Voluum – The Best Ad Tracking System Ever?

Every once in a while a new ad tracking system comes out that revolutionizes the industry. It looks like Voluum.com is that next tracking platform.

While at Affiliate Summit East in NYC I had the opportunity to meet with the Voluum team and also get a demo on their new tracking platform that was in beta release at the time. It’s quite an amazing system and the platform is not only easy to setup and use, but they have everything in place that high volume (and smaller) online marketers are looking for.

Voluum – A 90 Second Review

Before getting into the tech specs, check out the short video below on what Voluum is and why it’s blowing away the competition.

Why do you need a click / ad tracking system?

The common questions among online marketers and affiliates who might just be starting out or still using their own direct url and link tracking methods, is why would you pay a premium to have click tracking done… especially when it’s held on another server?

For the most part, the answer is simple — it all comes down to tracking and further optimization of your campaigns.

If you were to grab an affiliate link from your favorite network and send a bunch of traffic to it from different sources such as your own site, social media, pay per click and so on… how would you know what leads came from where? You can also do further research and deep linking based on country, browser type, operating system, tracking IDs and more. By collecting and analyzing all of this information, it allows you to further split test campaigns to continually improve conversions and earnings.

So in short, tracking platforms make it easier to manage, scale and improve your ad campaigns while also giving you the stability not to lose clicks in the process (vs. using your own hosted solutions).

This is something Voluum has been perfecting, as they have servers throughout the world (USA, Sydney, Ireland and Singapore) and use each of them to best deliver your clicks based on the traffic location.

You can see a preview of what the Voluum dashboard looks like below.

Voluum Dashboard

Voluum Tracking vs. The Competition

As mentioned earlier, new tracking solutions come out all the time and every once in while once of them is far superior than the rest. Prosper202, CPVLab and iMobriTrax have all been highly recommended solutions for tracking ad campaigns and still used by thousands of online marketers today. However, Voluum is looking to change that and they are offering more solutions and services, while also at a lower cost than the competition — the most basic plan will even allow you to get started for free.

Voluum’s decision to keep the data and service hosted on their end is also a huge benefit for anyone that doesn’t want to deal with the hassels of server setup, software installation and additional monthly fees.

Voluum Comparison Chart

Voluum Features and Ease of Use

In order to be the best, you need to be better than the competition and this is something Voluum is focusing their efforts on heavily. While other platforms are running off old technology and require continuous updates and support, Voluum is building upon and improving their technology on a daily basis. Their platform also delivers extensive reports with real time statistics, advanced a/b split testing for improved optimization and earnings, web and mobile tracking, cloud hosting and also the desire to always learn and improve based on the feedback from their users (as seen through their KnowledgeBase and how they listen to comments in various forums and blogs).

Voluum Features

When logging into a tracking platform for the first time it can be quite overwhelming. Voluum clearly knows this all too well, as they have implemented a quick start guide that walks you through the process of how to setup your account and first ad campaigns when logging into their system for the first time. This covers everything from the most basic steps of ad tracking to setting up your own domain, custom variables, ad network tracking and more.

Voluum Tutorials

Voluum Pricing Structure

Click tracking isn’t necessarily cheap, but it’s always going to be extremely important to have. This is another reason why I’m a big fan of Voluum — with their “Noobie” plan you can get setup for free and actually get to use the system and make sure it’s something you like. In comparison to other networks, this usually isn’t the case as you would have to purchase the software to even try it out.

Once you are ready to move up from the Noobie package, the Pro plan at $99/month will most likely be more than enough for most online marketers… and if you are pushing the type of volume that these packages max out at, a measly $99 a month shouldn’t be much of a cost decision for you.

Voluum Pricing

Is Voluum the Best Tracking Solution Out There?

For anyone who has made the switch over the Voluum, most people will say yes. Voluum is making waves throughout the industry and a lot of people are talking about the improved performance and benefits of Voluum versus the other platforms out there.

I’m currently using Voluum to manage some of my latest in-house ad campaigns, which allows me to really focus in on what campaigns matter most and how I can improve conversions. I highly recommend that you give Voluum a short, especially with their Noobie package that is completely free to get started with.

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