John Chow Interviews the Super Affiliate!

It looks like Jeremy Shoemoney is still living it up at the TechCrunch40 event, which means the one and only John Chow must be hosting "Net Income" (The Shoemoney Show) again this week on WebmasterRadio. Last week John Chow and friends had some fun on the show and even the "Cow" managed to stop by for a bit! This week is sure to be just as entertaining and profitable, if not more… wait! Of course it will be a lot more entertaining and more profitable than ever! This week John Chow was awesome enough to ask me, "The Super Affiliate" to stop by and answer a few questions! How cool is that!?!

Listen in Tuesday at 6pm (est) at for the full episode. I’ll do my best to keep everyone excited and motivated about making money online, not to mention throw in a few tips on becoming a Super Affiliate!

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      1. The first second I saw the photo, I though that John Chow had broken his neck and is wearing a plastic neck support device. Then I though that he was try to look like an idiot wearing a super high collar shirt that wraps around his neck. OK, then, those two predictions were all wrong. Now I realized that it was actually Shoemoney's body with a John Chow head. Great one! I love it!

  1. Good luck Zac, I am sure it will be inspirational for all of us.
    I look forward to hear the show.

    I will be there listening and enjoying it.

    Have fun.

  2. Nice photo! You and the 2 big blogger gurus. Soon you will be one of them if you are not already one ;). Good luck being part of the Net Income show.

  3. Hehehehehe… this is the most interesting photo i seen today …. but how come john Chows head is quite dark and his neck fair …. 😉


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