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Running a business on the internet is amazing. Not only do you have the opportunity to work for yourself and easily connect with others around the world through email, video and online chat, but you also find out the latest advancements in technology and business as well.

Sometimes it may seem like you have the world on your shoulders when it comes to running your business. At the end of the day it comes down to productivity, whether you are a one person company or a 1,000 person company.

Let’s take a look at some quick stats and start thinking about how work actually gets done with so many complications and dead time in the office.

  • The average worker now has 2.8 mobile devices
  • 75% of employees work somewhere other than corporate hq
  • 62% of people working in an office have to connect with people outside of the office
  • The majority of workers in an office usually aren’t in their office or same place through out the day

Think about how much time is wasted trying to connect with everyone, and how much work isn’t getting completed.

As online marketers we know the importance of building a team around our business and having to connect with designers, programmers, our media buying contacts and anyone else on our team.

CDW Cloud Collaboration is quickly becoming one of the most sought after solutions for businesses to increase productivity in the work place and keeping everyone connected. CDW is at the forefront of communications and changing the way business is done in a new technology based era.

What is Cloud Collaboration and Why It Matters?

No matter the size of your business, there is a good chance it’s made up of many individuals. You may run the day to day operations, but you still need to call your web designer on the phone, check web stats on your mobile device and connect with that team, then you may have a web developer you connect with on Skype. After all of that is done, you also have your customer support and other marketing buddies contacting you through email. The bottom line is, your contacts are all over the place and there must be a better way!

CDW Cloud Collaboration

CDW created the Cloud Collaboration to unify all of the communications of your business and bring them into one seamlessly integrated system. It doesn’t matter if each of your business contacts and team members have different mobile devices and applications, they can all be setup to work with each other through the system CDW has put in place. Best of all, members can connect with each other through desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets from anywhere around the world at any given time.

The “Cloud” in Cloud Collaboration is also what makes the whole process special. With so many people talking about the cloud, it only makes sense for businesses to actually start using it. The actual hosting and infrastructure is all securely managed through CDW and their massive 485,000-square-foot data center. With this type of setup businesses can rely on having a safe and secure system while also having the option to scale in size without the need to invest in their own equipment.

Communication is the Means of Business

Take a look at any successful business in the world today. They never would be where they were if they didn’t have an excellent communications system in place. CDW has been the leader in communication for decades now and have been around since 1984 and is currently ranked at the 31st largest private company in America by Forbes. You can learn more about the company through CDW’s Solutions blog.

Cloud Collaboration

CDW would never have been able to get to where they are today without their own communications system that they have in place, which they are now expanding to other businesses of all sites. Having the ability for your employees to connect through messaging, video conferencing and sharing data means everything in the scale of productivity.

How Does It All Work?

This is a lot of information and probably even a little to tech based for some of us. I always like to see a visual example of how something works, and when it’s in full video that’s even better. Take a moment to watch the video below that gives you a full overview of how CDW Cloud Collaboration can improve your business and productivity.

From the video you can see how important it is for your business team to be able to access information and team members at any given time, especially when they are all operating off different communication systems and mobile devices. Just like retail and shipping businesses span across the country and globe, online business and marketing teams do the same. In this age it’s very rare to have all of your staff and business in one location, but staying connect is still priority.

If you’ve ever wanted to expand your business to another level and increase productivity, the communication between your team is crucial. CDW services start with one device per user, then your business can ramp up to 10 devices per user if required. This includes everything from desktop video, unified messaging, softphone clients and even a contact center. Packing and pricing varies based on the size of your company and needs, so it’s best to contact a product expert for a custom tailor package for your business.

CDW is a current advertiser on my blog. All opinions are mine.

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