It’s Not About Luck… It’s About Taking Action

Written by Zac Johnson
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Add another prize under my belt. This time it was an Apple ipad through John Chow’s book review promotion. No, it wasn’t fixed, there’s even a video of John and his friends picking the winner at random during one of his Dot Pho dinners. The best part is, everyone assumed I already had an Apple iPad, but I don’t! Looks like I will finally get to play around with one afterall.

The addition of the Apple iPad is just another decent sized prize I’ve won over the course of having this blog. The other two big prizes were a free pass to DK’s ThinkTank and ShoeMoney’s EliteRetreat. Both events were not only amazing and limited in how many could attend, but these were both high end events that cost more than your average conference.

So how am I winning all of these great prizes? The simple answer is, I’M TAKING ACTION. It’s actually quite amazing how many contests and promotions are available every day, whether it be just to leave a comment, tweet something out or write a review on your blog. It’s even more amazing to see how many people pass up these amazing opportunities!

Sadly, there is no amazing formula to winning random contests. “Luck” is walking into a casino, placing a random bet on one number on roulette, then winning on your first try. Continually entering contests, putting in the effort and winning prizes… that’s all about taking action and dedication. Sure, I may have had some luck along the way, but none of these prizes would have been possible without taking action.

Next time you see a contest or promotion, instead of saying “that would be cool to win”, why not take a few moments and enter. You might just be surprised how much little competition there is!

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17 Replies to “It’s Not About Luck… It’s About Taking Action”

  1. Thanks for sharing this Zac. Congratulations for winning an Apple Ipad. I agree with you that taking action is really the key in any aspect of success.

    You won't be successful if you don't take action. You can have luck from time to time, but you won't sustain it in pure luck alone, we need to take a lot of actions.

    Kind regards,


  2. Congrats on winning the iPad. I saw John's video. Yes, it's funny how people assume things. Actually, I would have assume the same thing.

    It's good to reinforce and remind people to take action.

  3. Zac you should leave the random contests to us poor folk lol. Congrats on winning the ipad though. I admit that I'm one of those people who usually can't be bothered to enter contests.

  4. That's for sure. If you look around (and not very hard) you will find a ton of people complaining about why this or that failed. Well if that didn't send them a wake up call to actually take action then, short of a swift kick to the nadgers, not much else will. Good post, you're the man!

  5. That is true! Taking action makes the difference int the results that we get. Instead of sitting around and wishing for things, we need to start doing.

    Great post!

  6. Congrats on winning the iPad Zac – they're awesome!

    So true – taking action is the key, frequent and consistent action.



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  7. Ah, not fair on winning the ipad. I really want one, I've heard good things. And it's true, if you don't try, you can't succeed.

  8. That is true! Taking action makes the difference int the results that we get. Instead of sitting around and wishing for things, we need to start doing.

  9. I've won a few things as well recently (nothing as big as an iPad but still awesome). I just jumped into the contest and won simply because others didn't even bother to try.

  10. Taking action is really good and i we sit all around to look out for luck we cant get anything as old saying god helps those who helps themselves, the content is really good love it thanks for sharing great post.

  11. Someone told a well known, successful business man that he had been very lucky. He replied: " Yes I have and, do you know, the harder I worked, the luckier I seemed to become."

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