Internet Marketing – The Industry of Millionaire Teenagers and Young Adults

Throw away your business suits, rip up your diploma, and drop out of ivy league school while you still can! This is the industry of affiliate marketing and none of the “real world” business ethics applies. Well, kinda… In all seriousness, there will always be a need for higher education, but the internet marketing industry has changed the game. Million dollar companies are being created out of basements, high school students are making thousands of dollars a day, and younger entrepreneurs are paving the way for how the world uses the internet.

Check out this video of Mark Zuckerberg back when they were first starting out. I first came across this video from Tim Sykes’ blog and thought it would be a great share.

Mark goes into detail on how Facebook was first started, went viral and quickly opened up Facebook to more schools and just watched as everything quickly exploded. It’s funny to hear about how they would visit different college parties and internet cafes and seeing people starting to use Facebook.

Who would have thought these guys “fooling” around and drinking in this small room would soon change the whole world and how people use the internet!

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  1. Great,

    No doubt in that if any body have knowledge about social media sites and write well any blog then he could also make lots of money which will work for him/her in two types first he/she will make lots of money as well as his/her name will raise in all over the world.
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  2. It's really interesting to see this, knowing what we know now. It almost seems that Zuckerberg didn't really have a clear vision of what was to come of his Facebook. It also seems that, way back then, he had higher aspirations of public service rather than being the king of the internet. If anything this shows you that anything can happen and to stick with your gut.
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  3. Oh wow, I'd never seen the interview you posted… He looks so young! It's hard to believe that so much money can be made by so many people in their youth… Makes me feel like mine was a little wasted just working at a beauty supply store!

  4. That`s a cool story. It`s always great to have visions when you`re young.
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  5. Lack of barriers to entry is one of the best things about the Internet. In which other industry can we find so many young and old successful entrepreneurs alike. Incidentally, a large proportion of blogs I follow regularly were started by young bloggers under the age of 25 to 30.

  6. Technology belongs to the young because they are trying to make the impossible, possible. Creativity and determination make them earn millions.

  7. this is an inspiring post, i want to succeed too but its not that easy. I work hard but there are some things to do that can help you get there faster. Zuckerberg saw an opportunity and grabbed it.
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  8. Yeah, I love how these 'regular joes' or HARVARD type geniuses just happen to always be the only ones to accomplish this. Why is this never brought up in affiliate marketing? Oh yeah, to scam the naive.

  9. Great video it's funny how much our World has changed from the time our grandparents were growing up. The internet has created tons of millionaires and it continues to do so. This is all a natural part of evolution. All you need is a strong work ethic, a great idea, and the persistence to make that idea a reality.
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  10. Excellent post! That damn Mark beat me to it! I’m a 16 year old marketer and have been marketing online since I was 12. I’m not in the lime light yet as a lot of young Internet entrepreneurs are, but definitely a great idea, strong work ethic and persistence will win the game!

  11. … And that guy now has close to 30 billion dollars.

    Wow. No one really knew that he could be so big..

    Actually Facebook just recently passed Google for world traffic (according to Alexa).

    Thanks for sharing!

    Best wishes,
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