Increase Site Revenue with Ayboll Native Advertising

When it comes time to making money with your web site or blog, you have a lot of options. You can create your own products, sell advertising or even perform a service. Each of these are great, but it’s always been a preference of mine to try and create a source of recurring revenue that was always working for me, no matter if I was actually online or not. For most site owners, they would rather focus on content creation and getting traffic to their sites vs. having to run ad campaigns and continually split test what works best.

Many sites are using advertising methods such as Google Adsense to generate income through their sites, but the problem with this is that Google is a lot more picky on the sites they allow into their network. Sites making money with Google Adsense have also seen a decrease in earnings, as more site visitors are aware of what Google Adsense looks like and are less likely to click on these ads then in previous years.

A great alternative to Google Adsense and other site monetization methods is native advertising. You’ve probably seen this type of advertising across some of the largest sites in the world already, and it works extremely well for both the site owner and the site visitor, simply because it’s engaging content that the visitor is interested in and it pays well for the site owner.

Ayboll is a great example of a network that is currently offering native advertising to their site partners, while helping them earn additional income in the process. Here’s an example of the what advertising served through Ayboll might look like if it was to appear on your site.

Ayboll Sponsored Advertising

Once any of the images or links are clicked, the visitor is then sent over to the article or site of their choice. Should the user take action once visiting any of these links, the site displaying the advertising is then paid a commission. Ayboll is setup differently from other ad networks (like Google Adsense), in that they are promoting CPA/affiliate based offers and split that commission with the site owner.

While some site owners might think it’s better to be paid on a per click basis, it can actually back out to a much higher eCPM when being paid out on a commission or sale basis. Results will vary based on sites, geographic and demographic audience.

In terms of how well this is working for site owners and advertisers? It’s doing pretty well!

Ayboll sent over a screenshot from one of the top earning sites. Notice the RPM of $12+ and 1% CTR, even though the widget is displayed near the bottom of the paid after their main content.

Ayboll Revenue Screenshot


Ayboll currently has over 2,000 premium advertisers on their network, with average eCPM rates of $6 for U.S. Traffic. Site owners also don’t have to worry about seeing blank ads on their site, as Ayboll also has 100% international fill rate and their network is seeing 600+ new publishers joining every day. A win-win for both advertisers and affiliates.

How to Make Money with Ayboll

Creating an account with Ayboll is dead simple and takes only a few minutes to setup.

The first thing you will need to do is visit and click on “Sign Up” or “Get Widget”.

Once setup with an account, you can then fill out the “Create a Widget” form, which only asks for your site info and how you want the widget to be displayed on your site.

Ayboll Widget Creation

Below the form you will also see the “Widget Preview” like the one below. This will help you in deciding how many columns and rows you want, to fix the current design of your site.

You can also select the different type of ads you want to appear on your site. (Safe, Moderate, 18+).

Ayboll Widget Preview

The last part of the process is grabbing your widget install code and placing it on your site. With this simple code, Ayboll will serve a wide range of their advertisements on your site, so your audience is always seeing the best performing campaigns and always something new.

Ayboll Widget Code

It’s as simple as that! Once ads are running on your site, the only thing you have to do is login to your account and see how much you’re earning!

Using Ayboll to Generate More Revenue with Your Site

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, there are always going to be new and exciting ways to make money with your site. Ayboll is yet another option for generating additional traffic to your site — no matter what your audience is and where they are located.

The frustration of finding relevant advertisers and ad networks that accept publishers, bloggers and site owners around the world is always going to be an issue — especially when quality of traffic comes into play. With Ayboll, this really isn’t an issue as their advertising platform is based off a CPA basis, and they accept all forms of traffic.

Ayboll would likely perform best on informational and entertainment based sites — especially any content that you might already be having a hard time to make money with.

Create an account, setup your widget and see what type of eCPM earnings you see across your site.

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