Internet Marketing Companies That Don’t Pay

Written by Zac Johnson
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Few things suck more than making a lot of money for a company, sending them a ton of legitimate leads… then getting completely screwed over on your payment! One of my earliest posts back in 2007 was about a jerk off company that completely screwed me out of more than $20,000. Their name back then was and were located in Boca Raton, FL.

They pretty much screwed me out of $20,000 and screened all incoming phone calls. If I gave them my name when I called, their staff was out… if I said I was someone else, I would get through fine. After a few weeks of trying to collect my money from them directly, they came up with some bogus new terms and conditions for their site, then closed my account. I ended up using a collection agency to try and collect the funds, but that was a wasted battle. In short… I never got the money and they are a trash company. You can read the full post here.

With that said, the internet marketing community is very tight with who they work with and recommend to others. If someone isn’t making their payments, it would only take a post on a large established blog, or a few messages in the social networks to get the buzz stirring. Word gets around fast and when the rumors of a network not making payments start getting around, it can literally destroy their business over night.

But how are you supposed to compete with huge networks and ad companies that are heavily funded? The best way is to exposure and let others aware of the situation. There is a great Facebook Group called “Internet Advertising – People Who Don’t Pay”. There are over 1,300 members in the group, and many well known players in the affiliate space have been leaving feedback and comments on companies they have not had the best of luck with.

Be sure to join the group and let others know about any problems you’ve had with internet marketing companies that don’t pay!

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16 Replies to “Internet Marketing Companies That Don’t Pay”

  1. Boca Raton is just about 45 min. away from my house.Should have went.Haha
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  2. The unstoppable drift towards the Internet – online news, blogs, etc – continues to pull eyeballs away from traditional (i.e. Dead Tree Media) and shows no sign of stopping. I’ve heard this personally from more then one newspaper executive that every time someone passes away that’s one less subscriber they have.

    Alex J

    CEO & Founder

  3. I would love to be a part of that group. I'm sorry to hear about what happened with your $20,000 but I'm sure that situation led you to be more vigilant in working over the net. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the link to that group. I've been screwed over for about $5k, plus it was when I was just starting out so it really stung.
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  5. The only problem with that group and similar groups are that the people who run it tend to be the same people not paying. Lol.

  6. Definitely a great group to a part of, that sucks about the 20k … all of us have been screwed one way or another. This quote comes to mind "Experience is what you get, when you don't get what you want". – just don't make it a habit to focus on too much negative experience hah … great quote nevertheless.

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  7. sorry to hear about what happened with your $20,000 but I'm sure that situation led you to be more vigilant in working over the net.

  8. It's really awful to know a certain company scamming other people around. The $20,000 that you should get from the company maybe use for your own personal things. Plus its not the money you easily gets its the money you worked hard for. well, there's what we call karma.

  9. sorry to hear about what happened with your $20,000. But it help us…….
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  10. Good list I am gonna join that Facebook group i would like to see what other internet marketers have to say about some companies I myself have some doubts about. It is pretty shitty when a company screws you over like that sorry about your $20,000 dollar loss they sound like a bunch of jerk offs. That is why I only work with the big name companies Clickbank pays regularly, Rapbank instant payment via paypal, commission junction, amazon etc… Watch out for the smaller ones cause you never know.

  11. This Internet Marketers People Who Don't Pay group is loaded with fake posts and scandals. Jeremy Schoemaker then posts them on his blog (even when the posts are known to be false) See for the complete story.

  12. Im having the same problem, astraweb and newsdemon are non paying affiliates. Ive sent them quite alot of custom but never get a reply when i email them about them paying out.

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