It’s Not a Slowdown… It’s an Opportunity!

HTML clipboardWhile the market is crashing, mortgage companies are folding and the world is panicking… sit back for a moment and ask yourself, “How is this effecting my business?“. First offer, if you are like me and have money in the stock market… it really sucks! Watching your portfolio drop a huge chunk every day definitely hurts… but I can’t imagine the feeling if you have your life savings or retirement held up in the market! However, if you can survive without the money held up in the stock market, you can totally bank on this economy. While other companies are cutting back on costs, laying off staff and even going bankrupt… this just gives you, “the blogger” or “the affiliate“, even more reasons why you can start making money.

Just 1 Year Ago we were at a 14,000 Stock Market, We are Now Under 10k!

Though the outlook is dim, as we sit here with another triple digit loss on the DOW, but here’s a way to put everything in perspective… If you didn’t have a TV, news web sites or any money in the stock market… how would the past few months of world events really effect your life? In most cases, it wouldn’t… you still have the health (hopefully), your business. your time and family, and the sun is still shining. What matters most is what you do with the time you have set before you. While everyone is pulling back, take charge and push your business efforts forward. Don’t rely on the stock market to come back and make you rich… you have to get to work and do it yourself.

For many of us, we are making more money than ever! If you’ve been in this game long enough, you know there is always a new opportunity to make money around the corner. As online marketers, we have low overhead, minimal (if any) staff, can work out of our homes and whip out million dollar ideas with passion.

Don’t remember 2008 as the year the stock market crashed (again)… but the turning point in your business and entrepreneurial life!

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  1. That's how I've been looking at it, but you're right in thinking most people probably aren't.

    This is the best advice I've heard so far in regards to the financial situation of our economy. The only financial situation you have is the one you put yourself in, whether good or bad.

    1. I have money in the market but am riding it out as im more than 50% sure it will come back up. There is a small chance that things never recover and inflation kills the $, in which case now is also the time to diversify and put some of your money, 10% in physical gold.

      Having said that, internet wise im also earning more then i was this time last year, so all good things on that front. As you say when one door closes another opens (sometimes 2)

  2. Great post, Zac! I've been trying to put a positive spin on this situation, myself. I'm always trying to see the positive side and opportunity in every situation. Now, as affiliates and bloggers, we just look to different niches that thrive in a down market. We have that flexibility (usually) and ability.

    Plus, as to the market, you always want to buy low, so get out there and take advantage of this buying opportunity! Stocks are definitely on sale, now! 🙂 As you noted, just a year ago, you were paying a premium for these shares. A year from now, you may be, again, so get them while they're a bargain!

  3. Zac, you're one of the coolest and optimistic people I know…..and I don't even know you. I'm an 18 year old entrepreneur (just starting affiliate marketing) and your blog has/is helping me immensely.

    I really appreciate it,


  4. Zac is a smart guy. The thing that is important it being able to sustain yourself through periods like this. We made it through the last dot bomb and were able to outlast many of our competitors. The positive from a bad market and failing companies is that the businesses that are not founded on sound business practices, but appear to be succeeding, will go away and leave the strong ones to continue on. Not only that, this is the time to start gaining market share.

  5. Great perspective … and really the only useful one in a situation like this! A ton of my competitors are going out of business right now … if I can hold on, I'll be in great shape once things start to turn! There really isn't a point in letting this get you down to the point you don't feel motivated to work.

    Now is the time to put serious effort in for a big payoff around the corner.

  6. I admire your optimism Zac. I blame the media so much for this state of affairs. In a way I believe the media could be the reason why this has the potential to be worse than the previous big stock market crash.

  7. I've never looked at it this way. Great encouragement Zac! I'm just starting out with my internet business (actually, I started over a year ago) at a young age, but I'm already learning a lot of things that most people learn in their mid-lives. It's great to learn simple things like this. 🙂


  8. my 401(k) is suffering but it's a long-term investment. I would be upset if I were ready to retire and this kind of thing was happening though…

    There are plenty of affiliate offers that take advantage of the current market conditions… lots of people are desperate for help. We all know desperation=conversions :).

    — Scot

  9. Great post Zac. People will use online services more than ever. Now is a great opportunity.



  10. Interesting post. Interesting and true. the fact is that you rely on yourself when it comes to making money, online or offline and in such cases you need to work and find new opportunities, as my boss use to say, any crisis is an opportunity

  11. No risk no gain, money and risk are 2 good friends!

    I still have confidence with the USA market, people is just shifting the money around, and Internet is definitely the one they are searching for!

    Now is still too early to tell the changes, expect next year to be more obvious, if the Internet still making tons of money, I bet the online sales will grow even faster after the crisis!

  12. Great post Zac. All this uncertainty should make everyone want to work for themselves and work even harder. No more relying on this or that for income; rely on yourself.

    Also I heard in Chinese the term "Catastrophe & Opportunity mean the same thing". Makes sense no?

    P.S It was good meeting you albeit briefly at the Unique Blog Designs booth at #BWE08.

  13. I have been steering my readers away from investing for the last four months, and am going to continue to advise against it until February of 2009. Don't think that just because things are down, they will go back up… this is backwards logic that makes people lose a lot of money. Maybe this is a buying opportunity, but unless you understand what is actually happening out there with credit tightening, you are going to miss the fact that we are more than likely headed lower.

    Still, this could be an advantage for marketers. When budgets are cut, competition is lowered so we can get better click-rates. I just feel like I need to be the voice of reason here. The biggest mistake you can make is not buying when everyone else is scared off… but too many people don't understand the markets and will lose a lot of money.

    1. Why did you set that date?

      The markets will go back up sooner or later….

  14. "As online marketers, we have low overhead, minimal (if any) staff, can work out of our homes and whip out million dollar ideas with passion."

    Well said. The last two words being the breadwinner.

  15. Zac. I feel the same way. I have heard enough of the economic ups and downs and have weathered a few in my younger years. Time to sale on to the next better thing.

  16. This is true and its good to have a positive outlook that so many do not.

    People are still making lots of money but it does effect a lot of people.

  17. It all goes back to the common principal. Never give up, Never surrender. Don’t let the little things (heh) bog you down! Keep going to the top! Thanks Zac!

  18. In situations like these, I think it's even more important to challenge yourself and diversify! The stock market isn't doing well, but online advertising is growing more than ever. If you've had some ideas like trying affiliate marketing, but have been putting it off, now is the time!

  19. Its never been a better time to play into peoples financial fears. Credit repair, Pay Day loans, and Foreclosure offers are all very big now. Although it seems dieting and dating are still strong.

  20. Hey Zack,

    Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve been following your, and other super affiliates, advice for some time and it has only been lucrative for me. I hope others have had the same results!


  21. Well, I live in Romania (small country in East Europe) and for me everything just keep getting better. I don’t want anybody to thing that I’m glad the market crushed in US, but just wanna let everybody know that this thinks happen. It’s basic economy. You have recession and after that you have economic boom. I have clients from US interested in working with me(I run 2 offline business) for the simple fact that I offer quality service for a cheaper price(because lots of thing are cheaper here).

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