June 2008 Blog Revenue Report

This post is a little later than usual, but better late than never. Last month this blog made the big jump passed $5,000 in monthly revenue and profit. The blog’s profit earnings during May were $5,393.77 profit and June kept on the same track, but fell short of a new record by a couple hundred dollars. Here is the full report below..


– Affiliate Sales/Referrals: $2,619.89
– Private Ad Sales: $1,300.33
– Reviews: $1,300.00
Total Revenue: $5,220.22

– Ad Spots on Blogs: $25.00
– Miva Ad Campaign: $52.50
Total Costs: $77.50

Total Blog Income for June 2008: $5,142.72

The Miva ad campaign finally sent more traffic for keywords in the “affiliate marketing” area, at a cost of around .15 per click. I also have a couple banners ads on select blogs which are sending a few visitors over. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to actually track the performance of this campaign or the quality of traffic from Miva.

Also, since my blog revenue reports started in December 2007, they have done quite well… however I think I will limit this case study to a one year report. After November’s blog earnings report, this blog post series will probably come to an end, unless I have several requests to do otherwise.

If you haven’t already, follow me on Twitter and be sure to submit your questions and requests for future posts. Thanks for being a reader!

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    1. The costs are really nothing… minimal traffic and resource tests and buying ads on sites/blogs of people I talk with or read.

      All of the work is building up a blog and recognition with the name. The revenue and traffic is built up from people visiting the site for the knowledge and information I offer from my years of experience online.

  1. Well, that just sucks… lol… I'm trying to make $3,000/month and you're easily making $5,000/month… ONLY from this blog lol… damn you Zac…


  2. good post. how do i get more people to see my blog for reviewme reviews?

  3. how much traffic does your blog get btw? what other monetization techniques would you suggest for a smaller blog?

  4. You might be doing well with these keywords linked to affiliate networks through your referral 🙂

    Nice work Zac and good earnings..

  5. I enjoy reading your blog. You should keep on reporting the earnings, even after november, believe me, people looking at this post always come back because we all get inspired. I know its a case study similiar to what johnchow has done and he has also stated that he will no longer report earnings which I think is a mistake. Most people visit the blogs to get encouraged and learn so these earnings reports really do help us all.

  6. Be very careful of Miva.com. I've tried using them, and all I got was garbage traffic. When I looked at my logs, the traffic was coming from a lot of phony sites and sites that pay people to click. I called up Miva and demanded my money back after threatening to report them to the BBB and they refunded my money! Stick with Google, Yahoo and MSN.

  7. Not bad. I will hit similar numbers with my blog. That's the goal. For now I'm just building content.

    1. super affliliate, not super "blogger"…well…not yet. 5k per month on a blog with 1200-1500 uniques per day is GREAT. my blog gets 800-1000 uniques per day and i only walk away with a few hundred. good job zac!

      1. Ah OK.

        I thought this income includes his affiliate income too..

        so this is only the blog income, right ?

  8. So since anyone with a clue in this industry knows youre a one hit wonder in terms of affiliate success and haven't made any money since your myspace days, its prolly safe to assume that your banking $5,142.72 a month? Pretty sorry for a 'super affiliate.' The real super affiliates (ya know, those that don't rely on profiling offers and running stupid contests to get referrals) clock that much by the day. On a bad day, at that.

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