Increase Traffic and ROI with Pop-Under Advertising from AdsRevenue

Written by Zac Johnson
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To run a successful website or business online, you need to continually increase the amount of targeted traffic to your site. It’s not just about ‘creating content’ or ‘ranking in the search results’, it’s also about knowing how to back up your marketing efforts with some real advertising and pushing high volume traffic to your site.

This is where most content creators and marketers fail. There is simply way too much information out there as it is, and if you are trying to generate traffic without having a set budget, you are going to be waiting around a long time. The same holds true for affiliate marketers as well. Yes, you can make money with social and organic traffic, but this could take forever.

One of the best options for increasing targeted traffic right to your site is through the use of media buying and popunders. Not only is there a never ending supply of pop under traffic out there, it’s also an extremely effective way to target your audience and make sure your advertising dollars are being spent in the right places.

Today we are going to take a look at AdsRevenue, which is an advertising network with plenty of targeting and CPM rates starting as low as just 50 cents.

AdsRevenue Pop-Under Advertising Network

Whether you are creating a campaign to start sending traffic to your site or to push leads for an ad campaign, you need to first have a few things in place:

  • An offer to promote
  • A targeted audience that converts
  • A set of landing pages to split test
  • A traffic source with tracking and targeting options

Most of these are no-brainers for active affiliates already, but the continuing mission to find new traffic sources is something we all need. This is where AdsRevenue comes in.


AdsRevenue is an advertising network that specializes exclusively in pop-under traffic. We’ve all seen pop-under traffic before, as both advertisers and site users. We also know how effective they can be. With pop-under window advertising, your website or landing page will appear underneath the current window of the website someone is visiting. The benefit here is that it’s a pop-UNDER and not a pop-UP (remember how annoying those were!).

As an advertiser with AdsRevenue, you will have access to the following network benefits:



The goal at AdsRevenue is to “deliver real results for your online advertising campaigns,” helping you “get large volumes of traffic to significantly improve your campaign performance.” One such method for accomplishing this is through the full-page display of pop-unders run through AdsRevenue — thus making it easier for the end user to complete an action on your site without the need to scroll or open/close new tabs.

Once setup with an AdsRevenue account, all advertisers will have access to quality traffic, multiple targeting features (including geotargeting, device targeting and language targeting), and real-time online reports to make sure you’re on track.

Inside the AdsRevenue Self-Serve Advertising Platform

Setting up your first campaign with AdsRevenue is quite simple. Like some of the best advertising solutions out there, AdsRevenue is running off a self-serve platform, giving you full control over your campaign settings, funding and stats tracking. Should you need to contact your account manager or someone from the support team, email and phone access is also available.


Through the top navigation area you can access your campaign settings, conversion stats, reports, financials and more. A quick performance chart of your campaign over the last seven days is also shown on the main login page.

Create a New Campaign in Under a Minute

Self-serve advertising platforms are an online marketers best friend. The last thing you want to mess around with is an annoying platform that you need to learn how to use and take time with on each campaign setup.

To create your first campaign with AdsRevenue, simply click on the “Campaigns” button on the top of the page. You can then click on “New Campaign” and you will be sent over to campaign wizard like the one shown below. You then just need to fill in your campaign setting and proceed through the process.


Once all of your campaign basic information is filled out, you will then need to fill out the more specific details of your campaign, such as site URL, daily budget, whether it’s a private program has special needs and if it accepts adult content and traffic.

Another important aspect of your campaign will be the categories that you select. The advertising of your campaign will be based off your selected categories, so make sure you choose them carefully and also track their performance separately. The range of categories available in AdsRevenue is quite varied, including business, coupons & rebates, games, mobile traffic, education, software, and weight loss, among others.

With all of your campaign information now in place, it’s time to setup the creative for your campaigns. In the section you will be able to customize what URL landing pages and tracking IDs should be used, while also incorporating in network IDs, sub-ids and more.


The last part of the process is to set your CPV (cost per view) price points and the different countries that you would like to display your ads through. Rates start at .00005 per view, and based on the country and category you select, this rate will vary based on advertiser demand. The higher your CPV rate, the more likely you are to receive a higher volume of traffic.

Once all of this is done, your campaign will go into the “Pending” process and you will be notified asap on its approval within the AdsRevenue network.

Increase Traffic and ROI with Pop-Under Advertising

If you are still sitting on the sidelines and not using pop-under traffic to push targeted traffic to your landing page, you are simply missing out. With low rates of .00005 per view, you can quickly get ad campaigns up and running and should have a good idea on their potential after just a few small test campaigns. Don’t forget to split test different landing pages, categories and traffic sources for best results. is another reliable advertising solution and traffic source that every online marketer, affiliate, and lead generation based business should invest their time and money in.

To sign up with AdsRevenue, simply fill out the one-page registration form and you’ll be on your way to making more money in no time.

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