Keyword Spying on the Competition…

Every day I get emails from people asking me how to make money online? It’s an easy question, with a difficult answer. Many people will read blogs from internet marketers and think we are either lucky or just making easy money. The honest truth is, around 90% of people will fail when trying to make money. It takes a lot of time, dedication and persistence to success in this business.

However, with so many options for making money, what is the best? Search engine advertising and social networking is one of the fastest ways to get started and seeing results, but it can also kill your bankroll if you jump in too quickly. Web sites on the other hand have always been the backbone of the interest, and is where most people see long term and stable success.

With that said, the best answer to “how do I make money online“, is to find what method of advertising you are best suited for, then expand with time. No matter what advertising path you decide to take, it all comes down to beating your competition, getting traffic to your web site and ranking in the search engines or getting viral recognition through social networks. One of the best ways to find success is to study what’s working and how other companies are succeeding. Ask anyone openly about how they are making money, and what their best keywords are, and they will laugh in your face!

I recently had the opportunity to review a program called Keyword Country, which promises to do everything mentioned above and more. The name itself makes you think it’s the usual “keyword spy tool” for search engine marketers, but it’s actually an full software application that focuses on creating and improving your traffic and revenue from 17 different sources. Best of all, the process is automated when using the Keyword Country software.

Here’s the run down…

I’ve used a lot of “keyword spy tools” sites in the past and it’s really cool to see what companies are bidding on and how they are spending money. I’m used to logging into their sites and getting full access. With Keyword Country, you and a quick install and run all of your reports and processes through your own computer. When you start the program you will see the following start up screen, which offers your basic All Tools, Planning Website, Spy on Competition and Promote Website categories.

The “Planning Website” functions consist of different ways to pull reports on what keywords and phrases would be best when building a web site or ad campaign for your web site. “Promote Website” goes into the specifics up setting up PPC campaigns for your site and SEO marketing. If you are new to web site building and marketing, these are probably good areas for you to start, however I feel the value and attraction of Keyword Country is in their “Spy on Competition” section.

Spying on the Competition!

Walk through the “Spy on Competition” area and create different reports based on competitor keywords, page ranking, keyword misspellings and compare different advertisers in the same niche. In the screenshot below I was playing around with competitor reports for “online dating”. As easily as adding a keyword (“online dating”) or a specific URL, Keyword Country will then pull up a report of all relevant advertisers, which then will show their keywords, rankings and their actual ad copy shown on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Whether you think these types of services are ethical or not isn’t the question… as they have been around for years. It’s more about adapting to your environment, competition and KNOWING that these types of services exist. If you had the option to waste thousands of dollars testing and hoping for success, or seeing what is working for others, which option would most of you choose?

All of the reports and tracking on Keyword Country are much more advanced than I can explain here, so take a few moments and look over their video walk throughs and how the software can help improve your ad campaigns and web sites.

Who’s Using Keyword Country

I’m glad I had the chance to look over the Keyword Country software. After using many other sites that try and offer the same thing, Keyword Country does the same and actually costs less than most of it’s competitors. Leading “spy tools” sites are running memberships at a cost of $99 per month, but Keyword Country is only $49.99 a month, and as low as $24.91 a month if you prepay for a year.

In the world of affiliate marketing, it seems like it’s all a game of who’s who and what methods you are using to build ad campaigns. Throughout the Keyword Country site you will see testimonials from many familiar names and faces who have been successful in building power house web sites and profited heavily from setting up ad campaign.

Keyword Country is a solid tool for any web site owner or search engine marketer looking to up their game. Download a free trial and see how you can improve your existing search rankings and ad campaigns.

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  1. I got my best advice from and interview where the blogger that said that if you are doing it (blogging) to make money then you will fail.

    I am doing this to make money, but then when I read his interview, I think it was on this site, I felt like posting about it. Thats a love of blogging or at least sharing your opinion.

    About Keyword Country, if replaces me having to use 4 search engines' (Yahoo, Ask, Google, Bing) search bar to find hot keywords and using Google's Keyword Research tool, Then I am all for it. 1 solution beats 5 and six of them , for sure.

  2. Hey Joshua,

    It's definitely a great tool. Be sure to look over the site to compare what it offers vs. how you are looking to advertise or make money online. Either way, it's a solid tool. Download the free trial and play around with the software before buying it outright.


  3. How does this stack up to Market Samurai in your opinion Zac? I've been using that tool a lot lately and am really liking what it offers.

  4. @Email Marketing City:

    Hey Email Marketing City,

    KC has alot to offer than Market Samurai. You will find KC doing all what Market Samurai does + SEO Market Analysis, PPC Spying, Competitor Keyword ripping, LSI keywords, Keyword Generation, Blog Marketing, Banner Advertising and much more….

    Hope this helps


  5. Right now I use Market Samauri but this keyword tool looks very cool, but my question is should this be something I should consider even though I have MS or is this a lot better.

  6. I love that this software has a free trial. Even though it sounds incredibly handy, it's always good to try out a product before you buy it. I love that you can spy on your competition and see what they're doing so you can do it better!

  7. Hello, Everyone(esp Ricky),

    KC is really powerful but i am not sure i know how to use it to its full extent.

    Based on my observations, this is what I think i can use KC for:

    1. I love how KC can help me identify potential JV partners at once

    2. I also love your keyword expansion capability. Something it'd take me 2 hours to do with market samurai, you can multitask and get it done with KC in a few minutes


    1. though we can create large number of keyword list and create large number of text ads, there ISN'T a bidding strategy built in, what can you do to help us MINIMIZE our advertising budget in the future? Or do you suggest other tools?

    3. Image ads in the content network as we know are much cheaper than regular search ads, that's going to help us save more money. Anything down the pipeline?

    ps. ZAC, what kind of tool do you use to generate image ads at large quantities? Keyword Rockstar tries but it's super slow. does it automatically but it's not a public platform.


  8. PPC Spying, Competitor Keyword ripping, LSI keywords, Keyword Generation, Blog Marketing, Banner Advertising and much more

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