer additional features. Ideal users for the pro packages include:

  • Affiliates
  • Hosting companies
  • Resellers
  • Businesses that need white label solutions & html

Choosing to go Pro on IM Creator offers several highly valuable features that businesses could use to do everything from build your brand to create new revenue streams.

With their White Label, you can provide a one-stop-shop website for your clients that includes hosting, e-mails, and domains located in one place. These sites are fully customizable and allow for branding, covering everything from letting you alter color schemes and upload your logos.

Especially if you’re creating multiple sites and selling them to clients, this is the package you want to go for.

Features Offered within All Plans

No matter what plan you choose, IM Creator offers several valuable features for all users, which include:

  • Unlimited hosting & bandwidth
  • Free, easy to use, drag-and-drop editor and website builders
  • Connecting to your own domain
  • Access to all themes
  • Ecommerce supported
  • Ad free
  • Scalable & expansion possibilities
  • Set up to perform well with SEO

How to Create a Site in a Few Simple Steps

First and foremost, IM Creator has a free online website editor. You get to try out their editor before you commit to purchase, which is a great way to get a better idea if
When you’re ready to start creating your site, and after you’ve chosen whether you want an XPRS package or a Pro package, you have to decide how you want to get started. You can choose to:

  • Use templates: You can choose from a ton of different ready-made but customizable templates to get your site running fast
    IMCreator Screenshot 4
  • Start from scratch: If you don’t want to use a template, you can start on a completely blank slate, using the drag and drop tool to easily build your website exactly how you want it.
    IMCreator Screenshot 2
  • Build off a previous site: Do you have a previous website that you’d want to replicate or use as a base for your new site? IM Creator allows you to do so, preventing you from having to start all over if you’ve already got something you want to work with.

IM Creator Pricing

While a lot of their features are free, IM Creator offers plans for more advanced users.

Students, artists, nonprofits, and casual users are able to use the site’s services for free.

Commercial usage plans are only $7.95 per month of usage.

Resellers, white-label, and pros using the service will only have to pay $250 annually with the pro package, which you can purchase here. This pro package includes unlimited licenses for clients, the white-label feature, and a reseller control panel. You can purchase the pro package here.

IM Creator Summary

IM Creator can easily be the solution for businesses looking to create reliable, beautiful, high-quality websites quickly. Whether you have a ton of experience building websites or absolutely none, their XPRS builder simplifies and expedites the process. Their features and their low pricing makes IM Creator a valuable tool all future and current website owners should know about.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use IM Creator in the future for my own sites; will you? Get started with your site today.

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