July 2008 Blog Revenue Report

Better late than ever, so here is the Blog Revenue Report for July 2008. Travel and keeping busy delayed this report from being posted earlier. Since this is a one year case study for the blog and how you can generate money with a blog, I still wanted to make sure it was posted. I started generating revenue with this blog in December 2007 and the case study will conclude at the end of November 2008. Last month, the numbers for this blog ended up at  $5,142.72 profit, which just fell short of it’s previous high. The revenue numbers for July 2008 are shown below.


– Affiliate Sales/Referrals: $2,383.40
– Private Ad Sales: $1,300.33
– Reviews: $500.00
Total Revenue: $4,216.73

– Ad Spots on Blogs: $45.00
– Miva Ad Campaign: $70.55
Total Costs: $115.55

Total Blog Income for June 2008: $4,101.18

The Miva ad campaign is continually sending more traffic each month, but since the traffic is coming directly to the blog, I haven’t set anything up to test the quality of it. I may setup a few ad campaigns and send traffic to offers and follow up with a traffic quality post. Just targeting “affiliate” type keywords, the blog received 486 clicks in July from Miva. I will let the clicks keep coming through until I exhaust my initial $200 deposit I made into my account. Additional ad spots for ZacJohnson.com were purchased on a few smaller blogs that I read and wanted to show my support for.

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    1. I usually don't post my monthly reports as a separate post, but sometimes I include some stats. But again my blog is not about making money online … its more like a webmaster / blogger resource.

  1. I was going to say, I thought I traveled back in time when I saw this as the latest post.

  2. That's nice, I didn't posted my blog revenue report yet too, because I am too busy these days. I just sent the prizes to my first blog contest winners, and I still got about 1k $ of revenue.

  3. I own a blog too and my earnings are hardly 50$ per month…..

    PPl like u inspire me a lot to try harder!!

    I'm going to give a good shot at it!

  4. Hi Zac,

    Your incomes are pretty cool… you are my motivator to make better income with blog…

    i too come with good income report soon…

  5. FYI Miva sucks don't use them anymore. It is nothing but shit traffic. I set up a campaign to an offer 1500 clicks later 0 conversions. Funny thing was I had my bid at 30 cents and then dropped to 5 cents and had the same amount of traffic with the 30 cent bid. I don't trust that traffic.

  6. You shouldn't recommend Miva for PPC… they're absolutely horrible!

    Everyone working there can't understand English and it's impossible to communicate with their staff when you need assistance. Not to mention I tried depositing funds and they didn't get approved for at least 4 days.

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