Jounce: The Informational Hub for Affiliate Marketing

I’ve always wanted to start my own affiliate directory site. Not only are they a great resource for affiliates, but you can actually make some decent money off networks advertising on the site in addition to any referrals you send their way. knows what I’m talking about! (For anyone curious… “Jounce” is a real word and means “To shake or jolt, bounce, bump…”) They’ve put together a really great search directly that has nearly every affiliate offer out there.

When is the last time you created a site and need to find a product specific affiliate offer. In the past you would have to log in to every network you are an affiliate with, search through their offers and hopefully find one that matches. With Jounce, you simply visit their main page, type in your “search query” and you will get a list of relevant offers, along with their payout and what network they are on.

Here are a couple videos to better explain the process and show the true power of Jounce.

Jounce Search Results and Usage

It’s free and easy to create an account using Jounce, it only takes a Name, Email and Password. Once you are in the account area you can then add any networks you work with to easily generate tracking urls within the Jounce site. The whole layout and navigation of the site is put together nicely. After doing a search, it’s easy to see what offers are available, their respective network and payouts. Once you click on an actual offer, you are then sent to an even more detailed page filled with EPCs, Payout Structures and you can generate your own affiliate link within a few clicks. You can see the search results for “dating” in the screenshot below.

Jounce only recently went live, and planned their launch around the same time as Affiliate Summit last month in NYC. If you weren’t able to meet up with the Jounce crew at Affiliate Summit, be sure to check out their blog which is loaded with pictures and information from the event. It’s always good to see the faces of the people behind great companies and sites.

It seems that we occasionally see affiliate search engines and directories come and go. There is a lot of attention in the beginning, then for some reason they seem to fizzle out. Jounce has a great platform here and if they continue to update and form new business relations with quality companies, I can their efforts and success going a long way. There is always a lot of money to be made in the lead gen business.

Search affiliate offers at Jounce.

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  1. Wow, this is one of the best tools to be built for affiliate marketers yet! Stoked its free. Thanks for sharing Zac.

  2. Great resource,

    It definitely has the potential to streamline things. Thanks for the info.

  3. I bumped across the other day, I already joined, some of the listings are not that accurate, I found when I searched for CJ listings it came up with some ebook from Clickbank, weird?

    1. Thats weird. Hopefully they stay on top of their game and stay a great source over the years.

  4. I've already joined and searched some offers here on Jounce. Looks pretty good to me, and I think this is useful for me in creating new projects of my own in capturing leads.

    Thanks Zac!


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