Increasing Niche Store Profits with Store Stacker

HTML clipboardHTML clipboardCreating niche based web sites has been really hot lately, and the methods for doing so are also increasing. While many web sites are using programs other programs to build niche theme stores, what happens if you want to list or target more than just eBay auctions. There are so many other products and affiliate programs out there pushing actual product, how can you take advantage of them all. Scott from Store Stacker contacted me about his site at In a nut shell, StoreStacker will build a complete affiliate site for the user, while listing and profiting from not only content on eBay, but also Amazon, ClickBank, OverStock, RegNow (Commission Junction added soon) and RSS feeds. Everything is in the user’s control; how the site is setup, how it looks, and what you are targeting.

How it Works?
Instead of relying on just eBay auctions, with Store Stacker you now have the power to build niche stores with thousands of more products, and ways to generate revenue. Not only will Store Stacker create customized product pages for everything in your store, but you can also include video content (from YouTube) and articles (from RSS). Also included in each Store Stacker site, are automatic seo and content updates. Once you setup your store, it will automatically update itself with the latest content and new products. Worried about SEO for your store? Store Stacker also has that covered, and did the work for you. “The SEO capabilities are the best in the industry – keyword infused urls, keyword tags on every page, related product listings on each page, google sitemaps are automatically created and a new site page is created for every product, video or article that is imported.” For a more thorough and detailed write up on the Store Stacker program, visit their “how it works” page.

You can Create One Big Store, with Access to Millions of Products!

Utilizing the Power of YouTube and RSS
No longer does your niche store have to rely on just product listings, but Store Stacker has the ability to add YouTube Video and RSS content to your sites. With access to over 10 million products from Store Stacker’s partnered affiliate networks (with many more coming over the next couple months), you will also have the ability to import thousands of on-topic videos from YouTube and relevant articles from any RSS source (blogs, news sites, etc). Depending on the size of your site, this can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars by not having articles written to match up with your actual products, not only for a better seo aspect, but user experience as well. New products, content and video are added automatically to your store over time.

Store Stacker Video & Admin Area
I can do a write up on Store Stacker all day, but the benefits of seeing real video of what Store Stacker can do is much more exciting. Scott put together a nice intro video to show the power of his software and how easy it is to setup new stores. Once you are setup with the software, Scott has also created a whole line of video tutorials for you to learn from, along with a full members forum.

[youtube qysoJl6AFMQ nolink]

How much does it Cost?
For the amount of functionality and power behind the Store Stacker software, you may expect it to be expensive, but it’s actually only $97 for the full version, which includes eBay, Amazon and YouTube plugins. Each software package comes with 12 fully customizable templates, user manuals, video tutorials and on-call email support. You can purchase other plug-ins such as ClickBank and OverStock for $25 each. If you are having any success with other niche store software, then it would be worth while to try Store Stacker and see what revenue you are missing out on, by not targeting and other merchants. There are not monthly hosting fees or hidden costs, and once you purchase the software, you can create as many stores as you like.

Final Thoughts on Store Stacker
HTML clipboardI, like many of you, have had my share of experience in building niche theme based sites, as well as using eBay as their main source of revenue. I feel the best way to succeed with this software is to create your own site using Store Stacker, but don’t let it sit there with an out of the box template. Create your site very tight on it’s niche, then create a custom template and additional content for the site. If you’ve already made money in the past using just eBay, improve your profits by expanding your product sources out to Amazon and ClickBank.

Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions you have on the Store Stacker software and how it compares to other “niche store” programs available.

– Download Your Copy of Store Stacker

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  1. Wait for more responds before buying this. Hope there's any respond about their success with this tools.

  2. I've heard about this before but this give me a better understanding of it. has it worked for you? Basically i'm doing more affiliate marketing to certain sites that I make good money on but would love to expand into something like this though.

  3. I'm just not convinced of the power of niche. Then again, John Chow makes thousands a month off of pictures of his dinners. So what do I know?

    1. One thing is for sure , His blog telle about so many other worthy things then Dinner. His niche is Make Money Online.

  4. You know it's only lately that I've been thinking of these other techniques and I am VERY interested in this Store Stacker script. I know $97 is a cheap price, but I wonder if the owner would be willing to give one time offers of like $25 per license 🙂


  5. Exc find. I'm just wondering how sound these are… as in, won't Google eventually find and de-index these? Just like it did with BANS using .info domains? Need to know these things, you know? Thanks.

    1. It's about being fast, and making money at a faster rate. Most of these types of things operate in grey areas so you need to take advantage while you can.

  6. I have been looking into BANS and PJN but this looks more versatile.

    Can you add your own content (unique articles) to the store?

    Can you add affiliate products outside of the networks they list?

    Can you add adsense to any or all of the 12 templates they offer?

  7. Sorry, but this looks like another spammy piece of shit to me. This kind of software never works in the long run because eventually Google will catch wind of it and de-index the sites that use the software.

    I'm going to do my part and notify Google to make sure this happens. I'm sick of Google spam.

  8. P.S. The only person getting rich on this is the person that made the software and bloggers like Zac Johnson that push it through their affiliate links.

    Note to Zac…. we're not stupid and we're not falling for this shit anymore. Post something useful.

  9. Thanks Zac , I am sure if your good with working on sites adding this system will be easy to do. Store Stacker is not done there building yet either, I can’t wait to see what else they add to there resourses for us to draw from!

  10. I have been looking for something like this. Now that I am on my own and do not have the support of staff, I need to find what would be easier for me and something to recommend readers. ~ Laura

  11. @Piece of Chit:

    As always some idiot talks without even trying to think. What the heck is spammy in taking products from an affiliate datafeed and put it together in a site? Why are datafeeds available if using it is spammy ?!

  12. @Mike Huang:

    If you go to the Store Stacker site, you can try it for $1. Cancel within two weeks and pay nothing. Keep it and they will bill you the remainder. I am going to install it on my site today.

  13. @Piece of Chit:

    I am guessing that you probably did not even look at the site, have not tried internet marketing, and do not ever intend to. You are probably one of the people who sit around shooting down other people's ideas, and then complain that you do not have enough money, time, work two jobs, etc. Heck, you probably are even on of the people who thinks the government should bail you out for your laziness.

    If you have tried this type of product and it failed to work then write your own posting, explain what you did, and why it did not work. Infact, I challenge you to do this. If you have actually tried it, create a posting explaining what site you tried, how you tried to promote it, and your results then I will give you $50.

    To get the $50 it has to be a site that you tried BEFORE you wrote your ignorant posting. Trying it now to try and back up your statements will not count.

    Would anyone be willing to match my challenge? Instead of letting dream stealers get away with it, let us call them out and make them put their money where their mouth is.

  14. Basically i’m doing more affiliate marketing to certain sites that I make good money on but would love to expand into something like this though.

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