Is There a Secret Formula for Making Money Online?

There two ways to make money online… the long way (building a real business), and the get rich quick way. Neither of them guarantee results, but the “get rick quick” methods usually don’t work as well and aren’t going to stand the test of time.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make good and quick money every once in a while. A good example of this is through the rebill campaigns that flooded the internet a couple years ago. The payouts were extreme and they were all over the place. Customers were getting hammered with rebills and online marketers were raking in the crazy cash. Then the FTC got involved and made examples out of a few people and that was that…

Then there are legitimate businesses that have real products and services that people are more than willing to use. This can be anything from web hosting, tracking solutions, memberships services and so on… basically a real quality product and service that people enjoy and want to use.

One of the latest promotions that has been making it’s rounds across the internet lately is the Big Idea Mastermind from Vick Strizheus. Online marketing are pushing free videos and new product launches all the time. I’ll get hundreds of their emails in my box and it’s always interesting to see how they are pitching their products and getting people to sign up for their offers.

Vicks Secret Formula

In Vick’s free video courses he goes into some quick detail on his “secret formula” that helped him generate over $700,000 in less than a month, which really breaks down to the following.

  1. VEHICLE (offer)
  2. MOTOR (system)
  3. FUEL (traffic)

Whether you are looking to join the course that Vick is offering or looking to start your own business online, the formula and business model is still the same. Let’s use these three same formula components and break down the process of starting an online business or ad campaign.

Creating a Business Formula

In this example we will use a niche affiliate site for example.


Just like a “car” is a vehicle, your overall business model acts in the same way. In this example the “vehicle” would be your niche web site and working with to promote the products and earn a commission on every referred sale. This is a great model for someone who doesn’t want to deal with any transactions, costs, product handling or customers.


Just like a car needs a motor, so does your business. The motor will act as the driving solution around your business, which would be the content on your site. Since you are going to be focusing your content around a specific niche product, you would create tight content such as reviews, customer feedback, coupons, videos and promotions around that specific topic. For example, if you were going to make a niche site on the best “cooking pots“, you should create a comparison list, compare prices, say why some are better than others and customer feedback… everything you can as long as it’s related to cooking pots.


Lastly we have the fuel, which is the blood and life line of your business (niche site). In this case (and most times), the fuel is going to be the people who come to your site and take action and buy. You can only make money from your site if people are clicking on the links and then buying through Amazon. You can get more fuel and traffic to your site through guest posting, ranking in the search results, buying advertising and much more.

Is there a Secret Formula to Making Money Online?

There is no “secret” formula that will apply to every business, expect for working hard and putting in the necessary time and effort. While this post does provide you with a platform that can lead you to success, every business model different. The three basics of having a VEHICLE, MOTOR and FUEL can be broken down for nearly any business model. In the example of having a niche web site, it’s quite easy to understand. Before you create your next web site or business model, be sure to break it down into an easy to follow formula to make sure the business concept makes sense.

If you’d like to get more ideas on how Vick is using his formula to grow his own online business, you can sign up for his free video series here.

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  1. Thanks for the link to Vick's page. I have to admit that I don't like just the squeeze page and no info, though.
    My recent post Talk Like A Money Making Blogger

  2. You're so on target here. Get rich quick usually works out to get broke quick…unless you have a great mentor like Vick. I've researched and followed him for a little bit now and the man knows what he's talking about. Vick creates and teaches the kind of success that lasts. Great post and congrats on joining BIM!
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  3. I think the key to it is consistency, if you cant give 100% over time then it will be hard to succeed.

    I think every new IM'er thinks that there is a simple push button cash technique that everyone is using, whereas most of the time, its just a lot of hard work.

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  4. I really like this concept for affiliate marketing. The concept is very easy to visualize but I think it all boils down to the finer details and of course…HARD WORK. You're right, get rich quick schemes are almost always a failure and are used be the promoter OF that scheme to make money so either way, you can fall into the trap if you are not aware.

    I'm sure Vick spent A LOOOOT OF hard work and effort if he is making $700,000. This motivates me even more!

  5. Thanks for this excellent post.. and it was for good reason, I guess you learn something new everyday.


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