3 Powerful Ways to Instantly Increase Lead Captures on Your Site

We all know the value in creating great content to keep users coming back to our site. However, the hardest part of this whole process is to actually keep them coming back. Did you know that more than 70% of the traffic that visits your site for the first time will likely never come back? It’s true, and unfortunately, it really has nothing to do with the content of your site or the value it provides. It’s simply a numbers game and there is way too much information out there for everyone to consume… let alone remember to come back to your site in the future.

With all of this in mind, this is why it’s so extremely important to make sure you are collecting email address as often as you can. Gone are the days when you slap a subscription box on the right side menu of your site and hope for the best. Nowadays, the most effective lead capture solutions are all about exit popups, welcome mats, content lockers and retargeting

Today I’m going to provide you with three powerful tools and resources to help you increase email conversions, while also increasing return traffic to your site for months to come.

Welcome Mats and Popup Windows Still Work Extremely Well

When it comes to really getting in the face of your audience and giving them an opportunity to provide you with their email address in exchange for something free, ‘in your face’ lead generation methods still work extremely well. And while some people may consider these methods abusive or annoying, at the end of the day… they work! Not only do they work, but they can also be set up so they will only appear during a set number of days based on how often visitors come to your site.

One of the best software solutions out there for accomplishing this is OptinMonster. This easy to use WordPress plugins makes the process of creating lead generation forms and popup windows extremely easy. You’ve likely already seen it being used on some of your favorite blogs and top media sites in the world today.

What makes OptinMonster special over other ‘popup’ lead generation tools, is the powerful backend platforms, tracking, and customization that comes along with it. You can take a look at some of their advanced tools and features below.

Remarketing is a Targeted Advertising on Steroids

How many times have you left a website or online store, only to find their advertisements following you around on other websites that you tend to visit? Even more creepy… then you start to see them within your Facebook Ads stream and even on Twitter and Instagram.

While this may seem slightly creepy to the average internet user, it’s a dream come true for online marketers and brands around the world. Remarketing is simply the concept of placing a tracking pixel on your site and then displaying advertisements to your audience after they leave (especially if you can track those audiences that didn’t convert the first time around). The reason why remarketing works so well is simple. Only audiences who came to your site are going to see these custom display ads — which results in higher click-through rates, engagement, and lower costs.

Best of all, there are several different ways to start serving this type of advertising through your favorite ad platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. Neil Patel has an excellent guide on remarketing that walks you through the process on not only how to set this up on both platforms but also working examples of how other brands are using these same methods to increase conversions and revenue overnight.

Convert Your Main Page into a Lead Gen Form

Many websites and blogs start off with the most basic form of content creation, which is to come out with new articles, tutorials and case studies every few days/weeks, while also becoming a valuable resource in the process. While all of this is going on, the site is continually ranking higher in the search results and traffic is on an upward trend. While the idea of always adding new content to your site might seem like a required, it actually isn’t.

Brian Dean is someone who has not only mastered the art of link building and ranking for some of the most competitive link building terms on the internet today, he’s also mastered the art of turning his blog into a lead generation machine — all while adding little-to-no new content to the site in the process.

One of the latest changes made to his site at Backlinko, is that it’s no longer featuring his latest blog content. Instead, it’s simply a lead generation form to grab an email address. The option is also there to scroll down and access more information and a free case study, but you can see how effective this new landing page and format can be for growing his mailing list.

Grow Your Mailing List to Grow Your Business

If you want to effectively grow your business on a daily basis, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through the use of lead generation and collecting new emails. Implement each of the methods above and start using these tools to your advantages. The biggest players in the industry have already proved these methods work, now it’s time for you to try and replicate their success.

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