Infolinks Self Serve In-Text Ads Marketplace

Written by Zac Johnson
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Some of the best advertising platforms in the world are self serve. Using self serve advertising platforms on sites like Facebook and Plenty of Fish have been a huge success for both their advertisers, and their own companies. With a self serve marketplace, advertisers can build their own creatives and ad campaigns and not have to wait on a slow sales team to manage ads and tweak ad campaigns. Now there’s another self serve marketplace that you can add to your list, and that’s InfoLinks Marketplace.

I’ve already wrote up reviews on InfoLinks several times, and am also using them as a revenue source on this blog, and a few others. InfoLinks is already one of the biggest and most well known companies in the contextual advertising space. Now with the addition of their own self serve marketplace, they will be able to bring web sites and marketers more traffic than ever. Click here to register for a free account and start creating your ad campaigns instantly.

It’s extremely fast and easy to create an account and go live with a new ad campaign. One of the huge benefits is the amazingly low starting prices, which include a .02 per click minimum, and daily budgets as low as $5 per day. The rate of .02 per click is very low, so I would recommend increasing your click amounts to start testing traffic, as it’s all based on a bidding structure. When creating a campaign, you just need to add you title, description, url, desired keywords and rate per click.

Once live with an account, you can edit and manage your campaigns. Some of the best features in the admin area are geographic locations, ad scheduling (day parting) and setting the rotation scheme for your ad serving. This means you can display the best performing ads based on CTR, serve ads on a equal rotation, or simply serve the best performing ad creatives more often.

InfoLinks’ self serve platform is brand new and I already have a few campaigns in the system. I will keep you updated on the traffic and quality of leads generated from the site. Be sure to try it out and let me know what you think.

InfoLinks In-Text Ads Marketplace

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5 Replies to “Infolinks Self Serve In-Text Ads Marketplace”

  1. Hey Zac, it's Tammy from Infolinks. Thanks for sharing our exciting news with your readers! Everyone should create a campaign to promote websites, Twitter, YouTube Channel or whatever! Give our Marketplace a little test drive. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a good idea, Zac!
    I will make sure my team members get this and decide if they want to start using it as well as to register for the free account. I like the idea of having the geo location in the admin area. Also, I think it is great you included the screenshots here, in the post.

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  3. I use infolinks as a publisher and not an advertiser, so am seeing this screen shot for the first time. I have found them much better than Kontera. Have been using them for more than a year now on my blog.
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  4. So far I like infolinks. I have just added them to my blog to see what the results would be. It has only been two days so I can't give an honest opinion yet. But I like the way you can change your link colors, amount of links shown on your blog, etc…. And they are pretty non obtrusive for the most part. They do not ruin the look of your blog so it is basically free advertising, and an extra revenue source to add to your portfolio.

    As far as advertising with them I definitely may look into that. I am curious to see your results and how well the traffic converts.
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