Joel Comm’s Farting iTunes App Banks $10,000 Daily

Joel Comm (and his company, Developer InfoMedia) has done it again. I’m sure you’ve seen his name across several blogs, or internet marketing articles over the past few years. Most notably known for running the first internet reality show, “Next Internet Millionaire“, Joel is now being recognized for his latest killer iPhone application, iFart. It may sound stupid, silly and even pointless… but the amount of money this application is pulling in daily is serious.

VentureBeat and Wired reports that the iFart app is generating over $10,000 a day! What’s the point of the iFart app? Simply put, it’s a fart machine. iTunes users can download the app and select what fart sounds they want to hear, then play them through their iPhone or iPod. iFart also has different fart features such as Security Fart, Sneak Attack and Fart Now.

It’s also no surprise that Joel is publicly sharing his iTune success and stats with other. Over at his blog, he has official updates and install numbers on the iFart app. Take a look at how the app goes from 75 installs on 12/12 to over 5,000 installs on 12/20. Quite amazing.

Since the iFart app went live, word has spread of it’s success and profitability, and more “fart” apps are being added to iTunes daily. Apparently the demand for humor and fart sounds is more serious than most people would imagine.

This isn’t the first time something so silly made mega money… just a few quick instances are getting acquired for $2 million dollars, eBaumsWorld for $20+ million and early Facebook apps getting acquired.

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  1. PS I think the spread of the fart apps is simply due to people wanting to catch some of the profit from the bandwagon – I doubt they will make as much as the original!!

  2. you’re right – it IS truly amazing – but at .99 per download, that was clever marketing in itself – for less than a buck you can have all the ridiculous farting fun you ever wanted!!

  3. I read about it on Wired as well and I was like "woahh" when I saw the name Joel Comm was behind it all. Pretty impressive.

  4. Hey Zac, thanks for the article. We’re very pleased with the success of iFart Mobile and look forward to developing more apps for the iPhone.

    Merry Christmas!


  5. What I think on this matter is that if Joel was just a nobody that decided to have the app developed, it wouldn't have gained so much success or nothing at all.

    It is because Joel is well known by the top bloggers on the Internet, that the word of this application spread like a disease!


  6. The success of the ifart app just goes to prove how damn stupid most people are. Donate your f'ing $1 to charity why don't ya?

  7. This is funking crazy. Can you imagine to sound in the college dorms across the world. Don't tell anyone shhhh. Im working on the burping app should be out soon.

  8. Unbelievable isn't it that schoolboy kind of funnystuff should be able to generate so much income. If it gets a laugh then no problem, enough doom and gloom about at the moment. Whoever thought of it, hats off to you.

  9. I've seen this bad boy in action, it's quite brutal! This guy is definitely a genius. I went to his website and apparently he has an interesting internet reality show to become the next internet millionaire.

    how original.

  10. Just got here Zac, about blogging as you mentioned would it be enough to scaterred the whole ads on one blog and make it easy to monetize, or like this Joel Cumm?

  11. Thanks for quick reply, I appreciated.Wow that's cool making US$10,000 a day.I think i'm in the wrong path then….lol

  12. Mankinds obsession with bowel movement related noises will never cease to amaze me! $10,000 a day from iFart……hahahahahahah…..unreal! Absolutely unreal!

  13. I can't believe he nets $10K per day from this, makes me wonder why I didn't think of it first! Good for him, developing a simple concept into an idea that nets serious coin!

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