InfoLinks Wants to Send You on an African Safari

Looking for a new way to generate additional income off your web site or blog without adding more obtrusive banners or ad spots, you should take a look at InfoLinks. I first met with the InfoLinks team in Las Vegas during BlogWorld. The InfoLinks team, myself and John Chow all went out for an amazing private dinner at Top Chef Masters’ Rick Moonen’s RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay, then for an amazing helicopter tour over the Vegas strip. Since then I’ve been running InfoLinks in content links on the blog and a few other sites.

When it comes to monetizing a blog or web site, you don’t want to over do it, but with InfoLinks advertising, you aren’t taking up any additional space, as their text advertisement links are generated from content that is already posted on your web site or blog. Once a member, you can log into your account and have full customization on how many ad links you want to appear per page, what color and what type of advertisements. As a publisher, you would earn a commission every time the ads are clicked or viewed by the user. Think of it as Google Adsense, but without the huge ad blocks you have to place on each page.

Since joining the InfoLinks program last year, it’s also great to see that they did a complete redesign on their web site and it looks a million times better. To celebrate the launch of their new web site, InfoLinks is holding a contest promotion for their site publishers, which offers the opportunity to score a 5-star luxury getaway in exotic Kenya which includes a hot air balloon safari as well as a volunteer day of tree planting to give back.

How to Enter

This grand expedition can be won by any Infolinks publisher that has reached the minimum payout threshold and is a fan of Infolinks on Facebook. To enter into this extravagant contest, Infolinks publishers must send an email containing their name (as appears on their Facebook account) and Publisher ID number to The cut-off day for applicants is June 25, 2011. On the 30th of June the winner will be drawn randomly and announced.

To join InfoLinks and enter the contest, apply here. Good luck!

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  1. Infolinks is a pretty good extra source of income. I was using them on a forum I owned, which wasn't to big, but to this date (I just checked) I've earned an extra $50. 69k impressions and 887 clicks for an average $0.16 per click. Not too bad, I would say.

    The last link, which should bring to the sign-up page always redirects back to this blog post 😉

  2. How exotic! Infolinks is a wonderful resource. I won't be entering but my good wishes go out to whomever gets picked!

  3. Thank you so much for this info. I really going to try infolinks in my website too. I wish to earn some extra on my website. Thank you again.
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  4. Infolinks is an additional income earner aside from Adsense. I'm earning $60+ with one site alone from this inline text advertising company. And it pays me every first week of the month. It rocks!

  5. It is a pity I'm not their site publisher, I'd like to go ti Kenya. Obama is from Kenya isn't he?

  6. I was just reading a blog post that said a winner was never announced. Does anyone know what happened?

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