Increase Conversions with Color Split Testing on Landing Pages

When you look at a landing page, what do you see? As an online marketer, you probably look at a few different things like the registration path, how clearly the call to action is and what the main conversion payout is. This is the thought process through the mind of an online marketer, but to the average person, they will see landing pages in a whole different way.

Landing pages are created to inspire, motivate and bring a sense of urgency to the person viewing the page. If it’s a dating landing page then it will likely make you want to feel like you can find someone that’s perfect for you. If you are looking for a sales page or service, the feeling of the page is probably giving you an urgency that you need to sign up for this product to make your life and business that much better.

It doesn’t matter what landing pages or industry you are looking in, one of the major factors on all of them is the use of colors. Colors play with our emotions and call out different feelings.

Let’s get started with a simple “BUY” button. Just a simple color change can drastically change the way you feel and this also reflects in conversion numbers as well!

How Different Colors Make You Feel

With so many different color choices how are you supposed to know which is going to lead way for the best conversions? Split testing obviously!

Everyone loves a good case study and ContentVerve has a bunch of awesome ones for you to look over. I’ve listed one of their mentioned color split testing case studies below.

35.81% increase in conversion by changing button color on product landing pages I’ve anonymized the client here, but we’re talking about a major European e-commerce site that sells hand-painted porcelain. In this case, we were able to increase sales via product pages (not just CTR) by 35.81% by changing the color of the call-to-action button.

Split Testing with Color Buttons

Here’s another case study for you, this time from HubSpot. Both landing pages are nearly identical, except for the simple change of a RED vs. GREEN button change.

Red vs Green Buttons

Button Test Results: We ran the test over a few days of traffic. In total, we had over 2,000 visits to the page, and for each visit, Performable recorded whether someone clicked on the button or not. (Using Performable’s tools , all analytics and conversion data were automatically gathered, so we could watch along as the results rolled in.) The result? The red button outperformed the green button by 21% .

These are quite a drastic improvements in conversions and ROI for such a simple changes. If you aren’t split testing your landing pages and call to actions, you could be missing out on a ton of money and extra leads.

The Importance of Color in Branding

With the obvious impact of colors and how they trigger emotions, it would only make sense that companies put a lot of time and money into deciding what colors they want to represent their brand. HelpScout has created an excellent chart that shows some of the worlds most recognized logos and the colors they relate best with. I also recommend you take a look at the full article on their site as it goes into some great detail on what colors men and women each prefer and how simple color changes can influence conversions on landing pages.

Look at the logos below and see how many of them trigger the emotions on the left side of the chart.


The next time you are creating a landing page or new logo for your company, be sure to consider different color options and the emotions that they may trigger with your audience. Remember, it’s easy to go live with your ad campaigns and landing pages and be happy with your initial results, but taking the time to split test and try different button sizes and colors can make all the difference between a losing and profitable ad campaign.

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  1. Wow! Interesting article, I must say. You showed us very very relevant samples of logos that used color to emphasize their goals. And now, I've understood how important picking an appropriate color on a landing page, and how conversions increase because of this. Thanks a lot and I've learned a lot in here! 🙂

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  3. Conversion rates from some landing pages usually drop and no thanks to the colors! I guess many marketers should know this by now.

    However, its still good to know that one can do split testing of the color to find out what color works best for improved conversion. Thankfully, I have stumbled upon this post and will apply the ideas to create a landing page for easy conversion 😀

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