Is AuctionAds Making Big Money?

Last month I made a post on the announcement of the new AuctionAds program. Seems ShoeMoney/AuctionAds are advertising everywhere and making offers on a ton of forums to entice new publishers to push their program. They even have a main page ad on Through AuctionAds you can start making money with eBay’s Affiliate Program, but at higher revenue with less volume. Think of it as Google Adsense, for eBay… but how do the numbers match up? Instead of getting paid per click, you earn commissions on new eBay signups, Winning Bids and Buy-It-Nows. In my original post I had said I would keep you updated on stats when I started running the program. I listed two 468×60 banners for AuctionAds on one of my highest traffic sites. It’s been less than a week, but there has been a lot of volume and clicks. Here are the numbers are looking.

Right now the numbers are pretty bad. I’ve heard that some sites have been doing well with the program, while other’s aren’t making anything. I’ve also heard that some stats are delayed, as new auctions take time to end, as well as new bidder accounts being setups. Either way, right now we stand at over 275,000 impressions, 3010 clicks and $3.58 earned…. backing out to a .013 cpm. The click rate is actually decent, even at only 1%… only program is the revenue earned. If this updates and is bumped up quite a bit, it may actually do well. Since I still am testing with this program, I will leave it up a few more days to see if anything happens.

If anyone else is running AuctionAds, please comment to this post and let me know how it’s performing on your end.

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    1. I signed up to Kontera for this blog and was accepted, but haven't set it up. For the time being I feel I will offer an ad-free user experience than make a few extra bucks.

      1. might be a good idea… kontera and those seem to intrusive to me… like our adsense is only on "single pages" and literally no ads on our main page (other than sponsored posts) its nice to see… instead of a huge blog plastered with ads

  1. I was just thinking about signing up for that, but as of right now I only have 2 websites both with not even close to the amount of traffic I'll need to even make a cent off of auction ads. I think I will stick with adsense, kontera, and maybe some others that are good for beginning blogs.

  2. Hey zac…how come evrytime i visit your blog, try to comment, or click on any link…i get these blurbs saying "stack overflow at line ___". i also continuously get these "would you like to abort script" blurbs…is something wrong on my side…cause i dont face this problem unless i visit your blog?

    1. I’m also still trying to figure this out. The error pops only happen in IE and I think is from the avatars/posts. Let me know if anyone knows how to fix this. Use Mozilla Firefox and everything is fine. Thanks.

  3. i find it futile to check it everyday b/c it seems to be so delayed so all i see is $0.00. so i just wait a few days before checking and there's always some action going on after that. 🙂

  4. I signed up but they didn’t have a single thing that would mesh with my niche, so I decided not to use them and signed up instead for Amazon Associates…

  5. A couple of my friends have AuctionAds running, I’ll tell them to come here and comment about it. 🙂 I haven’t heard too much about AuctionAds though.

  6. Hello Zac. I’m from Spain and i think Spanish bloggers as me can’t make money with this ads, because the people in Spain only buy products online if they are in Spanish language. We have to try others ads companies, but i only have Adsense now in my blog. I’m waiting to get more traffic. Regards.

    PD: Can confirm if you receive my e-mail with the review that i make of your blog? Sorry for my bad english XD Ciao

  7. I've just started using AA on one of my sites and the results are pretty disappointing so far. In fairness the site doesn't have vast amounts of traffic and it's fairly niche but I would have expected some kind of return by now.

  8. no luck yet for me … guess you need a very high traffic to even enjoy a tiny portion of the fruit ..

  9. Auctions ads are pretty cool except that they just don't pay squat. Got a website about maple trees and there are in fact tons of people selling interesting maple trees and related stuff.

    I see all kinds of cool ads showing on my site but adsense still pays sooo much better. Too bad really. I actually do much better with clickbank stuff about gardening and bonsai etc. I got so far about 50k page views and about 2 to 5% clicks and made about $5.00

  10. I’ve been using AuctionAds for almost two months. Monthly revenue generated by AA is nothing compared to AdSense. With 24180 clicks, I am only making $168.57. I am not sure but AA might have some tracking issues. I wished they had more detail statistics, such as which clicks resulting in sales, which products people mostly interested at, how much sales are made and how much the generated revenue is, etc.

    One excellent thing is they pay quickly. On the 1st of every month, you can expect to receive payment from the previous month on your Paypal account.

  11. I have been using AA for about two months, and I must say this is the company that pays the most so far !!!

    We are earning about 100 usd per day thank to them !

    The ads are displayed about 300 000 times per day, and we get around 3000 clicks per day.

  12. I have been using AA for several weeks and deleted it all from my website this morning. Problems encountered:

    1. Thousands of page impressions…sales: 0

    2. Unwanted ad content, even porn ads, despite endless attempts at blocking nonrelevant KWs from Java script.

    3. Auctionads website often down completely, leaving great white gaping holes in web pages where ads should be.

    4. Poor response to complaint…3 day wait and useless help.

    5. Conclusion….Lose AA fast!

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