Increase Email Open Rates and ROI with Ongage

Written by Zac Johnson
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If you’ve ever done any form of email marketing then you know the importance of getting into the inbox, not being thrown into the SPAM box and making sure you are only paying for emails that actually get delivered. Email marketing is a lot more complex than just signing up to an email delivery service, setting up a newsletter and clicking send whenever you have something important to send to your valuable list.

Here are some things every email marketer needs to consider:

  • Are you getting the maximum open rate?
  • Should you be sorting your lists based on their locations/email type?
  • Can you be better managing your unsubscribes, complaints and bounces?
  • What domain email extensions are delivery the best results for you?

All of these factors can play a part in your overall costs and return on investment.

Ongage is an email management solution that provides a powerful tracking and management solution for emailers of all size.

To understand the full benefit of their system, I recommend you sign up for a free demo account which allows you to walk through through the system without the need to enter a credit card. You can also watch the short video below that shows how the system works for mailers of all sizes.

So what makes Ongage any different from the other email services out there like Aweber, ConstantContact or MailChimp?

While these other services are great for the average person with a mailing list, blog or site, Ongage allows you to really dig deep into your email management and analytics. This includes being able to see what emails are getting sent out and which are bouncing back from different SMTP servers.

In short, when you join some of the well known mailing services out there you are going to be choosing one ESP. Ongage has created a solution that allows you to pick and choose your mailing providers based on your needs and email results.

Inbox Placement Rates Have Declined. Deliverability Is a Bigger Challenge Now With Only 76.5% of Email Delivered to the Inbox – ReturnPath

If you have a lot of subscribers to manage and you know that some emails get delivered with different types of mailings and where they are going, the system is setup for you to easily manage when, where and how your mailings are being sent out. This is where the system really comes in handy because it was built to cater to email marketers and agencies of all sizes.

Ongage Delivery Rates

When you are dealing with millions of emails and paying for the management and sending out of each, even the smallest percentages can make up for a big difference. This can clearly be seen by a report from one of the Ongage team members.

Shani found that when he started to send emails from different ESPs based on their strengths and weaknesses, he saw a 1.75 percent increase in reported deliverability. That may not seem like much, but it actually reflects a bigger change, since ISPs don’t notify you about every bounce, plus deliverability rates don’t reflect whether the email went into the inbox or the spam/junk mail folder. So that 1.75 percent increase actually led to 50 percent more click throughs and 33 percent more revenue, Ongage says. – TechCrunch

How to get started with Ongage

With a low entry price of only $10 a month, Ongage has been able to cater their services to even the smallest list builders while also offering custom monthly plans that can cater to over 5 million email send outs per month. If you would like to expand your reach with more ESPs, then you will need to go with the Bronze package which is $99 per month.

Ongage Pricing

You can sign up for a free 14 day trial and start building and managing your mailings right away, no credit card required.

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